Help! (Photo credit: Father and child (Photo credit: screwattack)


June 14, 2012 timgurl 0

“Easier said than done” – the best quote that suddenly popped up on my mind at this very moment. Why? Because of these people around […]

Nurse's Cap (Photo credit: media.photobucket)

Nurse’s Cap

June 7, 2012 timgurl 0

Dear Cap, Since I left the Phillippines, and flew to K.S.A. for my career growth, everything had changed. All is different – my environment, my […]

The Good Doctor

March 1, 2012 timgurl 12

What a nightmare.. My credibility as a nurse was once questioned.. A doctor exclaimed with a loud voice “NURSE ka ba talaga?”. Nagpantig ang mga […]

Praybeyt Nars

February 25, 2012 Nicka Bautista 5

Nakakapagod! Oo nakakapagod! 12 hours akong nag duty, halos lahat ng lakas ko ibinuhos ko. Ako nagpaligo, nagpakain, kapag umihi at dumumi ako rin ang […]