Nursing Heroes

February 13, 2013 Jo Cerrudo 5

When disaster strikes, heroes emerge. Nurses do great things every day. MENCHU DELUNA SANCHEZ, a Filipino registered nurse in NYU-Langone, organized a group of medical professionals to carry 20 critical babies down nine flights of stairs, with illuminations from cellphones to guide their way.

As part of their daily lives, they care for their patients under-paid and under-staffed. But in extreme circumstances, a few nurses shine more than others. It is so heartwarming that the nurses are finally getting their spotlight.

The Soldier, The Nurse…Two Words (Skyline Pigeon Part 3)

May 28, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 4

We kissed. It was twenty-five years after we first met, and thankfully, it was not just a dream.
And yet, I went back home to New York. On the phone, I said goodbye to him, my voice cracking with emotion. He was trying to tell me something but the sounds of the planes flying overhead drowned out any more conversation. I never even got to tell him that I love him.

My Firsts… as a Nurse in the U.S.

March 11, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 9

The bright lights of New York City beckoned. Across 8509 miles and 20-hours of turbulent plane ride. As a 23-year old, the world was my oyster. It was the promise of a fantastic adventure that had sustained me through five years of nursing school. I was ready for my many firsts.

A 9/11 Birthday

September 11, 2011 Jo Cerrudo 3

When you share a birthday with a national tragedy, it feels selfish to even celebrate. The catastrophic impact of the 9/11 disaster looms large over any concerns, and renders everything else unimportant, something inconsequential.