Examining the Two Main Paths You Can Follow In Your Search for a Fibromyalgia Cure

April 5, 2013 Sylvia Anderson 0

A fibromyalgia cure is something many people want to find, and they can take one of two paths towards it. The fibromyalgia in question here is a condition in which the patient experiences what can only be described as ‘inexplicable’ and ‘unbearable’ pain in many parts of the body simultaneously. At the slightest amount of pressure on any part of his body, he would also feel this much amount of pain, since this condition heightens his sensitivity.

Top 10 Things Your Doctor (probably) Won’t Tell You

February 27, 2012 Lui B. 1

For better or for worse, your doctor doesn’t always tell you everything, and what you are told, isn’t always presented with complete objectivity. In most cases this is done to deter harmful activities you might be indulging while in other cases it’s simply because they’re trying to solve the particular issue you come in with as efficiently as possible, without discussing other potential problem areas. This graphic looks at 10 things your doctor may be less than clear about.