The Best Investment

My name is Raujane Pangue. I currently don’t own a job. Yes, I am now part of the growing number of unemployed Filipinos in the country. Like what the saying goes, everything has its end and true enough, change is the only constant thing in this world. So people kept on asking me why I decided to quit and give up a good paying job. Two things, first my mom needs me and second I am not anymore happy.

I am Nurse by profession, graduated from a very royal and pontifical Catholic school in the country. I am embodied with different core values of Saints, passed my course regular with no failing grades. But those credentials failed me to land a job in my field though I’ve managed to ace my licensure exam with an above average percentage. Perhaps, my effort wasn’t highly enough or should I say, my attention to land a job in my “zone” wasn’t my best interest that time. I really wanted to take up something in line with Advertising, Publishing or Arts before. I wished to travel, write and tailor clothes. For one reason or another, due to peer pressure and hearsay maybe, I ended taking up Nursing.

After passing the board, my family wanted me seriously to work abroad and perhaps continue higher education. We have relatives overseas and finding work there would be not as difficult as it should. I felt blessed. But I refuted such opportunities to pass by, that time; my mind was set to complete something I wanted aside from getting that piece of plastic with my name and profession printed. My decision to take a detour of my career made my father angry and mom so upset. I then entered the promising industry of Call Center.

The industry was really tempting, not because I get to have more than the average salary but because of how homey and easy work was. It was less strenuous unlike hospital stuff. I’ve gained exceptional closest friends, experience learned not based from theories or formulas and I felt love and rejection too. I never thought that I’m working either,it was like playing and just having fun.One only becomes productive and dynamic with the element of happiness. It’s a catalyst.

I had the best moments of my two years with the industry. It was great but I had to leave.

I am writing this piece inspired from a friend with her post that says like, she thought she wasted so much time with how long years passed, but those “wasted years”, in my case alleged by my parents and some friends where times I’ve willfully learned things on my own feet and would be the best and happiest years of my life yet. Happiness is a very worthy investment and those two “wasted years” would be the unparalleled example for that.

Now, I’m back from start as a Nurse but this time it’s different, I am more equip and intelligent. God will never put us to where we are now with no purpose; stop complaining why you finished Nursing when you could’ve taken up Journalism or any Fashion related course, why you’re still single, underprivileged or even your skin color.

Life isn’t always a box of chocolates, but isn’t permanently a stack of thorns .Life is simple. When you ask for apples and life throws you lemons, don’t fret. Make some lemonade. Just bloom right where you’re planted. Grow and branch over.


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  • As we have many Filipino Nurses in our group forced to move out of The Philippines trying to aquire a better life for themselves and family we have strong feelings about the subject. Filipino Nurses although educated and able to offer services of high standars they are forced to work as house maids focusing on geting more money send to family. Since we started colaborating with a group of nurses in Cyprus and because our main cause is about educating and changing peoples eating habits towards better health we now have very big success with our team.
    After visiting Philippines and hearing by the WHO about the diabetics and obesity epidemic aproaching Philippines we started inviting more nurses and people interested in healthy nutrition helping us to offer all we could give. Please pass this information to any Filipinos in Cyprus willing to participate. Thank you. (Marios Solonos)

  • Jeff Fields

    This is a very touching story. I have been in the medical profession for over 30 years now and have been blessed in the fact that I have remained employed. I am in the United States, in Indiana. There are alot of nursing positions available here in almost any dicipline from Emergency Nursing to Surgical and ICU. The problem with the nursing careers in the US is that most require experience to make the competitive pay. Entry level nurses start out at fairly low wages and can only make the high wages if they pursue higher education as a Masters degree, or even as a Nurse Practitioner whis is also an advanced degree nurse. Many of the nurses employed in the US are Associate Degree or Batchelors Degree nurses and struggling. Its so sad to see that your lack of employment for nurses is so high in the Phillipines. Most of the Fillipino nurses that I have had the pleasure to work with are incredible nurses,and well educated. With a shortage of nurses in the US right now, it is sad to know that there are very capable nurses in the Phillipines that could fill positions in the US, and earn a good living. Please look into the traveling nurse agencies in the United States. I am not a nurse, bot I have been a Certified Surgical Technologist for the past 30+ years. I have worked along side many great Fillipino Surgeons in many surgical diciplines. I myself specialized on Orthopedics and Joint Replacement. I do also have extensive experience in GYN, General and Colo-Rectal surgery. I have been out of the Operating Room for four years and employed by a company called Sterilmed Inc. I am in medical sales in the medical device reprocessing/recycling arena. I still visit Operating Rooms on a daily basis, and communicate mainly with nursing staff. Again, what a fantastic and well written story. I hope to communicate with you in the future.

    Jeff Fields,CST,COT
    Senior On-Site Tech
    Certified Surgical Technologist
    Certified Orthopedic Technologist

  • chichi

    I started reading articles from this site and got inspired.Im a 2010 graduate and board passer of the same year.I experienced most of the typical nursing student stories posted on this site and also the job hunting experience.Well although I waited months with no job since Im a fresh graduate then Iam now included in the RNHEALS project.All said that Im lucky to have a slot there Im thankful and feel so blessed!This is my first job ever and it is related to my course.I got so much inspired by your article Raujane coz it relates most to me!I never imagine to become a nurse.Now that I like Arts and Fashion.But I realize what you’ve said God has purpose why I’m here.I’m keeping my faith and put everything to God’s hand to make me His instrument to help others.As you said HAPPINESS is a worthty invesment,I hope that I will continue to find it even in a small way in each day of my life. 🙂