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Best nurse (Photo credit: greenfin)
Best nurse (Photo credit: greenfin)
Best nurse (Photo credit: greenfin)
Best nurse (Photo credit: greenfin)

All are clapping their hands, cheering out loud. The best nurse of the year was announced. They called her, she was surprised as if she won the lottery, but it was better than that. She was chosen to be the best nurse amongst all nurses in the hospital. She didn’t expect to be recognized. She walked slowly, teary eyed to receive the award. I assisted her with the stairs, overwhelmed that she can’t make a step. She was wearing her uniform from duty, tired yet she needs to be there, anyway attendance is a must. She deserved it! I exclaimed not out loud, just in my mind. She worked hard for it. She’s been serving this institution 23 long years.

Wow! That long. She spent half of her life taking care of patients whom she never knew. Some were against, whispered “why her?” I just shut up not to make a scene, not to ruin the night. They don’t know her. They don’t have the right to judge her even. She was my head nurse. I’m the one who knows a lot about her than those mocking/ jealous people. Up on the stage she was awesome, cameras keeps on flashing. She was the star of the night.

What were the criteria for choosing the best nurse? Some are listed below:

  • Must follow the rules and regulations of the hospital
  • Must perform her duties well and able to perform her job description
  • Must be a good leader and a follower as well
  • Must know and implement the hospital’s policy and procedure
  • Must have good values
  • Efficient and compassionate and more

She has all those qualities. Yet, she wants more than that. “I maybe the best nurse for now, but was never the best mom” – she uttered. And that statement struck me with awe. And what are the criteria for being the best mom? Too many to mention. And yes! She was able to provide everything her children’s wants and needs, send them to prestigious schools as what she wanted them to be. They are now all professionals. And she is so proud of them. The question is, are they proud of her? Maybe. They should be.

I remember her last year in our institution. She was sick, in and out of the hospital not for the patients but her as a patient. She was sick that the doctor’s can’t give an accurate diagnosis. She was thin and weak. We, as her colleagues, were the ones took care of her assisted and helped her for whatever she needs. Her family can only see her via Skype and won’t notice her condition. She didn’t bother to tell them even. She was strong as it seems but so weak inside. Sleepless nights and crying moments. She barely can feel her children’s love and concern. “Have I done wrong? Am I not that good for them? I tried to be with them but if I did that, they won’t be where and what they are now. Am I selfish? not be able to take care of them as they grow”. Usual questions an OFW mother asks. And it is so hard to answer such. What I know is that all parents want only the best for their children, but somehow the best may not be always the best. Some things must always be considered, to be contented on what they have or provide more than what they need. Money and material things versus presence and care. This topic was never resolved, rather a continuous discussion.

She may not be the best/perfect mom for her children though she hardly tried, but she was for me, for us. She’s so supportive, kind and generous. And we absolutely appreciate her for that. She’s currently in the Philippines right now taking care of her family. Doing things she never did before. Hoping everything is going to be fine as it was before she decided to go abroad. Wishing she can still be the best nurse and will be the best mom for her family. Never too late…

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