The Biggest Mistake of my Life was taking up Nursing

I’m one of the Filipinos who’s been forced to take up nursing. It’s unfortunate that I listened. I was too young to stand up to my parents back then. Now, it’s become the biggest regret of my life.


Let’s set reality now. There are NO jobs for nurses. When the supply overflows the demand, the value of the supply literally goes down. Way down.

The Philippines alone produces more than 200,000 nurses each year. And there are less than 2,000 new jobs each year. Not to mention nurses from other countries like India, Cambodia, Singapore, etc. The U.S. alone produces 85,000 of their own nurses – how can we compete with that?

It’s too bad I was born in a traditional Filipino community. I love my parents — don’t get me wrong. I know all they had was pure good intentions when they forced me to be a nurse. They had dreams of me working abroad. They didn’t want me to spend the rest of my life stuck here in the Philippines. Ironically, that’s what they did. Now I’m stuck here, literally.

They didn’t take into account the statistics five years ago. 2005 to 2006 there were already dwindling jobs for nurses (and that was before the recession!). The supply already overfilled the demand. All the nursing agencies here were recruiting REAL LIVE DOCTORS to work in the U.S. as nurses instead of “us” ordinary ones.

How can we compete with that? Sure, the doctors already have good lives. Why would they want to suffer the backbreaking labor of working abroad as an ordinary nurse, whereas they could live an easy life as doctors here?

Because they have kids. Unless their kids turn out to be ambitious study freaks like them, they won’t have much future in the Philippines. They grab the opportunity to migrate abroad and provide a better future for their kids.


Five years ago, my two aunts, and three doctor family friends, along with hundreds of other doctors migrated to the U.S. to work as nurses. Before that, the nursing agencies have only been recruiting doctors specifically. The hospitals weren’t hiring anymore.

Why would they hire more nurses when there’s already an influx of nurses overflowing the world?

The solution? The agencies came up with a crafty proposal. They would literally find real live physicians with years of experience to work as ordinary nurses. And take ordinary nurses’ pay grade. So if you have a nurse working at NICU who had been a pediatrician for the last 20 years (my aunt); that would be hitting two birds with one stone.

That nurse/pediatrician would literally give out free diagnosis and do medical checkups with a nurse’s pay grade (although they won’t admit this because it’s illegal and you got to have a license to practice medicine).

In conclusion, I should have just followed my dreams in the first place. What happened to old fashioned “following their dreams?” I should have been a cook. I always dreamed of having my own restaurant.

Good thing I’m doing that now. For the last two years, (like everybody else) I was doing everything I could do to survive. I worked at call centers, taught English to Koreans. In the meantime, I saved. I saved enough money to put myself to a culinary school this next semester.


Dreams still do come true. Follow your heart. Just because we made mistakes and took a different profession that we didn’t really want in the first place — and wasted years in the process – it’s not too late to turn back and start over again.

This time, we know. This time, we know what we really want. I’m putting myself to culinary school; I’ll update you in five years to see how it went. Will I have my own restaurant five years from now? Or will I be cooking in one of the top restaurants in the city?

In five years, I’ll let you know.

For constant update on my progress, read my blog. Will I make it or not? Will I get my own restaurant someday? read my other articles here.

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About Ambria 4 Articles
A nursing graduate. Works at a call center and teaches English to Koreans during weekends. Hey, we do anything we can to survive, right? I'm putting myself to culinary school. I want to have my own restaurant someday. Wish me luck! If you liked my writing, read some more on my blog. Thanks!
  • heechul

    and i am working as a volunteer nurse for a year now thinking that if i work hard enough (showing my best skills, perfect attendance, caring, sharing my knowledge, etc)i can be rewarded even just a small amount of allowance. .but ofcourse i was WRONG!! basta ka-close ni mayor, may allowance ka na. .basta kakilala ng father mo si konsehal/kapitan okay na. o kaya pg ka-close mu si governor, sure kn na may work ka lagi with pay. .=)
    i am not being bitter, just stating a fact!=) good thing may patients na marunong mag thank you. .kasi kung kahit THANK YOU man lang aasahan mu sa mga officials natein, wala ka matatanggap. . . .

    • princess_familiar

      All of the things that you’ve said above were true. Things wouldn’t feel right if you are being forced to do so. Just like you Ambria we do share the same sentiments. We’ve entered the same field after nursing school and as for me I transffered to one company to another and after a few years got burned-out, gathered all my courage and decided to follow what I really wanted to do in life. And indeed it is more rewarding and enjoying doing things that you aspire to be, you’re never going to get tired of doing it and each day it would inspire you more to be better to succeed in our chosen paths. With God’s grace we can do it, and may He continue to shower us with all the knowledge, courage and strength that we will be needing and blessings and guidance with this path that we wanted and decided to walk upon. (And same with the others feels the same with us to stand-up to live their dreams.) Cheers! We can do it! 😀

  • Grace

    tama! nakakarelate ako kase napilitan lang din akong kumuha ng nursing 🙁

    • allen tina

      i am a nurse also and i understand your situation.
      you know what? God has a purpose why He allowed you to take up nursing. He has a good plans for you. “everything works for good to those who love Him.” being a nurse is a gift from God. isn’t it amazing that you have given the chance to study the most noble and that there are so many testimonies and stories that we can be proud of with our nursing profession all over the world? maybe you don’t see your purpose of being a nurse. but in perfect time, your life will be beautiful if you will just believe in Him.
      i believe our parents knows what’s best for us. maswerte ka kapatid at napag aral ka pa ng magulang mo. maraming kabataan na hindi nakakapag aral dahil sa kahirapan. you are more still blessed and more fortunate than others. now, you still have a choice. you can still use the skills you learned from the nursing profession. kahit saan ka magpunta, nakatatak na sa ‘yo ang calling ng God. to serve Him wherever you go. wishing you the best and good luck for what ever path you will follow. God bless!

    • Sally

      To all the nurses who said the biggest mistake they did in life is to take nursing.Ithink you are wrong!! I think it is the best,and the most flexible job in the world,very humble, holly,and most satisfying profession caring the most vulnerable fragile and needy,helpless sick patients.
      Overseas, specially the western countries,nurses are in demand,there are so many jobs,I have been living abroad for more than 30 years and I travelled around the world and I know there are shortage of nursing staff in every hospitals and nursing homes.There are lots and I can say almost nurses are doing 2nd and even 3rd jobs,some do not sleep!!!thats how much job you can get if you are willing to work,agency jobs relievers plenty.

      • Sally

        Yeah, overseas there are plenty of other professionals like doctors,medtech,dentist,dietician enen accounting etc. had to study nursing because they cannot get job and so they studied nursing to get work,so why they are saying that there are no jobs for nurses???Well,it’s been taken by other professionals why don’t they restrict enrolment to the post-graduate who are taking nursing as a 2nd profession so that they can easily get that job abroad?It is NOT FAIR for the nurses who spend lots of money just to finish their first profession and yet there is no job for them.

      • Jhur

        You really can’t say that their biggest mistake in life is taking nursing. The writer clearly stated that it’s not what she wanted, yet her parents insisted. And there she was: working somewhere else. Couldn’t even find a job as a nurse. If she wanted to be in this field, there would be no regrets, rather pursuance. Maybe nurses really have a lot of undiscovered opportunities today but that’s not really the main issue. The writer wanted to pursue something else. If she took Culinary in the first place, who knows? She might be successful today. If not, there will still be no regrets because she knows what she’s doing and she knows what she wants to achieve.

    • yoyo

      Dont despair…truth is it really pays off to be a nurse specially abroad…just do it! wait for your opportunity and have a positive attitude, thats what it really takes and you’ll be okay…SMILE

    • kuku

      so another brain drain event?

  • Angelica

    I appreciate your honesty. I have always believed that one should choose the path to his/her dreams, make good use of talent and not pursue a course solely for economic reasons. It is never too late to choose another path, the right one this time.

    • heechul

      ikr. .=)) i love what i am doing. .but being practical, economic reasons should be taken into consideration. .if we are thinking of ourselves only, maybe this kind of situation would be bearable. i mean, but we have our parents to repay (not that they are saying that we should repay them) i am just saying that, oo, walang trabaho sa pilipinas, wag na lang sana pang pahirapan ng kung sino mang mga naka-upo sa gov’t ang mga nurses. .

  • angel cordova

    I am now 42 years old but I still don’t know what I really want to do with my life. Sometimes, nobody perfectly knows. Sometimes, only time and luck do. Those nurses who made their luck abroad, did they really know what they wanted? Were they certain with what their future held for them? I’m sure that most of them just tried their luck and patiently waited what life will offer them. Some of them were also forced to take up nursing. Most of my friends took up nursing because their parents wanted them to become nurses abroad. With the right timing and luck they became successful nurses, eventually and gracefully learned to love nursing. I am a pharmacist, I took up nursing as my second course. Now a registered pharmacist and a nurse, still the future seem so bleak. There was also a point in my life that I asked myself why did I take up nursing after all? When I applied for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa, I got qualified as a Pharmacist. Was my nursing degree futile? Definitely no! It added more points in order for me to be accepted. Otherwise, I would not have met the required points. Sometimes, we just need to see the brighter side, the positive side. For me, nursing is a rewarding profession. Somewhere, beneath the haystack is a treasure to be discovered. Take one day at a time, doing what you love to do. Obeying your parents, obeying what your inner voice tells you. You love to be a cook, then do it. It would be great to see you a nurse and a chef. In this demanding world, versatility is an investment. Multitasking is an asset. Good luck!

    • yoyo

      i fully aggree with you…JUST DO IT!


    i also want to take up nursing, but nursing was just my 2nd choice. cooking is really my hobby and like you, i also want to be a chef, or an owner of a restaurant.. i am just a 2nd year nursing student right now and as the time goes by, im starting to love this course even if i know that i have no assurance if i can still get a job after i graduated.. and if i fortunately get a job, i will have my earnings and hopefully entered a culinary school.. even if how long it takes… 🙂

    • mackie

      maybe you enjoy being with your classmates, not the course itself.

  • Marlyne

    I have read your stories and feelings towards the nursing profession…I am a nurse too and currently working in Kuwait. As a matter of fact if you will give yourself a chance to work in middle east, perhaps you won’t regret of becoming an RN. Somehow, you will earn thousand of bucks in sandbox!Gulf countries pays lower to RNs compared to western countries but somehow it’s a big help to start and save money. You will get higher pay if you will work for government hospitals, private hospitals pays good also. They offer free housing and tax free salary.

  • angel cordova

    I am now 42 years old but I still don’t know what I really want to do with my life. Sometimes, nobody perfectly knows. Sometimes, only time and luck do. Those nurses who made their luck abroad, did they really know what they wanted? Were they certain with what their future held for them? I’m sure that most of them just tried their luck and patiently waited what life will offer them. Some of them were also forced to take up nursing. Most of my friends took up nursing because their parents wanted them to become nurses abroad. With the right timing and luck they became successful nurses, eventually and gracefully learned to love nursing. I am a pharmacist, I took up nursing as my second course. Now a registered pharmacist and a nurse, still the future seem so bleak. There was also a point in my life that I asked myself why did I take up nursing after all? When I applied for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa, I got qualified as a Pharmacist. Was my nursing degree futile? Definitely no! It added more points in order for me to be accepted. Otherwise, I would not have met the required points. Sometimes, we just need to see the brighter side, the positive side. For me, nursing is a rewarding profession. Somewhere, beneath the haystack is a treasure to be discovered. Take one day at a time, doing what you love to do. Obeying your parents, obeying what your inner voice tells you. You love to be a cook, then do it. It would be great to see you a nurse and a chef. In this demanding world, versatility is an investment. Multitasking is an asset. Good luck!

    • Herjanre

      Tama. 🙂 THINK POSITIVE.
      Kaya naman gawin maging CHEF and NURSE at the same time.
      And to all Nurses, I know thankful and lucky kayo kasi marami kayong natutunan sa NURSING whether you liked it or not. You know how to take care of yourself and others, and alam ko it feels good when you just got the answer to a question that is winding up among those who are not aware of health facts.

      Nursing is serving humanity ika nga… its not just a career, but its something you must be proud of. The knowledge youve learned, is priceless. 🙂

      HARD WORKING, POSITIVE THINKING, AND PRAYERS, are the key to success. You dont have to pursue Nursing, be a CHEF if thats the point. A chief who can prepare a meal for a HPN or DM clients is just one of the upside. So that would be a CHEF with a touch of Nursing. 🙂 HINDI NASAYANG ANG PAGIGING NURSE. 🙂

  • lucky_angel17

    Im a Registered Nurse! I am lucky my parents are sending me to school for my second degree! I graduated on March 2010, and successfully passed the board exam on July 2010. Take note, i have a very good board exam rating.. i worked as a volunteer nurse in my one of the public hospitals, pero hindi ako tumagal! kapag nasa ward ako, hindi ko talaga maembrace ang pagiging nurse, though i graduated with best in clinical award.

    I am lucky enough, my parents sent me to school again. I want to work in a corporate world. Right now, I am enrolled in a business course in one of the international schools in Makati. Ang sabi ng iba, sayang naman daw ang pagiging RN ko kung hindi ko nppractice! Well, sorry! I go to school MWF. Durinf T-TH I am a part time school nurse. During Saturdays, I teach in STI College as A clinical instructor. And yeah, im earning well. Around 15K/month? ill be finishing my business course in 2 years. after that, I am looking forward to working in multinational healthcare companies! Kapag kasi company, and then nurse ka, anong position ang available?? company nurse lang diba?? limited ang options.. Nasayang ba pagiging RN ko?? DEFINITELY NOT! 🙂

  • ghee

    some how or another talagang frustrating na nag aral tayo para lang walang makuhang trabaho sa kursong pinili natin..,pero siguro bakit da nag tatagumpay yung iba..kasi nga instead na gumawa sila ng way para makuha nila yung dream nila..ayun naging stagnant nalang nga kasi nga walang open sa U.S.
    yes,mataas ang pasahod..but lets face it..ayaw nila ng ordinary nurses..bakit dun ka mag aim..kung saan wala kang chance..diba marami pa ring mayayaman na bansa na nag hire ng you dont have to regret fact you can always use it yung pinag aralan mo..
    i am a nurse too..and im not practicing it tulad mo..but no regrets at all..kasi alam ko im good in what im doing..siguro nga iba ang pananaw ko kasi i really wanted to be a nurse by heart..and even though i was not given a chance to practice it proud pa rin akong sabihing im a nurse..
    dont regret it..kasi walang nasayang..just be productive…
    im sorry if i did dis agree sa sinulat mo..but that’s how you feel.
    i just dont want you to be so negative..dahil nag nursing ka..kasi di naman talaga yung course ang may problema minsan bakit di nagtatagumpay ang tao…kundi ang tao rin..

  • miness

    I remembered what my Economics Prof once told me when I asked him what guarantee do i have in getting a job knowing there’s too much nurse graduates and too little job opportunity..He said “there’s always a room at the top”..I stopped and think for awhile and realize, if I will be the best in what I do, any hospital will make a room for me..

    • Chickeekay

      Great advice from your prof there.

  • I’m sorry you wasted a few years of your life studying something you were forced or pressured to do, but am glad you are now going after your dream 🙂

    It’s one thing to read about this, but quite different when someone you know is affected. I have a friend who is a recent nursing graduate & a board topnotcher (within the top 10), & she said, & I quote “It’s a bit degrading to think that after studying for 4 years and doing all the sacrifices… RN’s are only qualified to take jobs that pays them nothing… only in the Philippines…”

    Given today’s economy, there is no guarantee anyone will get a job or keep their job. But when you are fortunate to have a job, you are happier when you are doing something you love or at the very least enjoy.

  • juansikat

    i dare to disagree with you… your biggest mistake is not about you taking up NURSING… your biggest mistake is NOT STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF TO BE ABLE TO DO WHAT YOU WANTED… dont blame your misfortune to NURSING….

    • NinoSaUK

      Imagine … High school grad … No money! No job! No choice!!!

      • juansikat

        in every decision you make you have a choice… and why are people thinking that their parents won’t understand them… why can’t they just try to talk to them… as if when the author insisted to her parents what she wants to do they will right then and there kick her out of their house and leave her astray… come on people… CHOICES are being made everyday… the author just lacks the courage to stand for what she wanted… and that for me is her BIGGEST MISTAKE…

        • heechul

          easily said than done. .it is not that easy to stood up to your parents and say i want this! i don’t want that. .not all parents are open minded, not all of them are willing to listen especially when they have planned where to use the enough money they have. .

          no one is blaming nursing. .not even the parents. .it is the economy, government, etc. .

          • juansikat

            certainly the author is blaming the profession as what the title says…

            and you see… that is it… the root of the author’s dilemma… a dysfunctional family… a family that do not respect the decision of it’s members… certainly the parents wants a bright future for their children and so they’ll be there to guide… just a guide to whatever the path their children chose to traverse… and let us not forget that at one point in time the parents were just as much like their children… nag-aral din sila, naranasang maging bata… may mga ginusto na hindi nakuha… so dont underestimate their capacity to understand their children… misan kasi mas inuuna ng mga anak ang matakot…well magulang mo na yun kinatatakutan mo pa… paano ka na? yes mapilit sila dahil ang alam nila mas makakabuti ang mga bagay na gusto nila para sayo pero tao sila at nagkakamali at hindi din sila manghuhula na alam ang future mo… hindi rin sila sigurado sa kung ano ang mangyayare…

            i have nothing against sa author but for one thing and that is her ranting on how big a mistake taking up nursing… mas madali nga naman sisihin ang nursing kesa sa sarili mong magulang o ang mga taong nangulit sayo maging isang nurse… but somehow tingnan nya muna ang naging papel nya sa pinagsisisihan nyang “MISTAKE” ngayon baka kasi pwede nya rin sisihin ang sarili nya bago ang mga magulang nya, bagong ang PROFESSION ng mga NURSE na kagaya nya.

    • siyanit

      I would partly agree. 🙂 Nursing is a degree, and whatever course you’ve finished as long as you are a good worker, good personality, Smart, and Nice pwede ka naman mag work ng kahit anong jobs and become successful.

      > Great Chefs around the world, most of them didn’t go to school to be the best.

      > Im thankful, and blessed. TRUST ME, I know you hear this a lot of times, but prayers is my secret to success. I do rosary everyday, or if you cant do it daily, weekly. 🙂

  • Angelica

    Nursing as well as other jobs can be a noble job, no matter how seemingly unrewarding it is. What really matters is that we do our best at it and offer to God our work. It is He who will reward us, not only financially but in all aspects of our life here or in eternity. In all our works may Jesus Christ be praised now and forever!

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  • papi

    19 years ago,minsan nasabi ko rin na biggest mistake of my life ang pagiging nurse. kulelat sa board exam,panget ang grades, walang work, walang prospect ng work at palakasan sa hospital. minsan din ako nangarap ng USA at UK. kaso wala naman nangyare. sumubok ako mag middleast,uu di kasing laki ng pera sa US or UK,pero wala naman tax. i also had a chance to mature and broaden my horizon. am not that good in the ward, ICU, or other specialized area in the hospital,so i took the uportunity to be trained and work in the pre hospital emergency other words, nag emergency PARAMEDIC ako, a.l.a rescue 911. then, a found my calling and free from nagging/egotripping doctors.being a nurse gives me the confident and skill to excel in the pre-hospital settings. the job is very rewarding and it pays gooooood … then the rest is history. now, when i look back, malaking pasalamat pa rin at nag nurse ako. advice ko lang sa mga new generation of nurses…. hindi sapat ang pagiging RN lang. mag specialized kayo at e explore ang ibang field na related pa rin sa kurso natin. hindi lang hospital or nursing home ang pwede tayo mag work. marami pa.. and last piece of advice…. di komo “RN” ka, kusa nalang mahuhulog ang job offers sayo mula sa langit. hard work at tyaga mga kapatid. success is never free!

    • marky boy

      correct… i strongly agree… Hindi lalapit sayo ng kusa ang must work and pray very hard for it..

  • Maybe your just giving up ganyan naman nagsisimula ang lahat have dif. Alternatives..well if you really dont like the prof. Do what u really want

  • ebbie

    No regret in life – just follow your bliss and go do what you like and take your great knowledge with you. there is nothing stoppng you. the secret is to master your craft no matter what it is …. do it out of love and passion not out of neccesstiy.

    galing mo…

    -Ebbie Baghaie

  • Jess santos

    This is my message to the writer. Ms. Kung sino kaman, mahiya ka sa sarilo mo. Di mo manlang binigyan ng karangalan ang iyong mga magulang. Ginastusan ka ng sobra sobra para Lang mabigyan ka ng magandang kinabukasan tapos ang maisusukli mong ganti Ay pasasawalat mo ng iyong kabiguan. Hindi mo ba alam na kapag mabasa ng iyong mga magulang yang Walang utang ng luob mong nararamdam, sila iyong nasaktan. Siguro kaya ka minalas dahil sa kaloob lol am moy ISA kang Walang kwentang anak. Subukan magpasalamat sa Panginoon at sa iyong mga magulang baka sakali Ikaw Ay pagpalarin ng maykapal. God bless you. Girl

    • rome

      Yes, I like your point of view, ang Harsh mu naman^^ hehe,,
      baka maganda si miss regret bawiin mu lahat sinabi mu, hehe

    • NinoSaUK

      Hindi siya naman dapat mahiya. Minsan ang magulang natin hindi palaging tama. Most probably at here age may pagiisip na siya na tama. Hinadlangan ang pangarap niya sa buhay at kaligayahan. Obligasyon ng magulang mapagtapos ang anak. Yet, they must put in their mind which dream they are aiming to reach…. Theirs or their kids!

    • Ces

      Totoo naman po ang sinasabi nya… I have interviewed maybe hundreds of nurses trying to look for a job outside the nursing field. What’s sad is that these nurses are applying for jobs that are totally out of their training. They sometimes don’t have the skill for the job they’re applying for, but they have no choice. Wala kasi silang makuang trabaho bilang nurse. Karamihan pa sa kanila, inaasahan ng magulang na makatulong pag graduate. Kaso, wala namang makuhang trabaho sa mga ospital. Dito sa Pilipinas o sa labas ng bansa.

      Marami akong kaibigang nurses, frustrated dahil kahit gustong-gusto nilang magtrabaho bilang nurse, hindi nila magawa dahil walang available na trabaho para i-accomodate ang lahat ng nursing grads. Karamihan sa kanila, kung hindi man lahat, sinasabi, pinilit lang ng magulang para kumuha ng nursing.

      Ang kultura natin na nasusunod ang pangarap ng mga magulang na makapag abroad ang mga anak nila ang dahilan kung bakit maraming nursing graduates ngayon na walang trabaho. Inabuso ng mga paaralan ang pagkukumahog ng mga magulang at estudyante para makapag nurse.

      Ang tingin kasi ng maraming magulang, uulanin sila ng pera pag nakapag-abroad na ang anak nila. Madalas hindi nila iniisip yung strengths and weakness ng mga anak nila. Kung saan talaga babagay na career o profession ang mga anak nila, dala na rin ng personalidad. Diba may pagka-selfish din ang mga magulang na hindi iniisip kung anong gusto ng anak nila maging, pag graduate nila? Hindi lang naman pera o pag-aabroad ang makakapag pasaya sa tao.

      May kakilala ako, pinilit mag-nursing. Nakapagtapos nga, hindi naman pumapasa sa board. Pano, ang gusto talaga mag-disenyo ng damit. Pamilya sila ng matatalino. Kaya hiyang hiya sya. Hindi na lumalabas ng bahay. Bitter pa sa buhay. Gustong mag-nurse para lang maibalik ang kahihiyan, hindi naman kaya. Gusto ng nanay nya, makapag-abroad sya kaya pinag-nurse. Eh hindi nga makapasa sa board, mag-abroad pa kaya? Andami ngang board passers, di rin makapag-abroad eh.

      Yung kapatid kong babae, sinuggest din ng mommy ko na mag-nurse… dahil na rin sa sulsol ng mga kaibigan nya na madaling makapag-abroad pag nurse. Buti nalang after a year, sinabi ng kapatid ko na ayaw nya ng nursing. Ayun, nag-shift ng course. Mabuti nalang maayos ang magulang namin. Tutal buhay naman ng bata ang magsa-suffer pag nagsayang ng maraming taon sa karera na wala na ngang silbi, hindi pa niya gusto.

      Kung lahat ng Pilipino, gagawin ang bagay kung saan sya masaya, uunlad tayo lahat. Mag-eexcel. Hindi naman tayo lahat yayaman, pero lahat magiging successful sa larangan na pipiliin nya. Kung papipiliin sya.

    • Wow, I really hope you’re a very very successful nurse Mr Jess Santos 🙂

  • rome

    motto ko sa life? “It’s never too late” -anonymous

    It’s not the biggest mistake, God plans everything, paano mu ma rerealize na gusto mu pala mag culinary kung di ka nag nursing?, AT! see? nagawan mu parin ng paraan ^_^,

    pag palagay nalang natin sinunud mu pangarap mu at nag enroll ka sa isang culinary class, think about other factors like labag sa kaluoban ng mga magulang mu ang pagluluto mu(syempre sila #1 source natin sa support)at hindi nila ramdam pangarap mu dahil naka set na yung mind nila na maging nurse ka and eventually working abroad (which is a Very Nice plan for you). Baka halfway sa culinary class may pagtatalo magaganap at uuwi sa… you know maraming magaganap. Di natin alam.

    Ba’t ku nasasabi ito? Pariho tayu ng sitwasyun ng gusto ng mga magulang ku maging isang nurse aku (kaibahan lang natin Hindi talaga aku nag-aral ng nursing, hehe – may katigasan kasi ulo ku at masaya aku dun)

    Dahil gudto ku talaga ng mga outdoor activities, hindi nila alam BS Marine Biology pala kinuha kung kurso (nalaman nila 2nd Year na aku nun^^). Edit Edit ku nalang lahat pati ID ku na gawan ku ng paraan para mag mukhang nursing, syempre may pag tatalo, pinagalitan, at eventually… hehe natapus ku yung kurso kung marine bio.

    Ngayun, isa na akung Graphic Artist sa Malaking Companya^^ hehe

    “Everything is already in the Book of God”


    • Chickeekay

      Nice one! 🙂

  • macey

    it’s awesome! you’re right, there’s too many nurses and very few jobs right now, but i think once the US economy bounces back the demand will increase again… there’s a lot of nurses here who’s postponing retirement because they want more security, but they too will retire together with millions of baby boomers who will need nurses in the future…it may be tough now but hang on because it’s darkest before dawn… and what you did was right too, to follow your heart, i too have a dream, although i love being a nurse i’ve always wanted to be a dentist, maybe one day…;)

  • NinoSaUK

    Batch of 2007 ako sa atin. Mula sa isang controversial college of nursing. Mapalad na nakapasa ng board exam at 75.00 on the dot with a single take (tsamba!). Hirap trabaho nun … Kailangan mo talaga ng Koneksyon. May munting ospital sa tapat ng palengke ng lugar namin na talagang gusto ko pagtrabahuhan o kahit kumuha lang ng experience. 150 bed capacity at Tertiary pa!!! Pasok na pasok! Hingi ako sulat kay kapitan at ganun din kay konsehal. Grabe ang hirap! Kalaban ko mas matataas ang connection! Waaaah! Hindi ako tumigil. Habang nag take ako ng trainings atbp prior. Then nag IV ako at kailangan ko ng placement. Lapit ulit ako sa Nursing Service Office ng ospital at di nila me pinagbayad sabay bigay ng placement sa ER. Naging ka close koga tao dun kahit dakilang tsismoso at tsismosa ang iba. Lol! Then naisip ko kung hindi ko kaya makuha ang lakas sa politika kailangan ko ng lakas ng madla. Nakiusap ako sa staff na pinaka tsimosa at alam niya na tsismosa siya kasi barado sa akin palagi meaning friend ko talaga. Nilakad niya ako kasama ng buong unit makapasok ng Volunteer Nurse without allowance pa. Ako ang Batch 1 No. 1 VN ng ospital na yun nun 2008. Nag work ako naman ng maayos sa ER then kinalaban ko anf konsultant dahil pinagtritripan ang kapwa ko nurses. Ayun transfer ako to surgery unit then decided to resign with more than a year experience.

    Tapos … Nauso ang student visa dito sa UK. Kinagat naman namin at napagastos kami
    250k kasama pamasahe at initial living allowance. Nag work ako as support worker ng mga taong may problema sa pagiisip. Nagulpi ako, nakagat at naabuso ng both employer at pasyente. Dami ka maririnig na tsismis din dito at paninira harang sa pangarap mo. Mahirap na raw makapasok magtrabaho sa NHS (government) Hospital at wala na raw adaptation nursing programme. Di ako sumuko at kahit mahirap bahala na. Matapos ang 9 months sa residential home natanggap ako sa Theatre ng NHS Hospital as healthcare assistant aka carer din aka as circulating nurse ang trabaho. From 800£ to 1200£ ako nun. Mababait ang katrabaho ko sa Theatre at supported nila ako. They helped me
    Set my self up makahanap ng Nursing Program. 6 months after, nag attend ako nursing day sa isang ospital d2. Apply ako ulit as staff nurse matapos ko maipasa Ielts ko at makuha nmc decision letter ko. I passed the computation exam te barely passed the clinical ones. Tapos na interview ako ng matron at sister ng surgery department. Kwentuhan lang at nagpakatotoo ako. Days after sinabihan ako bibigyan nila me ng ONP ng libre at bagong visa. Pinauwi ako ng Pinas then 18 days after may visa tapos after another 12 days bumalik na ako ng UK. Haaaay! Nag Adaptation nurse na ako at sumasahod ako ng 1600-1900£ a month. That was September 2010.

    Lesson: alam natin saturated ang nursing sa atin. Mahirap ang trabaho with mental stressors more than you expect. Malulungkot ka kasi pakiramdam mo dead end na. Minsan kung alam mo talaga gusto mo walang makapipigil da iyo. Dadating at dadating ang tulong kapag tunay na kailangan. Laban lang ng laban.

  • romeo lacson

    well talagang sobra na ang mga narses sa atin. maraming graduates pero walang trabaho. i heard yung bagong graduates sila pa ang nagbabayad para lang mag boluntir sa mga hospital. well may isang nurse ako and he is my only son. upon passing the board nagpatuloy sya sa padodoktor, sa ngayon ay nag 2nd year na sya.

  • jjq

    hi, i have read the article that you have written and i respect your opinion..though i’m just saddened that you feel that all those years of studying nursing are a waste..i understand the frustration and regret since i am also a new RN and the reality of the situation really is troublesome and i would say i don’t see myself staying as one 10 to 20 years in time since i want to excel in other fields such as the arts or journalism but to claim that it was the greatest regret of my life, i would not think so..nursing has not only made me knowledgeable in healthcare but i would say made me a better person overall..i learned to become patient, caring, resourceful, organized, hardworking, sociable and the list goes on and on..i also learned how to deal with different types of people and with the help of psych nursing and of course the experience of everyday patient encounter..nursing taught me so much from nutrition to sex education to knowing what to do in times of yielded me so much benefits that for me it’s just ridiculous [i mean that in a good way] not only for me but for my family as well..i understand that 4 years is 4 years and you could have been somewhere else now when you just went with your heart but for me, those 4 years made me feel like a cut above the my opinion, instead of looking at it as a regret, think of it as a gift..though everywhere we go nurses are everywhere, but do take note that not everyone know what we know, do what we can do, endure what we can endure..embrace it, take pride..i know it’s hard times and we need to make money, but just power through..i agree that we all must follow our dreams and our hearts desire but as long as you are alive it’s never too late to push through, patience is the key..

    i may be a photographer, artist, businessman, soldier etc etc etc in the future..but not one moment will i ever regret or feel ashamed of saying that i am too a nurse..

    i take pride of being one..and i hope you do as well..i wish you nothing but success in your future.. 🙂

    • gerrilyn

      thumbs up for you jjq…..way to go and good luck to you. very well said !!!

  • PalagMo?


  • Lady Lee

    That’s true and I can relate to your story. When I graduated high school in the ’80s and being on top 10, it was expected that I should go to nursing school and I did just because everybody else did. But just after 2,5 years with satisfying grades, I realized it was not for me & I quit. Luckily, my parents understood my decision. I went into the world of computer, landed a very good job in Makati right after graduation.
    Now I’m in Europe, unfortunately our school credentials are not recognized here. But that didn’t stop me from getting into what I really want to do with my life. In the beginning, I worked us cleaner at hospital & hotel, and studied the language and took courses in tourism and later on accounting. I was even hated by my fellow filipinos calling me as “ambisyosa”. But who’s laughing now…I’m working as financial assistant and gained high respect from my european colleagues.

    • gerrilyn

      good for you ! congratulations !!

  • siyanit

    I took up nursing as my parent’s wish, and while i was studying nursing, im also working at home as a webdesigner, advertising editor, and forunately, i became an executive designer on a company while studying nursing. I cant explain how i did it, but i did it. While i was granting my parent’s dream for me, im also achieving the goal I want. I guess TIME MANAGEMENT was one of the important lesson Ive learned as NURSE. Should love what you are doing, dont just focus on one thing unwanted, but instead do something that would counteract what is frustrating in you. Right now, I may not be working as a Nurse, but I am a Surgical Technologist, and I get paid as much as a registered nurse with Masters Degree. I hate to say it, but maybe It was just my luck, or maybe its because I always think POSITIVELY, or Im just someone who can handle things in the right way. But Im happy for those who tried to follow and listen to their parents, just think of it as a token from sending you to school, and should at least be thankful that theyre always there to provide everything. Now that you have granted their wishes, as long as you are now capable of finding your own job, and independent (no longer asking money from your parent’s pocket) you are as free as wind to do anything you’ve always wanted. 🙂

  • I feel you. it’s like the author is my doppelganger… just follow your dream.

  • REY

    I studied Physical Therapy in college, then while in my 4th year, biglang nawala ang demand, I wanted to pursue other courses but ayaw na ng parents ko. So I was forced to finished it. I was like you, getting jobs, call center, clinician for drug companies. Then I had a crack at teaching and loved every minute of it. I am now a college lecturer pursuing a masters degree. Hindi pa late ang lahat para sa tulad nating may regrets sa cursong kinuha natin.

  • OhYeah

    Just because you graduated with a degree on BSN doesn’t actually mean that you won’t be successful in life. I won’t consider taking up Nursing as the biggest mistake of my life. I’m a registered nurse (not practicing) but have decided to put up a business. Tanggalin mo kasi sa isip mo na pag NURSE ay para sa ospital lang, at ang destinasyon nila ay sa USA lang wala na iba. Bakit ang Midwife (with all respect) 2 taon lang nag-aral ay kumikita sila kahit sa kanilang bahay? Bakit ang CPA nasa bahay lang din kumikita sila? At bakit ang Caregiver tumambay lang sa Quiapo underpass na may dala lang BP app. kumikita?

  • MARC

    i graduated last 2009 ,and a registered nurse now..noong una job hunting pa lang regret hangang sa dulo ng mt. makiling eheheh ,,volunteer nurse ,reliever etc…but mali ako hnd dapat mag regret s ating course na kinuha ..ika nga habang naka sindi ang lampara ni florence my pag asa…wag mawalan ng pag asa nurses…may time sisindihan natin ulit ang lampara ….currently i am working as a company nurse in davao…hapi naman ako….

  • Anne

    nakakalungkot naman nagpakahirap ka na matapos ang kursong hindi mo naman gusto tapos sa bandang huli wala rin naman palang trabaho para sayo..! Dito sa Belgium namomroblema naman sila kasi kulang na kulang sa nurses at caregivers sana mag recruit narin sila ng nurses mula sa atin madali lang naman matuto ng dutch…

  • Actually being a nurse is not a profession, it’s a vocation, because we are dealing with human beings not a machine. Caring is our goal in life, so what will happen after we graduated is beyond our control. Our dreams of going abroad is only third, in our list, first should be to serve the people regardless of who they are and second is to serve our own family. So my collegue, don’t lose hope, because nurses is needed everywhere, no matter what place it is, it’s calling for your vocation. You can expand your knowledge and skills on all areas of nursing and you can find a job everywhere that your skills is needed. And to tell you the america is not the only place in the world, but more countries is offering paradise because you are important to them. So regret being a nurse, be pround of it.

  • mel_a

    One main problem with our education system (and even perhaps with our culture on degree choices) is that we do not have career counseling in most colleges or even in high schools. in these days, parents and youths entering college should be well informed about their prospective career choices. Main things to consider: the talent and interests of the student, the nature of the industry and job market, and an understanding of what kind of life the student will enter once he/she becomes a professional.

    Alam naman natin laht ito: Hindi como may degree ka, may mararating ka na. Sa tindi ng competition sa job market, kahit graduate ka ng nursing or anumang kurso, di mo rin basta mapapasok ang career na related sa degree mo. Ilan na ang nakilala ko dito sa singapore na nursing grad pero nagtatrabaho sa retail or ibang industry. meron din akong mga schoolmates noon na pagka graduate ng kursong IT-related, gustong maging restaurant owners. Ang labo ano?

  • Oda

    Naging hype kasi ang pagtatake up ng nursing, when i was in high school. almost lahat sa batch namin, nag nursing. pero now, onti lang ang nakikita ko na nagprapractice talaga. kase naging notion nila kapag nursing, pwede kana makapag abroad. not knowing marami trabaho na pwede ka makatravel.atleast naging eye opener to everyone, na wag lang basta sumunod sa uso.

  • Julie Ann

    Dear Author,
    I can relate to you. I’m still in my senior year in high school and my dream is to become a cook and own a restaurant someday (same as yours, how ironic is’t?) but I was forced by my parents too and my Auntie to take nursing. Actually my two Aunties are nurses and they’re both working abroad. Yung isa sa Austria saka yung isa sa Australia. Parehas din sila may nursing home(yumaman sila eh). Ngayon, sabi nila sila na daw bahala sa mga tuition at kung ano pa man ang babayaran. Kukunin daw nila ako. Now, I’m having second thoughts about which field should I choose :/ (Nursing has never been one of my choices of course). I don’ want to dissappoint them, but my future depends on it. Pero para sakin isa itong chance na dapat hindi ko i-disregard. Kasi malay mo, mag work-out naman kelangan lang ng double hardwork. Takot kasi ako sa dugo :/ (mababaw ba na dahilan? haha) saka mahirap daw maging nurse eh. Kayo, ano masasabi niyo? should I take the chance?

    • gerrilyn

      it’s up to you. you should follow your heart. you have to weigh things up. i am a RN since 1981. currently working here in US x 28 yrs. when my kids started college, no one wanted to be a nurse. after numerous attempts of encouraging them to take up nursing, still the answer was no. so i let them take whatever they wanted, and they are happy with their courses. by the way, i have a niece who took up nursing. she graduated but she did not tell her parents that she despised nursing to the bones. failed the boards x2. same thing with you, she wants to become a chef. but we told her to pass the boards first in order for her to have a cushion for the future. she made it the 3rd time. and now, she is in culinary school. she will have 2 degrees, nursing and culinary…parents happy and she is happy ! she’ll have a choice in the future whichever field she will go. whatever will make you happy, go for it.

    • Carlo J. Cruz

      @ Julie Ann,

      Nursing isn’t a difficult course. It is a very difficult course most especially for a person like you who is being forced to take up nursing. But surprise life is not fair. It never has and it never will be fair. It’s how you deal with life’s challenges that will determine your success.

      I too was forced to take up nursing and it was very hard to excel in something that you don’t exactly like but with time I was pleased to find out after a few years that what I learned in nursing I was able to apply in almost every aspect of my life. Because of nursing I am a better father, I am able to take better care of my wife and children when they are sick, I was able to take care of my Mom before she died of cancer. My point is taking up nursing can be good for you and your future family even if you become a chef or a restaurant owner later on.

      The money that you can save while working as a nurse either in Austria or Australia can be used as capital for your dream restaurant or tuition and living expenses while studying to become a chef if that is what you really want. By that time mas emotionally mature ka na, may sarili ka nang pera at wala nang tao na makakapag- dictate sa iyo na bawal ka mag-chef or magtayo ng sariling restaurant di ba?

      Taking up nursing may mean a slight delay in your dreams but nursing can surely help improve you as a person and help you take care of the people you love and care about. Think and pray about it. Then decide for yourself if you want to take up nursing.

      P.S. — I’m presently practicing as a dentist but I’m sure glad I took up nursing.

    • Carlo J. Cruz

      @ Julie Ann,

      One more thing, if you really love to cook why not try also cooking for those elderly in the nursing homes of your aunt in Australia or Austria when you are off-duty as a nurse? That would also be a nice training ground for you before putting up your own restaurant. Malay mo yung mga nasarapan sa luto mo sa nursing home i-refer yung mga dumadalaw sa kanila sa restaurant na itatayo mo?

    • Ambria

      Hi! This is the author! If the Austriq/Australia is a sure deal, maybe you can use nursing to fund yourself to a culinary school?

      But be careful, like Julie Ann said, life is not fair… it will never be fair. I’ve met so many people promised by their relatives abroad that they are guaranteed a visa when they graduate, but then again, life sucks. Just be careful, okay?

      If it were me, if I was one of the lucky ones who got a work visa somewhere… I know, I definitely know I would’ve still used my savings to put me in culinary school.

      So do whatever you can to realize your dream. More power to us future cooks!!

  • I was born sa abroad and my father being pinoy sent me to school sa Manila. After HS, I enrolled in Fine Arts, di ko pinaalam sa pamilya ko what I was doing in Manila. Sa dami ng tanong tanong after one year I have to tell them the truth. My brother came and enrolled me sa Pre-med. Being the youngest in the family I have no voice. All my sciences grades were pasang awa. I failed Chem 101. I started to take lesser units na kaya ko and crossed enrolled to take art classes. I never graduated. When I was back in the US. I worked as a newspaper photographer and was winning awards in art contests in my community. I also worked in food service to survive. Years later after working for retail, I applied for Advertising/marketing job, I was hired because of my skill which was part of the interview. The Chief Retail Manager saw a potential in me. He hired me and have the company invest for me to attend computer classes, which they will only pay if I get a C grade and above. If I get a D or fail I have to pay back. I was back in school at the age of 40. This was the time that the internet was starting and I have to take HTML and basic programming courses. My job also covered training Managers how to use the computer and internet. I enjoyed the job and was able to afford to take an early retirement at 52. My family witnessed this part of my success, my responsibilities that covered Pacific Rim as a Senior Design. My family started to give me respect with my decisions these days and even ask for my input but I think it is too late.

  • Ambria

    Hi guys! this is Ambria.

    I’m sorry it took this long for me to visit this site. I didn’t know my article was posted here. And I’m not sure anybody will read this at the bottom of the comment page.

    But first off,.. tears fell down my eyes.

    When I read the comments, I was prepared for hell, but what did I see? A lot more people agreed with me than irritated.

    I was expecting everybody to stomp me down the ground for telling the truth and standing up for my belief. But it never happened, Thanks guys..

    Now, I tried replying to a lot of the comments, but the first five replies were more than 800 words already. And a lot of redundant phrases. So I figured I could just stitch them up to make a new article.

    When I finish the article, I’ll post it here.

    To Juan sikat,

    Yes, my parents did kick my brother out of the house for not taking up nursing. He was literally gone for 4 months!

    Now my turn came… 16, just out of high school, I was too weak to SAY NO to my dad.

    But you’re right. Nevertheless, the core essence of it is… I was too weak back then. My brother was brave to leave the house and stand up for what he believed in… I wasn’t.

    Now my brother is a successful programmer… but that;s another story for my next article.

    See you guys! And thanks again for all the kind remarks!

    Sincerely, Ambria.

  • juansikat

    hello Ambria,

    i have nothing against you or i dont hate you for this article…certainly i dont know you and i will never be able to know your whole personality just by reading this article… and i admired you for follow your dreams despite of everything you’ve been through… i appreciate that you’ve understood what i’m trying to say… i wish you all the luck in the path that YOU, YOURSELF, NOW CHOSE TO TRAVERSE… may you find true happiness… but let me say to you… ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE :)) you’ll understand when you got the chance to encounter your side as a nurse in some other situations… :)) GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS… :))

  • Henry
  • Saudi-Phil RN

    alam mo teh, kahit magsisi la pa huli na, saka wag mong isisi sa Nursing ang kapalaran mo, dapat pa nga magpasalamat ka kasi naging Nurse ka, kesa naman sa wala kang pinag-aralan….kuha mo?

  • cham


  • sally

    Nurses are the face,the hands,and the heart of the healthcare.Nurses make decicions that will save people’s lives…there is no other feeling quite like it,but then,there is no other career like it!,doctors and allied health relied so much from the nurses.Nurse is a vocation,humble and holly profession.
    Now,Ambra my dear,if you regretting became a nurse,I think you didn’t mean that,maybe because of dissapointment,you are frustrated of not able to find a job!! Well,the government let you down,the PNA are not doing their job to help you and give support,I understand your feeling,it is very sad that things happened this way if only the government and associations connected are willing to help,there will be no un-employed nurses in the Philippines,imagine how many population we have?how many millions of the population needed your help?but then of course we are not in the dark age anymore, we cannot work for charity we need money for everything and money is the reason why there is no job nobody wants to spend for nurse’s salary!!let alone we have to pay them to even get experiences “slave labour” ika nga naalala ko pa noong first year college ako.We had a nursing educational tour sa Forbes Park may sumigaw noong dumaan ng bus namin sa isang kanto”WOW,mga professional maids nasa bus nagtotour!Masakit man pero some people do not respect the job we do,pero pag nagkasakit naman sila wala ng ginawa kundi sumusigaw ng Nurse,Nurse tulungan mo ako…Anyway,ganyan talaga ang ibang mga tao nasa ugali na nila yan walang manners,Nurse cope everything have to be special person to be a nurse,Kaya huwag ka ng magsisi at nag-aral ka ng nurse at least marunong kang mag-alaga ng sarili mo at pati na rin ang pamilya mo,and it is not the end of the world,do not lost hope,just have faith in God,focus to your goal,work on it,and your day will come that you will get what you aiming in life,GOOD LUCK

  • victoria

    Good for you for following your dream! I was in the same situation just like yours. My mother forced me to take up nursing, but after 2 years taking nursing courses, I realized it was not for me. So, I rebelled against my mother’s will and switched my major to teaching. I’ve been an art teacher for quite some time now and I enjoy every bit of it! When you follow your heart you will succeed! By the way, my mother and I are best of friends – she’s happy for me. Ambria, good luck of your culinary school!

  • Male_Nurse on DuTy

    Paminsan minsan naiisip ko din yan…sabi nga nila laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi..kapag sinunod ko lang siguro ung gusto ko noon isa na akong successful Petroleum Engineer ngayon.. Damn!kung maibabalik ko lang ang lahat..

  • romer

    I really agree with you CES…..haaaay…. nakakalungkot tlga….ang mga nurses ngayon na napilitan lng dahil s desisyon ng magulang, ngayon nag ssuffered dahil s walang makuhang trabaho…I, my self I’m a registered nurse now, pero sa totoo lng b4 entering college hindi talaga pumasok sa isip k n mag nursing. pinilit lang talaga ako ng mga magulang k. Dahil ang gusto k talaga mag medicine. Pero aun, mahal naman talaga yan. kaya second choice k sana tlga, MedTech. ngayon RN k….halos bawat hospital dito smin, hiring ng MedTech. naguguilty ako, at nahihirapan n tlga ako sa sitwasyon k ngayon. na kung saan, HINDI k maintndhan, HINDI ako maintndhan ng aking mga magulang. honestly speaking, nag away kami. kasi nung nremind k sakanila na gusto k ulit mag aral and to take up medicine na, kasi un din talaga usapan nmin b4 I decided to take up nursing na…. dahilan nila…..sana hndi n daw sila bumili ng sasakyan….sakin nman….dati k pa inuulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit na gusto k mag medicine….hndi nila ako inintindi……. tapos ako n nga nag hahanap ng paraan para mas mapagaan ang tuition fee and sa mas affordable but quality education for medicine pumasok, cla na naman at ulit ayaw….HINDI k sila maintindhan!!!!! naguguluhan ako….. actually, I have medical reason why really take up medicine…… and that’s my strong reason and strongly holding to pursue my dreams to become a Doctor…..and hirap mag paintindi ng magulang!

  • romer

    NAPAKA hirap kapag sarili mong magulang ang nag dodown sayo. eventhough na gumagawa k n ng paraan para sa tunay mong gusto s buhay….pero wala talaga……..;(

  • Male_Nurse on DuTy

    ako man nahihirapan na talaga ako sa sitwasyon ko..minsan naawa na ako sa sarili ko kasi walang makuhang magandang trabaho. Totoo po yan sinabi nyo na ang hirap ipaintindi sa magulang ang reality sating mga nurses ngayon..minsan naisip ko na lng lumayas ako kalimutan ko ang lahat at magstart ng bago..kasi hindi pa naman huli ang lahat bata pa ako..kung hindi dahil sa desisyon nila hindi sana ako ganito ngayon..Gusto ko na talaga lumayas at buuin ulit ung mga pangarap ko sana’y naabot ko na ngayon…nakaka frustrate talaga ang maging isang nurse..naubos na ung pasensya ko, ung aking pag uunawa..kasi hindi naman nila nakikinig sa mga sinasabi ko, ang mga magulang tlga ay MAGULANG!:-(

  • Sally

    Ay naku naawa ako sa mga magulang ng mga nagsisisi na nurses dahil ang magulang ang nasisisi.Bakit sila masisisi kung pera naman ang ginastus nila?Di ba kung ikaw ang gagastus kailangan na may ‘SAY’ka naman kung saan mapapunta ng pera mo?Kung ayaw ng mga anak ang nurse na kurso bakit nag-aral pa kung manisi lang pala pagkatapos? sana pinag-aral na lang nila ang sarili nila!!!makukuha pa nila ang gusto nila at kahit naman ngayon tapos na sila ng nurse puede pa naman silang mag-aral ah!!Di pag-aralin nila nag sarili nila sa kurso na gusto nila dahil kahit ano namang kurso marami naman un-employed sa Pinas di ba/ ang dami naman Commerse,teachers,AB AND ETC. na walang trabaho ah?Ang masasabi ko nalang sana yun nalang talagang gustong makapag-aral ng nursing na anak ng iba ang pinag-aral ng mga magulang at leasat maappreciate pa ang pagod nila kaysa sisihin?Iba na nga ang gumastos ng pera mo ikaw pa ang masisisi,napakasakit naman noon?kaya kayong mga bata huwag niyong sisihin ang mga magulang niyo,sisihin niyo sarili niyo!You are not doing enough to get a job!!,you change your career if you like but please do not put a blame to your parents who only think what is best for you,you spent their money they have the right to have a SAY!You decided to follow their suggestion then you answer for your own action.IKAW,AT IKAW LAMANG ANG GUMAGAWA NG SARILI MONG KINABUKASAN.Good luck for your future go on do something worthwhile than blaming your parents.Be responsible,and respectful !!

    • Croogy Nurse

      palibhasa kasi your not on the shoes of every person na nagshare ng kanilang mga message..dont you ever say that kulang pa ang ginagawa nila para magkaroon ng Job..hindi man ako nurse by profession nakikita ko kung gaano kahirap ang buhay ng isang “DAKILANG” Nurse d2 satin…Dakila dahil, hindi well compensated sa trabahong pinili nila…at sa aking palagay hindi mo naranasan ung nararanasan nila na kapag hindi sinunod ang gusto ng magulang palalayasin sila sa kanilang bahay…So ano ang pinaka best choice?
      susundin nila ang kanilang “MAGULANG” na magulang…kaya minsan hindi lahat ng magualang ay tama, tao din yan tumatae ng mabaho at nagkakamali din…sa mga nagsisi sa kursong have all the chance..hanggang may araw na sisikat hwag kaung mawalang ng pagasa…Darating ung time God will bless you…3 answers lng sasagot ni GOD (Yes; NO; I have something better in mind.)..dont ever loose hope..:-)

  • Sally

    Ay naku talaga nga naman siguro may galit sa mga magulang ang mga taong hindi masaya dahil may mga hinanakit sila sa kanilang magulang.I don’t know pero ang prinsipyo ko eh,obligasyon ng magulang na hubugin mabuti ang pag-uugali ng kanilang anak pero mayroon ngang magulang na wala sa tama kung minsan nakakalimutan nila na may damdamin din ang anak pero siguro ganoon din sila napalaki,”Do as you told ika nga “at siguro by chances nagkaanak din sila ng maramdamin and put all the blame to the parents,so ayun nawalan na sila ng pera dahil gumasta sila “HARD EARNED MONEY”NAWALA NASISI PA SILA napakasakit naman sa magulang yun who only wants good for their child!!Sana inipon na nila yun para sa pagtanda nila o ibinigay kaya sa charity may nag-appreciate ng thank you kaysa nasisi!!Life is the way we make it.we have to answer for our action nobody can force us to do what we do not like to do,it is our decicion,we decide for our life,kaya huwag na kayong manisi at masasaktan lang niyo ang damdamin ng iyong magulang na naghirap at nagmamahal sa inyo kung talagang ayaw niyo ang sumunod sa kanila huwag kayong matakot na ipa-intindi sa kanila ang iyong nararamdaman nasa pag-uusap na mahinahunan at may respeto pero huwag basta na lang sumunod tapos sisihin sila!!!Yun ang mali WASTED TIME AND MONEY Sino ang mas lugi?

  • Sally

    For croogy nurse,Reason why I told them “not doing enough to get a job” because,they have so much time blaming their parents,hurting their parent’s feeling instead of thinking and focusing for their goal of getting a job.I am a parent too at pag ang anak nanumbat sa magulang napakasakit,though sometimes they do not meant it ika nga masakit pa rin ang dating,dahil lahat ng magulang lalo na ang mother ay naghirap sa anak at whatever reason,a child should not be disrespectful to parents nasa biblia pa nga yan eh,WE HAVE TO RESPECT OUR PARENTS.Kung mali man ang decisyon nila dahil tao nga lang sila nagkakamali igalang pa rin natin sila huwag sumbatan at sisihin kundi ituwid na lamang di ba?

  • Abbey

    Abbey January 1, 2012

    Do not be frustrated that you follow your parents to taking up nursing profession, I understand you are frustrated because you are able to get the job, my advice is to find a way you practice your profession and wait for the right time you can a land abroad, like me i follow the decision of my mother to take up nursing, for the start i have a hard to get a job in P.I. but i tried to practice my profession even go to voluntary work in my home town just to get a job certificate, yes it’s difficult to work without a salary but the time comes, the right that i was able to work abroad even do my salary was very low sige lang pasencia just to get a good experience in the field of nursing, Million thanks to my ever dear mom forcing me to take up nursing because with the grace of God I was able to travel abroad every year to have vacation and able to travel to U.S. seven times and even went to carribian cruise because I take up nursing and follow the dreams of my parents and now is also looking for my own business like you plan and will stop working as nurse till i can build my own resto. Do not forget to pray to God because He will be the one to give you the job, just wait for the right time God will you the best for your nursing job

  • Great share. Thanks for sharing an honest experience. Wishing you the best for your career.

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  • nash

    i do blame the media for this, i still remember it was way back 2001 until now, they keep on saying that there are lot of opportunity in the nursing field especially abroad…. and where is it now? 😛

  • Helping filipinos

    Unlucky people don’t just give up! I repeat! DONT GIVE UP! Your life is just beginning after you graduated your profession as a Nurse. Ok! When I took up nursing, I didn’t exactly like this profession. But when I started to work as a student nurse in hospitals, nursing changed my life. I didn’t know I have a gift to treat and heal people, change patients’ lives, help and guide. So I continued until I graduated and passed the board exam. I agreed with you that now a day, a lot of nurses’ don’t have jobs. But you’re just starting my friend. You’re starting to know LIFE. You didn’t try to challenge yourself. Yes, I was once a spoiled, untalented and a lazy person. But I changed because someone guided me to be a responsible man. Analyzing the over population of nurses all over the world won’t help you, like you said “The Philippines alone produces more than 200,000 nurses each year. And there are less than 2,000 new jobs each year. Not to mention nurses from other countries like India, Cambodia, Singapore, etc. The U.S. alone produces 85,000 of their own nurses”. But instead, focus on your dreams (dream big), make some options. So I worked in a public hospital as a volunteer nurse in NICU. This hospital trained me well, gained my knowledge and understanding more on my profession. I worked: 1(nurse) =24(patients)/2(nurses) =76(patients)/ sometimes, 1(nurse) = 3 (wards). And yes, that hospital trained me to be a better nurse. After that I looked and surf in the internet (How to apply and work in other countries) Why can’t you do that? And found out that the only way to enter to some rich countries is to know the language (Rich countries: good salary). So I started to train myself with the unique languages. (If you’re interested to be a successful person, dedicate yourself. Time is gold) My dreamed came true. I applied as a jobseeker (Took a big risk) and traveled my dream land, with my surprise my journey still never end. I experienced difficulties to this country (Rich countries: highest cost of living) in order to survive I must be wise, so I started to look for bottles on streets and exchange it for money to bottle shops, just to buy foods. But that’s life, you must experience hardship, hunger and you’ll receive wisdom. Life is a step by step process. There is no shortcut! I pushed myself to know more about the language. I began to read books, chatting with people, asking questions in order for me to know the language. And I did succeed. An institution for gifted children and a nursing home hired me. I’m working for gifted children, a daycare center nurse employee in full time weekdays (7.5hrs/day) and during weekends in nursing home. Life is just a matter of choice. By the way, parents know what is best for their children. My father was RIGHT. He told me to try nursing; it will help your future. And YES it did!

  • Naglibog

    Ganda naman nito. Its fine to go school even that It’s not your choice as long as you don’t pay for it.

  • Snyper

    Nice article.. Its never to late to try… I became a nurse kasi yung lang sked na pwede kami magsama ng GF ko nung time na yun. it turns out maghihiwalay din pala kami. I just want to help people. I guess its my nature. I became an EMT/Nurse and I save lives. I think you just need to follow your heart. Whatever makes you happy.. I hope you invite us once you have your own restaurant!!
    Good Luck and May the Force be with you.

  • Elrond

    Bummer. Getting here to the USA legally, with a job waiting for you is like winning the lottery. It’s a lifetime achievement. Hundreds of thousands of Pinoy RNs back there will never set foot in America. God’s providence, good luck, timing, preparedness and sheer patience all helped. You can’t blame parents for pushing their kids to earn dollars and escape the wretched poverty over there, denying the reality or swimming in blissful ignorance that the USA simply didn’t have that enough vacancies to accept all nurses. Pinoys fantasized that the demand was like a bottomless well. Now, we the lucky ones must work hard for the future of our families. At last our dreams had come true. God Bless America.

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