The Brighter Side

“Everything happens for reason”.  A popular cliché that is always on my mind.

A doctor once told me, “Nurses are the backbone of medical profession”, glad and proud to hear such appreciation. Indeed it’s true. Being a nurse is such a very noble profession. You can’t be one without the so called TLC (tender, love, care). Dealing with different cases, dealing with lives.

Nurses, the front liners.  The first to approach a patient, the first one to assess, to take history, the first touch, the first talk.

Tonight, only one patient was assigned to me. Can’t help myself, I was so inspired to write this article while staring at him. He has a cleft palate and cleft lip (the roof of the baby’s mouth (palate) has an opening (cleft) goes through to the nasal cavity).  This condition will affect the infant’s speech and hearing capability. What if this baby is mine? The thought of it somehow pinched my  heart. I reviewed the chart, the mother admitted she took some medicines that was not prescribed by the doctor that might caused the baby’s deformity.

And the baby started to cry, I knew he was already hungry. I cuddled him gently and slowly fed him with a special nipple, so cautious to prevent aspiration. Felt the baby’s satisfaction, his willingness to suck despite of his condition.

I then thought about the brighter side and the more positive aspects:

  • He was given the opportunity to live.
  • Be accepted and nurtured by his loving parents: The fact that the mother sought permission from the hospital director to stay in the hospital while the baby is in NICU for her to learn the pros and cons.
  • The opportunity to discover things, to explore the world.
  • The chance for surgery.
  • And perhaps, to smile.

In whatever case we handle, positive outlook is a must. We should always look at the brighter side.

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