The Effects of Stress on Men

Stressed out man (Photo credit: blogspot)
Stressed out man (Photo credit: blogspot)
Stressed out man (Photo credit: blogspot)
Stressed out man (Photo credit: blogspot)

With the constant high demands of the modern world, the modern male consistently face various challenges in different aspects. Daily life routine in work and family, and the continuous flow of problems contribute to stress in men’s lives. Whether it is social, financial, nutritional, or how men perceive the world, ongoing stress affects the way men normally see and do things everyday. Read below to see how stress affects men with the following categories.


Evidence show that when men experience threat, whether it is social, financial, or other environmental factors, men are more likely to perceive mature physical features as ideal. The experience of stress may shift men’s body size preference that leans more on heavier female body characteristics. Aside from this, men experiencing psychological stress may find heavier female body figures more attractive than their previous preference. Stress may also lead men to prefer women with more mature physical traits and larger body sizes as potential partners as these characteristics and traits are associated with greater abilities to handle environmental stress.


Recent studies show that stress can both facilitate and impair memory performance. Although memory may be impaired in general after experiencing stress, men who underwent high stress-related changes in energetic and tense stimulation may perform similarly to relaxed individuals. Heightened arousal and alertness may help men more with their memory, depending on how energetic or how tense men are with various situations.


The interactions of stress and alcohol highly varies among individual drinkers, suggesting that motivation to drink may also depend on each individuals preference. Further studies show that there is a two-way relationship between alcohol and stress. Men who are undergoing stressful times may experience various reactions to alcohol. Those who previously felt stimulated by alcohol on a casual drinking session tend to take more shots when stressed, desiring for more stimulation. Likewise, men who felt sedated instead of being stimulated in casual drinking sessions also tend to drink more bottles in stressful periods of life, wanting more sedative effects.

Men can compensate by anticipating stressful activities and exercising a healthy lifestyle beforehand. Practicing this during and after the period of stress will also determine continuous lifestyle development. Drinking the right vitamins and minerals, proper nutritional intake, adequate sleep, and a couple of leisure activities may help reduce the stress, leading to a more productive and healthier life.


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