The first woman in my life… Mom…

The Filipino men, despite of our over flowing machismo and androgenic pride, we always fret and tremble in the presence of our Moms.  I’m a self-confessed Mama’s Boy and I would never be ashamed of it. The unfathomable maternal care that my mom has given me for 27 years is one thing that I’m starting to miss since my arrival here in the UAE. These are the unique qualities of my mum that I’m already missing.

  1. She’s an ardent Vilmanian… pag nakita nya si Vilma sa TV at nilipat mo, away kayo.
  2. She’s a good Housekeeper… when I ask her to keep something; surely she will keep it, until the time she can no longer recall where she kept it. Kept for eternity…
  3. My mum is a great multi-tasker… she is able to watch movies and sleep on it at the same time.
  4. She’s musically inclined… when she sings; she composes her own lyrics…
  5. She’s like a fermented beverage… she whines a lot…
  6. Mom is a funtastic explorer, wanderer and adventurer… My dad will always ask her to look at the map for directions whenever we’re on the road… She’ll see to it that we’ll always end up being lost.
  7. She’s very very inquisitive and curious… each time I’ll open my FB she will always ask “Sino yun?, Sino yun?, Sino yun?”.
  8. My mother is so good in budgeting and auditing… take it from me, computed ang allowance ko dati till the last penny.
  9. I don’t know if she’s a member of the Gloc and Colt family… For she goes ballistic whenever I make a mess around the house.
  10. She’s like a Fairy God-mother…At exactly 12MN she turns our car into a giant pumpkin and I can no longer use it.

Miss you Ma….


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  • timgurl

    from a loving son..
    nice one..

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