The Importance of Time

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As nurses, we very well know the importance of every second. That every second counts. That in a matter of just a few seconds, it can either save or take a life. That’s why we were trained to move fast, to act fast in times of need, without ever compromising the safety of any patient. We learned to prioritize needs.

Yes, we may be nurses at heart 24/7, your on-call angels of the sickroom, and your-always-present listener, but remember, we are also human. Humans are not perfect. We may be strict with patients in the hospital for the importance of time but we sometimes forget it within ourselves. We sometimes put off things that we can do now for the excuse that we are busy. We put off what we can do now because there’s always a later time to do it. We tend to forget the simple things, thinking that that they don’t matter when in fact they do.

Sounds familiar?
Though we admit it or not, there’s a little part of us who somehow and sometimes think and act THAT way. We think there’s always time, there’s always tomorrow for what we couldn’t do today. PROCRASTINATION, in simpler terms.

I could actually agree with what author Charles Swindoll said in his book ” Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life” that “procrastination’s specialty is stealing incentive and TIME. It makes off with priceless valuables, leaving cheap substitutes in its place : excuses, rationalization, empty promises, embarrassment, guilt and regrets.”

But then, think again, what if there’s no time left? What if its our last day on earth today without us knowing it, wouldn’t we regret what we would’ve or should’ve done that time?

TIME is one of the most precious thing that we have and yet we always take it for granted. It is a luxury that no one could ever afford. Time is very important yet we always tend to postpone whatever we can do today because we think that there’s always tomorrow; when in fact, TIME is never in our hands. We can manage it but we can NEVER, EVER, control it. Only GOD knows and GOD holds the time that we will be spending here on earth.

At work or anywhere in our life, if we use our time wisely, REGRETS would surely be avoided; the word CRAMMING would not be in our vocabulary; and we wouldn’t think of deadlines as such a dreadful word. Its not the deadline nor the project itself is the problem ( we would not be given a task if we were not given a considerable amount of time to finish it, right?) The usual problem lies within us.

We think there’s always plenty of time so we would put off what we have to do for things that are of less importance. I’m not saying this to criticize anyone, because I myself, am guilty of procrastinating at times, but not all the time because I realized how life can be extremely short; HOW IN JUST A MATTER OF SECONDS, A FEW HOURS, OR EVEN JUST A FEW DAYS CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Let me share to you a simple advice that would surely make a difference :
We only live here for a while, so Smile. Laugh. Love. Feel free to feel whatever you want to feel. Give your best shot at everything that you do. Live as if its your last day on earth. It is never too late to start now.
So what should we do?

Do what you have to do. Say what you have to say. Make the ones you care about feel that you love them. Say sorry to those whom you’ve offended. Reach out and say hi to a long-lost friend and distant relatives. Make the most of your time here: SMILE and make a difference.

This may seem like a LOOOOONG to-do list and advice, but hey, doing these won’t even hurt us. Instead, it will make us more at peace and happy with what we have at the moment, for we would never know when our time’s up. 🙂

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