The Insanity of Reproductive Health

I’m a nurse working in a government hospital, and for most days how I wish I could shove the placentas of those women who give birth in front of those in the Church and everybody who are against family planning, how I wish that they were working in government hospitals all over the country and feel the desperation, insanity and foolishness of the blindness these people give to our leaders with regard to the basic truth that everybody has the right to choose and decide for themselves, hence the right to choose to space the number of children they will have.

No doubt that as Catholics, we must abide with the “rules” given by the Church or face eternal damnation in hell. But I do not see the rationality behind these wrangling about such an overused topic. Contraception is defined by any dictionary both online and in written form as an act to deliberately prevent or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy, hence from that definition and from what I understand about both natural and artificial methods of family planning, both are ways to DELIBERATELY PREVENT OR REDUCE THE LIKELIHOOD OF PREGNANCY.

I have a lot of things to say against the Catholic Church, but I’m not an atheist. I do believe in God, and I believe he knows that, but after all the things I’ve seen and experienced in the real world, I’m beginning to wonder if most of these people are living “IN” the “REAL WORLD” where every struggling Filipino including me is currently living in. I doubt they do, most of these people are from good families that can eat three times a day with snacks on the sides, they don’t worry about health care that much, while the people I see in hospitals, albeit some have money, the rest just get admitted with only the clothes they have on.

I’m writing this because it is indeed stupid, but I fear the word stupid is not enough to describe what have been happening for the past God knows how many years. I’m writing this because I’m just tired of seeing 13 year old women giving birth or 40 plus year old women having a CS for their 14th child. I doubt if my message will change peoples’ minds, I may even get hate mails because of it, but I cannot counter what they say and I can only counter it if those words are ruining my reputation, that is because everyone has the right to speak their mind. It is one of the rights that we have in this country, but the right to choose how many kids a couple can have regardless of their financial status without coercion or fear of eternal damnation is sadly not considered as one of the basic rights.

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  • I am absolutely delighted that someone finally came out and said what needed to be said.I am an Australian who chooses to live here with my partner and young son who was born here.I am also a catholic but giving birth just for the sake of it just doesnt make any sense.With the amount of poverty here and yet the people living in squatters areas with no money even for basic food items to simply keep pumping babies out just defies all logical sense.

    • tim

      Millions of people are suffering on earth many of them live in nursing homes their entire life in wheel chairs or paralized in bed wishing they were never born. I believe there should be a perfect world or no world at all…if you do not believe in the abortion pill you should not have sex [Join our revolution to outlaw all reprduction see ……]

  • ayi

    well said..

  • janice salinas

    Glad that someone came out with this topic. I’m also a catholic and a pro RH. I don’t understand people who try to go against it. As far as I know, we are in dire need of the bill.

  • marionne

    i totally agree with you… I am a catholic but i disagree about the beliefs of the church about contraceptives. They dont see how many life was wasted every time there’s a child was born and there’s a mother who haven’t have a conscience…

  • UtakCondom

    Good job! Kailan yung bayaran ng P350 para sa pagsuporta sa RH?

  • aben cruz

    i’ve heard/read many other versions of this type of pro-RH propaganda.

    however, it doesn’t change the fact that the actual right to choose is not being infringed upon in the Philippine setting. There are no laws being broken, condoms and other contraceptives are available (with cost of course) and in fact, millions of pesos and dollars are already being poured into current RH programs of the DOH. Just ask your local health center.

    but despite this, people still choose to spend their money actual basic needs (food, water, shelter) and rights (education, etc.). it is their economic status that this government should address so that it should not matter whether a family has one or 10 children. Good governance is the key.

    However, upholding your right to choose does not require taxpayers money to subsidize your rights.

    Buy your own condoms/contraceptives, because upholding your freedom to choose does not require the government to make your choices free of charge.

    • UtakCondom

      Good point but, since many of us pro-RH are getting paid to support it, why not support RH? P350 din yun! Come join us! Lots of foreign agencies are funding RH promoters, $$$.. Sali na!

      • regie

        Im Pro RH, but I don’t need a measly Ph350.00 to promote it. I will gladly do it for free.

        • UtakCondom

          And of course that’s part of your script 😉 i understand. Yes to RH!! 😉 i heard next year it would be P400.. Fingers crossed!

          • regie

            sorry, but I get paid $45 an hour as a Registered Nurse here in Canada, so I don’t need your Php 400.00, to convert it is like a quarter of an hour’s pay. So really, you can have it.

      • wengster

        the P350 was not true. it was a lie spread by the fanatic anti-RH. the writer was a columnist who’s an adviser / consultant of the varsitarian, the official newspaper of UST (a catholic university, anti-RH).

        • UtakCondom

          Yup not entirely true. Some only got P250. Others only got free condoms

    • wengster

      without RH, cities and other communities can manipulate or even ban the use / selling of contraceptives (lito atienza of manila and those idiots in alabang). you such an anti-poor prick. shame on you!

      • aben cruz

        i’m not anti-poor. all i am asking is for this government to stop blaming the poor and women’s fertility for all its problems, and actually start to address real pressing issues that will truly develop human capital – food security, water, education, housing, basic health services, skills training, farm to market roads, creating job opportunities, curbing corruption in the government (where we lose 400++ million pesos yearly – akala ko ba sabi ni PNoy kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap?)

  • navyduck

    and what is the catholic church doing to help all those poor families with 10+ children???

    • tsktsk

      nothing, actualy, just trying to stop RH Bill and promote the famous words, “Go ye and Multiply”

      • tsktsk

        though i know of some priests doing fund raising for a cause here in baguio

      • Zantitu Diamunieto

        hahaha well said! theyre just being hypocrites.M also a catholic but on my insight ‘go to the world nd multiply’is not anymor applicaple this day;b4 it is coz pipol that time wer not numerous as today..nd pipol take that saying(“Go ye and Multiply”) as physically not spiritually.

        • tsk tsk

          that saying is given a different meaning…haizt!!!what does the “influential church” wants to see??many people suffering from hunger and sickness??well, disiplina lang and kailangan natin para mabuhay ng maayos,,sex is indeed a gift from God but it does not mean that we, people(His creation) must abuse that gift..may hangganan din naman cguro..

  • asil

    Absolutely right. This scenario is very conspicuous amongst couple who are incapable of supporting the basic needs of there children and yet the wife gives birth every year! kudos to the writer of this article.

  • sessionista

    I completely agree with this. The catholic religion has made the Philippines weak. It has made FILIPINOS weak. We are taught to love god and fear him at the same time but that just doesn’t make any sense. what kind of God, condemns his creations in sin then waits for thousands of years before sending his “Son” to wash away original sin, that God gave us anyway? it’s totally retarded, and any civilized, logical person should be able to see through the lies and deception. The catholic church restricts humanity from enjoying the very essence of humanity. we are forced to live our lives in “ethical poverty” or what the church would call a virtuous life of asceticism and Jesus like behavior. i say it’s Masochism and it’s what every christian preacher offers to his listeners. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Down with the catholic church, and any other religion for that matter. Our modern society no longer requires us to believe in God. How some people convince themselves otherwise, despite scientific facts, is just beyond me. All i know is that there are millions of facts that can deny the existence of God, but no concrete evidence to prove it, and that is the situation in the REAL WORLD.

  • white forest

    I also write the same article, and i got paid 500 for doing so,, 🙂 thanks for all the sponsors..

    • reyann red

      di nga??

  • UtakCondom

    Keep the pro-RH comments coming! I know you guys need to reach your quota! Go go go RH! Even if we are the minority, we must continue to fight and struggle to pass RH

  • “hence from that definition and from what I understand about both natural and artificial methods of family planning, both are ways to DELIBERATELY PREVENT OR REDUCE THE LIKELIHOOD OF PREGNANCY”

    You’re right you don’t understand the difference so i suggest before you write, perhaps you should read up on what the Church teaches about the use of NFP and how it can be abused to mimic artificial contraception.

    • reyann red

      in what part of the church teachings does it say that NFP can be abused to mimic artificial contraception? can you give me your sources? how about you, do you understand the meaning of the word contraception? look it up on the internet or in any dictionary and you might see a little something that goes like this:

      “Contraception is the prevention of the fusion of gametes during or after sexual activity. The term contraception is a contraction of contra, which means against, and the word conception, meaning fertilization.[1] Contraception can occur both naturally and via artificial means in humans and in animals.” – wikipedia –

      although wikipedia may not be a reputable source of information it can still give you the idea that there is no need for NFP to mimic the artificial methods because simply put and ill say it again any means of preventing (contra) pregnancy (ception) in any method what so ever is the same thing.

      • aben cruz

        Basic and Clinical Pharmacology by Katzung (11th ed)
        – “The combinations of estrogens and progestins exert their contraceptive effect largely through selective inhibition of pituitary function that results in inhibition of ovulation. The combination agents also produce a change in the cervical mucus, in the uterine endometrium, and in motility and secretion in the uterine tubes, all of which decrease the likelihood of conception and implantation. The continuous use of progestins alone does not always inhibit ovulation. The other factors mentioned, therefore, play a major role in the prevention of pregnancy when these agents are used.”

        Goodman & Gilman’s Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2008)
        – Combination oral contraceptives act by preventing ovulation. Plasma LH and FSH levels are suppressed, the midcycle surge of LH is absent, endogenous steroid levels are diminished, and ovulation does not occur. Progestin also leads to a thick, viscous mucus that reduces sperm penetration and induces an endometrium that is not receptive to implantation.

        in short, hormonal contraception has both PRE- and POST-FERTILIZATION mechanisms of action.

        • dayan

          and? your point being?

  • gabraanth

    in what way does NFP is similar to artificial contraception??? NFP uses purely natural means to prevent fertilization thru methods such as SDM(standard Days Method) along with BBT(Basal Body Temp) combined with symptothermal & ovulation method which determines changes in cervical secretions, as to what you are saying comparing artificial contraception that involves Barrier methods such as condoms, diaphragm etc along with ingectable contraceptives as to what aspect are they similar??

    the 500 thing is a joke right? or are u saying that every blogger in this country that writes about sensitive issues gets paid by money just to write their own opinions??

    the writer is mostly accurate about what’s happening at the gov’t hospitals like one of the examples she mentioned that 13 yr old GIRLS are giving birth due to lack of sexual awareness and education that is one of the realities that all of us are faced with

    • reyann red

      in what way does the NFP and is similar to contraception??? how do you define contraception? you mean to say that natural family planning does NOT prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus of the mother by DELIBERATELY PREVENTING the meeting of the sperm and the egg to create a new human being? doesn’t the artificial methods do the same thing albeit efficiently through the use of chemicals and etc.? the bottom line here is that both use the same concept irregardless of how it is done, both methods prevent pregnancy.

      and no i don’t know about that 500 something being given.

  • jinx

    Pwede bang i-salin ang blog na ito sa tagalog at gawan ng billboard?? para naman nakakaintindi ang mga simpleng mamamayan natin na sumasama sa mga anti-RH rallies na wala naman talagang naiintindihan tungkol dito. kahit na mga placards na dinadala nila mali ang depinisyon sigaw ng sigaw ng anti-RH. Alam naman nating lahat maraming tumututol dahil wala ng pakikinabangan ang simbahang Catoliko. Mas konting mamamayan mas konti ang donasyon diba? hehehe.. reality bites.

  • john

    catholic church ( pertaining to priests, bishops or whatever they wanna be called) are very hypocrite in every matter we are facing, specially those of national interest. one comment above is for real, the reason why the philippines is still in poverty because many of us are still imprisoned by close-mindedness, hypocrisy and stupidity of the catholic church.. in the end, abuloy mo lang naman habol ng mga yan.. pambili ng cripy pata. tsk. family planning is the answer.

  • emmylou

    people choose to believe what they want same as the church defend its position …. the govt is trying to do their best to pass the bill which i believe in the long run would prevail since its constituents is now opening their eyes to the cruel truth of its condition… what we want is to pass the RH bill now…its our right, its our decision….


    Your arguments got blown away in this site he responded to your article point by point.

    • dayan

      no he did not blew the authors arguments away, all i see is someone ranting about this article being against religion and questioning the faith of the author, which is why the title of this article suits it very well because all the rantings about this topic is indeed insane. its up to the person what he or she believes what is moral use and it is the governments mandate to make laws that will help those who cannot have access to such methods.

  • tsktsk


    • Worried Pinay

      People should support RH bill for the sake of the future of this country/world. If we let the population explode like we’re having now, expect for the expected, eternal damnation for the filipino people. Forget about what your religion says, for once, THINK! Does God want our children to live like animals? Does God want us to live in subhuman condition? Not only that, even as a christian our values suffer because of poverty/fear of poverty. Want examles? Already, stealing is just a norm to so many of us. The excuse? Survival. Another one, lying, remember if you are a thief you are a liar, too. Should I include selfishness and disrespect to other people, that’s why you steal what belongs to other people. You don’t care if it’s your mother’s, brother’s or sister’s. We often ignore the true result of poverty, it’s making the people behave like animals in the jungle. So you still don’t care if the population explodes with the so limited resources? Think again. What do you think the people will gonna eat next if the world ran out food for the sake of, again, survival (the universal excuse for all the ills of the world)?

      • Zantitu Diamunieto

        fully agree..well said!!

  • Catholic

    Three points.

    First, the Catholic Church also teaches the value of responsible parenthood/family planning, but only accepts the moral means of doing so (ie, fertility awareness based methods or Natural Family Planning). The accusation that the Church compels the poor to bear children without constraints is nothing but a myth – a huge misconception. But the Church is also careful to point out that family planning is not merely inspired by purely selfish reasons.

    Second, there’s a big moral difference between contraception and natural family planning. In contraception, the couple takes steps to render a naturally life-giving act (sex) to become infertile. In natural family planning, the couple merely takes advantage of the naturally infertile state. Being natural, this infertile state cannot be imputed on the couple just as no one can be charged with the murder of a man who is suddenly hit by a meteorite. The problem with contraception is that here, the couple positively and voluntarily disrespects both the procreative and unitive meaning of sex – it is not open to life and rejects parenthood.

    Third, the moral disapproval of contraception is not an exclusively Catholic religious teaching. It belongs to the realm of natural/common conscience and thus applies to everyone. One only needs to rethink his position to conclude that contraception is morally wrong. If the procreative and unitive significance of sex is not respected, sex merely becomes a tool of selfish gratification, exploitation, and infidelity rather than a deep expression of love between spouses. We are thus not surprised that the widespread introduction of contraceptives revolutionized the way society has viewed sex at present and how it paved the way for the acceptance of abortion and increased the divorce rates in many societies.

    Helpful readings:
    Humanae Vitae (encyclical on the meaning of sex and the immorality of contraception)

    NFP is effective

    Opposing the RH Bill is not imposing a religious teaching – it’s the RH bill seeking to impose involvement in contraception to everyone:

    • sessionista

      this is a great read and highly informative. and i’m ashamed to say that it has altered my perspective a little bit. now only if most other people had access to this then perhaps some form of clarity could be achieved on the topic. but the sad truth is, people don’t know about this and they just like fucking each other in general. there’s so much information needed to defend the church’s stand on RH but the elephant in the room is our booming population. let’s pray to God and hope that our underprivileged brethren would suddenly realize God’s grace and stop fucking each other indiscriminately.

    • dayan

      “Opposing the RH Bill is not imposing a religious teaching – it’s the RH bill seeking to impose involvement in contraception to everyone”

      really? how come those who are opposed to the bill look at those people that agree with the bill with scorn and demand their excommunication?

      its like this, if the bill gets passed people still have the right to choose whether to use it or not. i think most of our fellow countrymen have matured enough to gauge which suits their needs.

  • yan

    im a Catholic Nurse who supports thsi Bill…im tired of seeing mothers giving birth to their 21st son/daughter who doesnt even remember her children’s names and their birth order..

  • aben cruz

    if you think the philippines/world is overpopulated, what should be the right population?

    • dayan

      there is no such thing as a right population, its just that the state of our country is in cannot support a growing population such as ours.