The Legacy of Excellence: A Graduate’s Tribute

Graduate (Photo credit: free-clipart)
Graduate (Photo credit: free-clipart)

For those individuals in the nursing world, the name of my school is well known. It is one of the prestigious nursing schools in the Philippines and known for being one of the top performing schools in the Nurse Licensure Examination every year.

Thus being able to graduate from such institution, one can never fail to feel proud. And Iam.

They say that taking up nursing is hard. Indeed. But being a student of this college is twice as hard. To start of, being admitted in it, being smart isn’t enough. You must have the hard determination determination to pass everything and to surpass everybody else. As I recall now the rigid screening process we had gone through before we were selected, my head actually spins. It had been one hell of  a selection process. Out of all the thousand of hopefuls who wanted to belong to one of the four sections, only a maximum of 200 students are picked every year. That’s why people say that once you officially become a student there, you are indeed very fortunate. All of it’s students are regarded as THE BEST OF THE BEST. The CREAM of the CROP. (These labels can really make someone feel “high” for a long time).

Our four years as students had been a tough ride. We shed blood and sweat just to cope up with all the expectations; achieving the best grades in every subject (major or minor); giving out the best performances in our drills and presentations. There were times when I recall our return demonstrations–the toxic clinical duty, the ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE deadlines (e.g. overnight submission of The Nursing Process, case presentations and seminars) and especially the brain draining examinations I can’t imagine how we survived our  life as student nurses. Of course, there had been instances when we’d end up getting humiliated in front of the whole class for not giving the right answer of not being able to utter a word at all (during these times, you’d really feel the pressure). There were also times when we’d lose an argument because we were just students and some of our ideas aren’t well accepted. We’d hear feedbacks every now and then from our instructors. All of those things, the positive and negative criticisms we got back then, actually helped in shaping our personalities and prepared us for the “real world”.

Personally, being one of its students made me realize that to be able to graduate from such college doesn’t guarantee anyone to pass the board and passing board doesn’t guarantee that you’d succeed in the nursing field. It is all up to the individual on how he or she will strive hard to achieve his/her goals. I can honestly say that our school prepared its graduates more than enough and the rest is all up to us on how we will harness/use everything we had learned for four years.

I am proud of my school and so are the rest of its graduates all around the globe who are continuously living up to its name and promoting excellence wherever they are and in everything they do. I know that it will continue to prosper in the years to come.

With the help its faculty and staff, the students will not only gain knowledge but also the necessary experience and of course the right attitude as a nurse and as a professional. In my heart, I solemnly pray that all of its future graduates will continue THE LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE.


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