The Main Uses Of Fulvic Acid Supplement

(Photo Credit: Naturogroup)
(Photo Credit:   Naturogroup)
(Photo Credit: Naturogroup)

Fulvic acid supplement has been in use for many years although their form has not been entirely the same. Whereas the first users used raw materials obtained from the source, the current practice involves the use of highly concentrated active ingredients. Initially, they were used mainly for treatment of livestock diseases such as mastitis and respiratory tract infections. That has changed today and the acids are increasingly being used for treatment of human diseases.

The acid is essentially a derivative of humic substances. Humic substances are widely distributed all over the world on both land and sea. They comprise plant and animal waste that has been decomposed by millions of microbes. In order to optimize their benefits, the active ingredients have to be extracted. This should be done under controlled conditions so as to maintain the bioavailability.

The uses of the supplements continue to increase by the day. They have been established to be quite effective in the treatment of viral infections especially those believed to cause upper respiratory tract infections. Their main mechanism of action is that they inhibit the attachment and entry of viruses into normal cells and thus interfere with their replication. Consequently the viral population falls over time and the signs and symptoms of the infection subside.

Another important function is to protect cells from radioactive substances. Elements such as uranium and plutonium often damage the DNA of cells in the body and this interferes with many physiological processes in the body. The acids combine with these elements to form safe complexes that are easily absorbed and eliminated from the body. They also chelate other metallic elements and help in their removal from the body.

They have antioxidant properties that also help in the protection of cellular DNA. They achieve this by scavenging and combining with free radicals such as the superoxide anion, hydroxyl anion and hydrogen peroxide. They therefore make them unreactive and easy to eliminate from the body. The same principle is applied when it comes to the elimination of herbicides and pesticides from the body.

Acid-base homeostasis is another aspect that has been reported to greatly benefit from the use of these substances. The supplements ensure that there is neither excessive acidity nor alkalinity in the body. Acidic pH is associated with low oxygen concentrations. The result of this is increased growth and fermentation of fungal organisms. A more alkaline pH, in contrast, leads to higher oxygen concentrations and hinders the growth of anaerobic organisms.

In the presence of these substances, cell growth is reported to be greatly enhanced. A reduction in surface tension between cells contributes to increase absorption of nutrients. Cell respiration, metabolism and excretion are also more efficient. Related to the same, is the ability to keep the electrochemical balance within the normal range.

Not all humus can provide quality fulvic acid supplement. The humus to be used must be carefully selected. The ideal type must be unpolluted, raw, pure and free of radiation. The source should have humus that has a high bioavailability. Those that are obtained from a freshwater source are more potent than those from sea water. They are easier to digest and absorb.

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