The Noble Heroes of Modern Time

It can never be denied that we, nurses, are vital foundations of any healthcare institution. Without nurses, a hospital cannot function well. Without nurses, who will take care of ill persons 24/7? Without nurses, who will make the patients get better and stronger? No one else can do what nurses do.

There are times that people don’t understand the sacrifices that nurses make in order to render quality nursing care to patients. As a matter of fact, the term “holiday” is not anymore included in a nurse’s vocabulary. During Christmas season, nurses are taking good care of unwell strangers instead of spending the special occasion with their loved ones. During birthdays, a lot of nurses don’t even recognize that it’s their special day due to hectic daily routines. Apparently, nurses spend more time with unknown people than their family members. That kind of sacrifice is seemingly incomparable.

Nurses should also be credited for their good deeds. It is very heartrending to know that most nurses receive deprecating and belittling remarks from patients. We are not owned by someone. We have our own heart, mind, and ego. Hence, we do know how to think, how to react, and how to reason out. We were born to be exceptional nurses and not mere robots. I admit, we get tired and stressed out everyday but we still manage to put a smile on our faces. A smile that never fades away, a smile that is fortified by the gratification we get from helping people survive life. For us, seeing our patients get well is more than enough. The mere appreciation of the people you’ve helped to recuperate is sufficient to relieve the tension and stress that we shoulder.

When I was a child, all I desired was to be a physician. It never crossed my mind that I will be a nurse. Now, being a nurse makes me so proud. Without exaggeration, I feel highly esteemed whenever people see the “RN” right after my surname. We, Filipino nurses, should always be proud of our profession. Regardless of the negative upshots concerning our noble profession, we should still be honored that we make an unequaled difference in the lives of people we do not personally know. Because as we all know, it is evident that the Nursing profession faces countless dilemmas nowadays. From the growing number of unemployed and underemployed Filipino nurses up to the noticeably abysmal quality of education that some Nursing schools offer. Hopefully, there will be well-defined solutions to these alarming conditions.

Let us not focus on what is negative, let us give ourselves proper acknowledgment on the great things that we offer to the world. Without the service of nurses, life and subsistence are hardly achievable. Be proud of what you can do. Be proud that you save people’s lives. Be proud because you’re a hero. We, nurses, are the undoubted noble heroes of modern time.


Drexel Heinz Magpantay Cruz, RN, RM

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  • NursingGuide

    Very nice article. I wish to repost this in our site. If it is okay with you, we will acknowledge you and your blog as the source. You can send me a message on the site's contact us page. Thanks!

  • Tita Bebs

    Very well said Drexel. You are truly an asset to your profession. Ang galing mo talaga. I'm really so proud of you.

  • Mikey

    heroes don't get paid. nurses do. leave the title to those who deserve it.

    and oh, we don't take credit. we do the things we do because of personal reasons, and most of the time because of factors beyond out control.

    it's not wrong to be proud being a nurse. these hardships are part of the job. even doctors experience this believe it or not. mentality like this isn't helpful, trying to draw a line between professions. healthcare providers are supposed to compliment each other, not emboss their function with each other.

  • Anonymous

    I must say that our nurses are "unsung" heroes. The job not only demands dedication but the biggest of hearts and deep souls. I have seen how our nurses cared for both my parents when they were ill. They really go the extra mile in helping and caring. I always include nurses and those people in the helping profession in my prayers. Kudos to our nurses!

  • Anonymous

    I have a nurse sister and I agree with the sacrifices of nurses when they render their duty. I think they deserve special recognition on that. But, I don't agree that they should be called heroes. Because only few of them has primary goal of serving their countrymen beyond experience in preparation for abroad and salary. There are high school students that wanted to become a nurse since it is in demand in abroad with high compensation. Lots of professionals also sacrificed their personal priority just to complete their duty. Eventhough their work has big impact in the society, their service are not recognized because it is not visible to public. On otherhand,we should always be kind to our nurses and appreciate them for their noble service. Their salary should also be raised to encourage them not to seek work outside the country.

  • Anonymous

    i can only say two word…. It's True!

  • Anonymous

    We have so many heroes today…..

  • Anonymous

    they are indeed heroes of the modern time, their profession is really not an easy task to do. though a lot of nurses took the chance and the opportunity to work abroad due to the much better benefits they could get, nobody could take it against them to result in to such action. this doesn't only apply to nurses but to other professions as well. it's a sad truth that the Philippines cannot hold back our professionals to serve their own nation, but on a brighter side, we can clearly see how competitive our professionals can be with other countries. so to all the nurses and might as well to other professionals working abroad (just like me…), God bless and wish you all the best in life.

  • Anonymous

    excuse me sir mike… but we nurses,isnt embossing our function, we are just proud to be. we're not trying to draw a line… its just that,thats what we really feel.. and ofcourse doctors felt the same way too right?? medtechs,pt,psychology and so on…we have our own PROUD feelings.. so lets be open here.

    and yeah,to others here…you mean the salary???
    ofcourse,we need money too, what do u want us to do,help other people in every way we can even without getting any single thing at all?? what, do you want us to get sick?? do you want our family to get sick?? we also got our parents, and the are made to grow old, so we need a money to give them enough health assurance too and a good memorial service.

    Im sure doctors and other health care providers have their own needs of money,for their own health, for their parents,children…

    because in this world,we need money to survive.
    we cannot give enough service to the people if we are not healthy too, in body,mind and soul.

  • hanneng04

    So true! I felt so proud of my course and my future profession as well..Your words give me hope and it inspires me a lot..Thanks for this wonderful article of yours! God bless you! ^_^

  • Lyza

    actually mike is making perfect sense.

    the post is self patronizing. it's just the knack of pinoy to glorify underdogs. obviously nurses are underdogs. the same way they call pacquaio a hero and ofws heroes. yes they improve our currency and give us honor overseas but are you guys really lowering the bar on using the word "hero" on people? I mean seriously?

    and the guy is emphazing the "sacrifices" regarding the schedule. it's not sacrifice at all, it's part of being an allied medical practitioner. I've spend 5 christmases away from family, it's lonely but I don't consider it a sacrifice, I consider it a JOB (get a clue).

  • Anonymous

    I just like the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ thanks god i am a RN.

  • Drexel Cruz

    Let's accept every opinion that one person conveys. During these times where tons of dilemmas surface, we need unity and respect. I respect your stances and I have nothing against it because it's how you view or perceive things and ideas.

    Honestly, thank you for your comments and opinions. They are very much appreciated.

    God bless everyone.