The Right Arthritis Diets For Pain-Free Joints

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Experts say that maintaining an ideal weight through well-balanced diet is vital in lessening the pain brought about by arthritis – it might even help prevent the development of the disease itself.

Several researches show that individuals eating plenty of foods rich in nutrients can delay the destruction of the joints and cartilages, hence, putting off the progression of arthritis.

With this, experts contend that even if prevention is not exactly evident, there are still some methods that will noticeably change your health and create a pain-free, arthritis-free life for you.

Here’s how:

Delay the Development of Arthritis with Vitamin C

Vitamin C may not be able to prevent arthritis, but research shows that it may assist in preventing the fast development of the disease.

In a certain study of people with and without knee osteoarthritis, or the age-related arthritis, those participants eating the most vitamin C had three times less disease progression than those eating the least amounts of that vitamin, the least being about 120 milligrams (the equivalent of two oranges) per day.

These results suggest that people eating more vitamin C lost less cartilage and were likely to develop less pain during the eight years of the study than did those people who did not get as much of the nutrient. Health experts in that study theorize that an antioxidant like vitamin C provides important protection when inflammation from arthritis is in full swing.

Vitamin C and other antioxidants earn their name by helping to prevent the aging process, which is accelerated by cell-attacking free radicals that come from oxygen molecules. Inflammation is believed to release cell-attacking free radicals that do more damage to the joint, unless anti-oxidant vitamins are there to stop the radicals from doing harm. So while antioxidant vitamins may not stop you from getting arthritis, they may prevent the disease from becoming severe.

Fill up with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Several researches show that Omega 3 fatty acids that can liberally be found in fish, such as swordfish, anchovies, canned white tuna, bluefish, blue fin tuna, sablefish, rainbow trout, and sardines, and fish oils are valuable in preventing inflammatory arthritis.

One particular research conducted in Seattle found that 324 women eating two or more servings of baked or broiled fish a week (mostly salmon) had a lower risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers believe that it is the omega-3 fatty acids that help make the difference.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

With regards to health, health experts contend that one of the gravest problems people are facing today is that their diet is low in vegetables and fruits. With all the fast food dominating society, people become overweight and obese. Hence, more and more people are at risk in developing arthritis.

By simply eating more fruits and vegetables, many people can maintain their weight and prevent obesity. Keep in mind that extra weight can put stress on your joints or cartilages, thereby speeding up the progression of arthritis. This can also add up to the pain you experience in case you are already suffering from arthritis.

With abundance of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you do not just promote a healthier you but prevent arthritis as well.

Change your Eating Habits

Part of a healthy diet is good eating habits. Many people think that maintaining an arthritis diet is plainly focusing on foods that prevent arthritis. They neglect the fact that bad eating habits can also trigger the progression of the disease. For instance, drinking too many sodas a day can increase the accumulation of excess weight. Excessive eating after skipping breakfast can also create health problems, which can lead to arthritis.

The idea in maintaining a good arthritis diet is to make better choices in foods and facilitate the balance of nutrients being absorbed by the body. What matters most is how these foods blend together to create a healthy frame work for your body and avoid the wear and tear of joints and cartilages. In this way, you can easily thwart the pain caused by arthritis.

So the idea behind a good arthritis diet is better food choices. Keep in mind that the food you eat will tell so much about you and the way you live your life.

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