The sad truth

Nursing is a vocation, it is a calling. True. No arguing with that. But people must realize that nurses, just like any other professionals, need to earn enough. We want to be able to provide for our family.

But just as much as we want to care for our patients, we also want to live. And we cannot do that with our basic salary here in the Philippines. Only Metro Manila is receiving the salary grade 15 as mandated by the law. But how about us in the provinces? Aren’t we covered by that so called salary grade 15? Unfortunately, we have to do with what is being offered to us (our present salary) but only because we have no other choice.

We are even lucky to be receiving a below minimum salary than those who have to pay the institutions just to gain experience. My question is, why did it take more than 2 years before the government started acting on it?

Please don’t blame us when we decide to leave the country and work elsewhere. We don’t want to, but we have to.

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  • ruben

    Yes it is true.. one should look to better oneself…That world is getting small so it is no wonder that Filipinos are all around. No need to apologies however, one must uphold the Filipino trait of a good worker for what we are known for…

  • nikki

    Not all in Metro Manila is earning the Salary Grade15. and here in Metro Manila there are lots of nurses that is unemployed or underemployed.. or just working just to have the heck of it. so even here in Metro Manila almost all of the nurses wants to go out of the country. we don’t want to but we have to. we had our oath yes we will do our job and with the hope that we will be paid accurately and enough.

  • yvette

    our oath is to serve the sick as well as to prevent disease, promote health and care of the dying..wherever you are you can do it.If your problem is job there in Philippines, you can apply abroad which doesn’t need for 2 yrs minimum difference whether you serve Pinoys or other nationals as long as you are doing quality job as a nurse

  • ruru

    It’s all about practicality. In less than half a day, I earn more than what most nurses make in a month while working in the Philippines. Who wants to work in a setting where your salary is lower than those who work in a bank or a call center? We work with lives and yet the compensation we receive is not even enough to earn decent housing accomodations, gas or even begin a comfortable lifestyle. Nobody has the right to judge a nurse who’s left the Philippines to go abroad.

  • Bienvenida Fuentes Yap (LEGIRL)

    HOPEFULLY time will come that Filipino NURSES will be given satisfactions…with good compensation as we NURSES are COMPASIONATE people.GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

  • Nathaniel

    Ask most jobless nurses what’s in their minds “Abroad-dollars” because of the nursing job demands abroad. That was before. Some got lucky, many were not. This is true that’s why dumami sila ng ganyan and even to be exploited paying on thier own to gain job experience instead of being paid for services rendered. Imagine? A prof/licensed nurse paying for services they’ve rendered, lol. For sure the PACMAN will not allow this, papabugbug kayo to entertain others then you’ll pay for it? lol. The situation reversed to the “law of demand and supply”. Binarat kayo. Exploited and humiliated. Only in the Philippines.

  • Brian Javier

    I just smiled when I heard someone that he choose nursing to go abroad, earn more money and make life better. In short, they want financial freedom. Kaya natatawa ako kapag sinabi nilang pera ang major reason why they choose nursing, not to serve others. If you want financial freedom in your life, then study finance, NOT nursing, right?

    • ruben

      Be practical, Studying finance is not a sure way to make money otherwise everybody will do that. When Doctors even lawyers switch to become a nurse…tell me about it. Yes, it will be noble to uphold the ideals, but if it does not support you, you will have to look for your ideal to grow somewhere. For example, if one hospital is not giving you much, then look somewhere else. I am responding to the sad state for nurses in PI.

    • nikki

      Ang mga nurses may mga pamilya din.. may mga buhay din.. at lalong may buhay din na kailangan buhayin.. yes we chose to be a nurse to serve people… but we are also people… we also need care and all… we also need money to be able to serve too…

      • nathaniel


    • yvette

      i think finance can’t given money. Just be practical. Serving people at the same time earning more money is better than what you wanted. magpakatotoo ka

  • tukmolski

    ung mga nakakabasa na me kakilalang gustong mag nursing mag artista nalang kayo kamo 🙂

    • nikki


    • nathaniel

      maniwala ka’t sa hindi, maramin ang kumapit na sa patalim. get mo?

  • nathaniel

    Bakit nag over populate ang nurses sa bansa? Don’t tell me to serve people. It’s the demand abroad. Now there is a low demand for nurses, anong nangyari? 99% pumasok sa ibang linya kumita lang. dispatsadora, call centers atbp… ang iba nag paalipin sa mga kapitalista magkaroon lang nang tinatawag na job experience. A licensed nurse? goes to job experience? What is that prof license for? kakatawa. kakaawa, serve people daw…. heh

  • nathaniel

    Dito sa lugar namin? mga nurses ang yayabang, kala mong kong mga sino kung maka discriminate. Kung mukhang pulubi ka kala mo sila na ang may ari ng hospital. pag medyo mayaman-look ka, parang mga alipin ang bibilis mag attend, pa sir, sir pa. yan ba sinasabing serve people? heh