Tip-Top Tips In Taking Nursing Examinations

As we all know, almost all of the exams are time pressured. You need to be quick in reading and comprehending the questions before selecting the best answer. This is the idea we bear in mind when taking nursing examinations. Yes, it’s so true that time is the most important factor to be considered in the exam. Therefore, wristwatch should be present ahead of time. Immediately check the time before the test begins. Do not get anxious and most importantly, do not panic. Always remember that you have much time to consume in answering. Although it is fine to get anxious but always keep it in a mild level. Mild anxiety helps us to widen our perception. It enables us to think more clearly and quickly. So you will not be in rush; divide the given time to be consumed in the entire examination to each of the questions. With this, you will be able to know if you are taking it slowly or not. If you really don’t know the answer, skip to the next question so you’ll not be behind the time. And then, go back to the skipped questions afterwards. If it’s so difficult for you, you can utilize the test taking strategies. You can also make a best guess but make sure to eliminate choices first.

Ahead of the exam, you must practice answering the same type of the test you will be taking. This technique will help you become better in the actual set-up. Answer as many questions as you can. Practice and learn from it. Getting a mistake at this time is alright as long as you’ll remember what makes it wrong. It will make you wiser and help maximize your learning. However, when the exam is absolutely near, you should need to condition your mind and avoid putting stresses and loads to yourself.

Being prepared ahead of the test day also helps the examinee to be more confident as the day approaches. List the things needed for the exam, gather it all, and make sure it is working well and complete. It is also helpful to take the pre-board. This time, you need to exert your best and get a good score. If you can, you have higher chances to pass and succeed. Boost your abilities and don’t forget all the strategies you gained from your preparation.

Prayer can also be a big help. Pray according to your religion. This can assist you to stay calm during the examination because you know that there is someone from above who will help you turn your dreams into reality. When examination day comes, stay focus and relax. Keep yourself comfortable by bringing something that will soothe you. Don’t get distracted. Calm down and concentrate on the test questions. Be optimistic and imagine that you are only taking a practice test.

Brainstorming can help a lot. When you are stuck in a certain question, find time to think. Don’t waste a single time doing unnecessary things. Understand the question, think all the possible answers then, read the choices carefully and ask yourself what makes it the correct answer. Don’t complicate the situation or over analyze. Just take it easy and make certain that your answer satisfies you. Keep these secret by yourself and good luck!

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  • Green Hunter

    These are helpful tips for the December Nursing Board Exam takers. 🙂