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Obesity is the a major problem around the world but what is the real problem. Well the answer is it’s not that simple. There are many factors involved. I will name the number reason for obesity in this article.

The number one culprit is unhealthy eating. This includes fast food which is loaded with fake fats, saturated fats and a bunch of calories. These fake fats (trans fats) put an unhealthy strain on your body especially the liver. It’s the livers job to break these fake fats down. Since they are not normally seen in the body they are very hard to break down for the liver. If the liver is constantly bombarded by these fats over time a person may develop a fatty liver which does not function properly. After this happens a person is all but doomed for a life of obesity.The liver will not be able to break down even normal fats and your body will be overloaded with them.

Processed foods are also responsible for the increase in obesity. If the food was made or modified in a lab you can bet it’s not good for you. The amount of chemicals in food nowadays is enormous and growing. But what it does to the human body is still anyone’s guess. But you can do an educated guess that they these food chemicals probably are not the best thing to put into your body for health. Many of these food additives and preservatives are actually made from petroleum. Yes you heard right from oil. Not if fake fats are hard on your liver imagine what breaking oil is doing for your liver. Many people also have allergies caused by these fake substances. The environment and pollen are not the only things that can cause allergies.

Food consumption is also important to lose weight. Many people eat because they are bored and or feeling down.They eat food to give themselves an emotional boost. It does work but the foods that give quickest boost are also high sugar foods like desserts. This raises the serotonin levels in the brain and gives a person the feeling of good sensations. The problem with these foods is that they are high in calories and they overwork your pancreas to produce insulin to break down all the sugar being consumed.

Obesity is complex but the main problem is the types and amounts of food being consumed. Natural food is easily broken down by the liver and the pancreas. Artificial food is not and predisposes a person to obesity.

Jay Holt is a graduate from the University of Florida’s nutrition college. Jay is a health and fitness advocate and has combined his literary aspirations with his love of nutrition.

His experience as a college basketball player and his education make him the perfect person to teach you how to lose weight. After college and into his 40’s he got into the same trap most of us get into and started to gain weight. The everyday pressures of his job and family started to take it’s toll. To read the story of how he he lost all the weight he needed to Go To

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