The Secrets Of Cupping Massage

Cupping massage (Photo credit: blogspot)
Cupping massage (Photo credit: blogspot)
Cupping massage (Photo credit: blogspot)
Cupping massage (Photo credit: blogspot)

Cupping massage is a very old kind of alternate treatment for a entire array of ailments. As part of the method the massage therapist would create localized suction on the body of the patient. Supporters of this technique believe is energizes the blood, which subsequently enhances the healing process.

A selection of mechanical devices are utilized to create the suction which is essential for this technique. Examples are hand pumps and electrical pumps, but the heat generated by a fire can also be utilized. Locals generally use various terms: rather of calling this method cupping message they have a wide selection of alternatives terms to describe it with.

The way it works is that the therapist places cups on the skin and then creates a vacuum either by using suction or heat. Take note that according to the American Cancer Society, Chinese cupping massage has not been scientifically proven to cure cancer or for that matter any other type of disease.

There are numerous researchers who believe that the roots of this practice can be followed back to ancient times as far back as 5 000 years ago. The first time this method has been talked about in writing was in the well-known Ebers Papyrus, which is one of the oldest healthcare textbooks known to man. In this book it is described how the Egyptians currently utilized a comparable method as lengthy ago as 1 550 Prior to Christ.

Archaeologists studying Chinese history also found the technique talked about in writings of about 1000 B. C. In Greece, Hippocrates, one of the fathers of contemporary medicine, utilized the exact same technique when treating what he known as internal disease and other structural issues. The popularity of cupping massage only increased over time and it became more extensively utilized. Eventually it finds its way to the European continent and other countries in Asia.

As a common rule of thumb we can speak about two various types of cupping massage. The one technique is wet and the other one is dry. The practitioners of the wet method generally use it in conjunction with controlled bleeding. In Britain the British Cup Society supports and promotes both methods.

As a common rule, the dry technique is especially suites when the patient merely wants to enhance his/her general health and to relax. The wet technique on the other hand is popular in situations where the person really suffers from some or other kind of illness.

Fire cupping is another extremely interesting way of practicing cupping massage where the practitioner would initial prepare a mixture containing at least 50% alcohol and then dip a cotton ball in it. This ball is then set on fire briefly and placed inside the cup. This creates a vacuum inside the cup, which is then placed on the skin of the patient. Practitioners think that moving about the cup on the skin stimulates the immune method.

Health is wealth. We should always remember that. With regards to this, it’s about time to try something new like cupping massage. Should you need further details concerning cupping set, don’t hesitate to visit our site!

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