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Sen. Enrile (Photo credit: pinoygigs)
Sen. Enrile (Photo credit: pinoygigs)
Sen. Enrile (Photo credit: pinoygigs)
Sen. Enrile (Photo credit: pinoygigs)

Bawal and Pasaway by Ms. Winnie Monsod dated October 24, 2012 on GMA News TV interviewed Mr. Juan Ponce-Enrile, the current senate president, pertaining to the experiences of the gentleman from Cagayan during his 45 years of public service life and counting. Manong Johnny was asked by Mareng Winnie about his political career and anything about the gentleman from Cagayan and one aspect of it was his health advice. Surpassing the age of longevity of his current age 88 years old (Born February 14, 1924) and the host respects his authority with regards to divulging and sharing his health secrets.

Written on this page two of the senate president’s prescription to common health woes:

NOTE: Intervention that the rich and famous cannot afford are not included like stem cells but the gentleman from Cagayan pointed out the importance of good oxygenation of the skin specially on the face to keep it healthy glowing.

• Secret to His Health
Manong Johnny acclaim he drinks a decoction of guyabano leaves every morning, noon and night and when asked what it does for him, he said it boost his energy and he feels well.

The Gentleman from Cagayan did not discover the cure for Human Immunodeficiency virus but the woes of countless male from which their Hair Is Vanishing. Manong Johnny suggests that a mixture of Malunggay, Gata ng Niyog, and Luyang Dilaw and by putting it overnight using a shower cap can bring back precious hair lost due to age or elevated androgens maybe. To attest to his proposition, his driver Mang Egoy that was bald using the mixture showed lanugo–like hair growing on his scalp and that this was the result of this intervention.

Hope you can find links to watch the full episode of Bawal ang Pasay kay Mareng Winnie featuring the great president we have never had, Juan Ponce-Enrile and be amazed by the glimpse of his ambivalently wonderful political journey and his greatest fear is death and he fantasizes infinity. The once enlisted may invigorate you and can preserve your hair like Manong Johnny and as you read this post, the gentleman from Cagayan remind us people of the Philippines and says “Gusto Ko Happy Ka!

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