The so [email protected] world of nursing..

as i wait for the premiere episode of grey’s anatomy season 8. it’s no secret that a fanatic of the said tv series since it’s premiered last 2005. i still remember that it takes month to release it on pirated dvd. i like this series since i can easily relate on the hospital situation and scenarios. the show tackles not only about what’s happening on hospital it also confront situations about love, friendship, loss, life and death.

since we’re talking about hospital, many young generations was planning or i might say chose to be in medical field. it’s not easy to decide whether you wanted to enter in medical school or just pressured to take a medical course. for those who still have 2nd thoughts on continuing your nursing career a few tips to consider before moving forward with your career plan in the so world called nursing

1. know your motivation..
ask your self is money wise or you want to help others that keeps you motivated? is science and math is the subject you liked most? or you have any interest in these subject matter. ask your self what are you hoping to achieve or to gain? be sure that you can handle stress, cause there are certain level of toxicity and stress that you might experienced along the way from being a medical student to a full pledge professional health care worker. you have to commit your self that in these field of profession it requires a great deal of commitment to your hospital, doctors, co- nurses and other auxiliary staff members and most especially to your patients.

2. obtain the education and training…
learn about the degrees, diplomas, and training required.. being a nurse is not an easy like any other course. it need sweat and blood to pass the written exams, practicals, oral revalida, case presentation, case study.. in short it’s an endless learning process. be sure you have thought how to value every shared knowledge given to you by your seniors, educators and preceptors because there will be a point in your career, that you need to do your own share, by imparting your own experience and knowledge. in the school of nursing you will need to complete all the coursework required so don’t waste the hard earn money. nursing is investment of time and money.

3. do you have traits to be a nurse…
each nurse requires different skill, knowledge and attitude. requires personality traits like good interpersonal and communication skills, great deal of responsibility and maturity. you must like and learn to love learning new things. update your self with latest technology, new and advanced procedures. and always keep in mind that your patient’s well being tells the quality of your work.

4. know your specialization suitable for you…
what is your passion? do you love kids and babies .. pediatric nursing might be your calling, or cardiology is a cause that moves you.. like me that’s why i end up as a cardiac nurse. you can choose the field where are you most comfortable working and become more successful. even when you still a student you already know what special field you want to enter whether as ICU nurse, theater nurse, administrative nursing, or nurse educator. no matter what drives you, there is a role for you in the so called nursing world.

5. how nursing change your life…
working night shift and weekend duty might not be your prefer schedule because you thought that you will not have a social life afterwards. you might think twice again. when you already experienced working on this kind of schedule you will say life begins after your shift. a nurse is a flexible person they can easily adjust on present situation turning nights into the days and days into the night. nursing cause a big impact in your life and in your family. it’s crucial and ironic at the same time. crucial because your working place is away from your family and the time differences also matter. ironic because you able to nursed other people but sometimes when your family needs you, you can’t get there easily. you have to embrace that personal life long term decision that you made from the start.

as simple as nursing process you have to assess your self what your desires for. diagnose what makes you happy. plan your future in a simple, measurable, realistic and time bounded manner. implement what you learned in life and evaluate your self every now and then and most especially enjoy your life being a nurse. step up, be inspired and be an inspiration.

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