The Superwoman Syndrome

Superwoman (Photo credit: wordpress)
Superwoman (Photo credit: wordpress)
Superwoman (Photo credit: wordpress)
Superwoman (Photo credit: wordpress)

“The SUPERWOMAN Syndrome”

Ito dapat yung main concept ng research proposal ng bestfriend ko para sa grad school. Kailangan daw kasing “ma-enlighten” ang lahat ng tao especially yung mga ladies tungkol sa Superwoman Syndrome. She asked me to help out kasi kailangan niya yung mga related literatures tungkol dito. I was in Manila that time. S’yempre todo support naman ako. Kung saan-saan akong bookstores naghanap ng mga old books about this. And luckily, nakakita naman ako, sa Booksale sa Megamall.

Kaya ng lang eh first phase pa lang, REJECTED na agad yung proposal niya. I don’t know why. (Baka ‘di magandang gawing thesis). Anyway, I just happened to remember kaya naman I’ll do my part in the “enlightenment”. Here’s what we have to know about THE SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME:

Ano nga ba ang Superwoman Syndrome?

As the name itself suggests, YUN NA YU. Trying to be Superwoman. (Naks, superhero ang trip).Isa kang babaeng gusto GAWIN LAHAT ALL AT ONCE. (Kaya nga superwoman). “By definition, the Superwoman Syndrome is a range of physical, psychological, and interpersonal stress symptoms experienced by a woman who attempts to perform perfectly in multiple or conflicting roles or goes overboard in one role.”

Let’s have a brief history regarding this topic.

The term THE SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME was coined by Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz who wrote a best selling book with the same title in 1984. The basis of the book was “for women trying to do it all – how to decide what’s important in your life and do it well.”. Medyo malalim din ang pinagmulan nito eh. It involves the second wave of the feminist movement back in the 60’s pa.Umm..medyo matagal if ididiscuss pa lahat.

Sino ang mga SUPERWOMEN?

Sila yung gustong magperform ng different roles at the same time. Pinagsasabay-sabay ang lahat. Yung career, family, studies and social activities. Parang 24/7 ang workload. Minsan kulang pa ang isang araw to finish everything. Most common na nagiging “superwomen’ ay yung mga working moms, professionals, activists, volunteers, socialites, college girls, and even yung mga high school girls ay nakaka-experience din nito (esp if they are pressured to excel in school, in sports, in music, dance.or kung ano ano pang extra activities dagdagan pa ng pressure to maintain their beauty). HANEP.

Sila yung mga babaeng gustong patunayan na KAYA NILA LAHAT. They are striving to do what is expected of them, or even SURPASS the expectations. They feel satisfaction pag nagagampanan nila ng sabay-sabay at maayos yung mga dapat nilang gawin. Every second is precious para sa isang Superwoman. Walang sandaling pwedeng sayaning dahil lagi na lang siyang naghahabol sa oras. She is duty oriented and only strives to do what is right. Amazing, di ba?

Pero TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS BAD. Although nakabibilib pag nakaya ng isang babaeng gawin lahat-lahat ng bagay or gampanan yung lahat ng roles niya, may downfall din. The Superwoman ends up overworked (naman!), overwhelmed and overly committed. In short, MASYADO SIYANG NAKARARAMDAM NG STRESS!!!

And we all know the BAD effects of stress sa ating lahat ‘di ba. Marami nang stress-related na sakit nowadays gaya ng high blood pressure, migraine, ulcers,etc. Kapag hindi na-handle ng mabuti eh nagiging delikado na ang ito. Minsan nagkakaroon ng iba’t ibang “unhealthy” coping mechanisms ang isang babae gaya ng paglaklak ng kung ano-anong supplements, energy drinks, kape at ang masama pa, pwedeng maging drug dependent (anti anxiety,anti depressant drugs). Masama na nga.

Kaya naman for those na merong SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME, here are some easy ways to OVERCOME this.

1. Support System – Have a strong support system. Yung family and friends mo who can help you whenever you feel stressed and drained out. By just simply talking to them and having them around to listen to you ay isa nang big help para maka-release ka ng stress.

2. Form a relationship with God – Acknowledge God’s presence in your life. PRAY, ask for His guidance and that He’ll grant you the strength to perform all your tasks. Talk to Him, not only in times of need, but every moment of EVERYDAY.

3. Learn to ask for help – Don’t feel that you are being incapable if humingi ka ng tulong. Learn to delegate tasks para mas maging magaan ang trabaho, not just in your household, but in other aspects of your life as well such as in your career. Huwag kang magpaka-OA ng trabaho diyan at ikaw lang din mismo ang kawawa in the end.

4. Don’t be such a perfectionist – May mga bagay-bagay talaga na kahit anong pilit man natin ay di talaga pwede. Hindi naman sa lahat ng oras like 24/7 ay in order ang lahat. Gaya ng mga gamit mo sa bahay,y ung desk mo sa opisina. yung mga school works mo. Leave some room for errors. Huwag kang masyadong feeling O.C.

5. Take a Time Out – Have a break. Have a KitKat style. Meaning, mag-unwind ka. Magshopping, gumala, manood ng sine. Time out means time for yourself. Masyado mo nang napapabayaan ang sarili dahil marami kang pinagkakaabalahan. You need to rejuvenate (naks). Hindi titigil ang pag ikot ng mundo kung mag-break ka ng kahit ilang sandali.

Personally, I admire those women–those Superwomen, but of course, ayaw ko namang ma-exhaust msyado ang aking mga ladies. Kaya my advice is: “HINAY HINAY LANG LADIES. Remember, hindi ka NAG IISA”.

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