The Undreamed-of Life of a Nurse

Seeing sick people everyday is probably stomach-churning for some. Touching people with communicable disease is probably unimaginable for some, too. But for nurses, this is life. This is our preordained life. Our lives revolve around people we do not personally know. People who are ill and who essentially require medical assistance. These people are the cause why we are existing in this cosmos. They are the prime reason why we keep on moving 24/7.

Everyday, we see different kinds of person. We interact with people who have diversified egos and characters. I believe, we have indispensable skill in adapting to various attitudes of people around us. We ought to learn how to be imperturbable even if patients and their relatives unforgivably bellow at us. Of course, empathy and sympathy always do the work. Without these two traits, you cannot function well as an efficient healthcare advocate.

We, nurses, must know when to draw the line. Despite the hectic schedules and routine works, we should bear in our minds that this is the path we chose and we are obliged to traverse the said path considering the humps and holes we will face along the way. We need to be patient to our patients since this is our job, but we must also know when to fight for our rights and privileges. Being verbally and emotionally beaten by some patients and relatives is not tolerated nor permissible. This is one instance that our voice must be heard.

Whenever patients ask for help, we are there. Whenever physicians need assistance, we are there. Whenever patients’ relatives ask for favor, we are there. Whenever patients get well, we are there. Whenever patients reach their last breath, we are there. Nurses are always there every minute of a patient’s life. Nurses are there from womb to tomb.

There are times that we personally want to have a break from all of these. Of course, people get tired as well. But, a thought always pops inside our heads. That we shouldn’t give up the things that make us live as real persons. Being a nurse helps us find missing pieces. We are being molded into better persons as days pass by and seeing unwell people come and go makes us realize that nurses put exalted bearing on lives of people.

Some students who are taking up Nursing course nowadays are blinded by the fact that they will earn humongous amount of money once they become registered nurses abroad. Let me clarify a portion of it. Yes, nurses abroad earn a lot of money but getting there will never be instantaneous. Earning a lot of money will never be instant. You have to work hard for it and you have to put superfluous effort on the things that you do because oftentimes one hundred percent effort is not ample. Besides, you are a nurse not primarily because of money but because you want to make a difference in the lives of ill strangers.

Nurses, as articulated by many, are life-savers. They work in unison with other healthcare professionals. Bear in your minds that nurses still offer endless care despite the humiliation and emotional pain they receive from other people. Believe it or not, we still try to put smiles on our faces during work albeit our hurting backs and starving stomachs.

We try to render our best nursing care because we want to meet the satisfaction and demands that our patients seek. We merely don’t search for commendation in return for our perfect attendance or excellent performance in the nurses’ station because what matters most is the impact we will leave to our patients. Simply, we want to inspire other people through our profession and make unequaled difference in the lives of many.

I am a nurse and I will continue to live this undreamed-of life; a life that makes me whole and fulfilled.


Drexel Heinz Magpantay Cruz, RN, RM

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  • Michelle de Rivera

    I definitely agree with your blog..As a nurse living here in abroad and working so hard to earn a living is never been easy..We faced a lot of mishaps and discriminations but what we can do is just to extend our patience…smile in times of defeat but if we need to fight for our right, we usually raise our voice and want to be heard…Nevertheless,living in this peculiar world is somewhat difficult..Their culture must be respected at all times…not just that the language itself is toxic…u just can’t imagine dealing with these patients in a way that they can understand you…It’s just that nurses must be also flexible at all times..I’m so proud of being in this profession despite the hardships and struggles…

  • I just came from a very heavy shift and these words of yours are exactly how I feel at this time. Very well-written post!

  • I’m not quite sure this is a pre-ordained life but ’tis true we have to suck up all the blow from the patient’s family and physicians. We’re like shock absorbers, it’s physically and mentally draining at times but still we try to bridge the gap.

  • I’m not quite sure it’s a pre-ordained life but ’tis true we try to bridge the gap.