Things About the Holy Week that I’ve Grown up with

More than half of the populous of the Maharlikan Archipelago are Catholics. The foundation of our basic culture and norms revolves around the religion that our Hispanic conquerors  has introduced us. As we observe this sacred part of the year, I couldn’t help but share some of the atypical, but very amusing practices of the Filipinos that I have seen and adopted during this Holy Week.

  1. Pabasa and prusisyon means free merienda.
  2. Never to take a bath on Good Fridays, may dugo daw ni Lord ang tubig.
  3. Toge ang pangunahing ulam pag Biyernes Santo. =)
  4. After a day long of drinking beers, the lasenggeros and the tomadors are the ones who will lift The Dead Christ in the procession. Penitensya daw…
  5. If you want or you wish of something good to happen in your life… magtulak daw ng karo.
  6. Bawal ang karne pag Holy Week… but a little tahong ain’t that bad naman. =)
  7. Walang usual TV programs… dati yon, may cable and Sat. TV na ang mga tao…
  8. Pag nakita kayong magkasama sa prusisyon means “kayo” or “kayo na!”.
  9. Ang prusisyon ay isang malaking fashion event para sa iba… to show off their new shirts, jeans, shoes etc basta anything new.
  10. Gaya sa undas, kandila ang pinakamabentang bagay sa panahon na to.
  11. Walang public transpo starting at 3pm of Good Friday, masama yun… noon yon, mahirap na panahon ngayon. Mahal na bigas, mahal pa krudo.
  12. Ang pag-aayos ng karo ng poon ay isang family affair…
  13. Mabenta ang damara sa ilog for the whole week, parang ita sa tubig ang mga tao.
  14. Never go for a swim in your local river or bodies of water on a Good Friday, baka kunin ka…
  15. Pag nagkasugat ka sa Biyernes Santo, hindi na raw ito gagaling.
  16. Walang mall… walang sine… walang local pub na bukas for your own convenience and alcohol consumption.
  17. Repent, reflect and confess… and then revert back to your old ways.
  18. If I’m not mistaken… there are four primary melodies for the Pabasa or Pasyon and all of them are natural sleep inducers. =))


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