7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Still a Student-Nurse….

1. IVF of patients are finite. They are not connected to NAWASA nor MAYNILAD.

2. Not all patients are created equal, some are conscious and can press their call button.

3. Patients are like politicians. They tell you things, but, they do otherwise.

Nurse: “Ma’am/Sir, wag nyo po tatanggalin ang swero, ngt, foley catheter, chest tube, endotracheal tube, peg…etc. nyo ha? Bibigyan ko lang po ng gamot ang pasyente ko sa kabilang kwarto.”

Patient: “Yes, Nurse.”

after 2 mins…

Here comes the bloody patient, walking unsteadily. No visible contraptions can be seen. Diaper lang.

Nurse: “Aaaaaaah!!! IR na naman.”

4. Not all “pupu” are created equal. Some are colorful, odorful, and if you are very lucky indeed…tasteful.

5. Not all “plema” are created equal. Some could have the velocity of a twister or trajectory of a missile. Again, if you’re lucky, and it landed inside your mouth, baka malasahan mo pa yung last meal ng patient mo.

Nurse: “Hulaan ko, lunch mo sir. Adobo no?”

6. Not all relatives are created equal. Some are reincarnation of Adolf H.

7. Not all doctors order are created equal. Some are readable, haha…

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