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Working as a nurse is a very time demanding job or career. This career is not the usual 8 hours a day job wherein people can go home as soon as 8 hours of work is finished. Nurses who are working at the hospitals or other medical institution usually works a lot more than that day in and day out due to the demanding task and sensitive responsibility they have. Also, nurse working hours changes a lot, depending on the situation at hand.

If you work as a nurse, it’s always best to properly manage your time. If time is managed right, you will make things much easier for you and save you from a lot of stress and hassle.

Below are few tips and advice that can help you out to properly manage your time.

Have A Plan.

Any kind of work or job can be planned, no matter how unpredictable it is. Working as a nurse means working day in and day out in an unpredictable manner, but don’t let this stop you from planning all things ahead. Making a “TO DO LIST” for the day will save you from a lot of headache. By making such list, you won’t waste your precious time thinking what needs to be done for that particular day.

Also, with a list like this, you will be able to determine what needs urgent attention or time and what is not. By this, you can have a clear idea on how much attention or time needs to be given to a certain task. Nothing will be missed out if you have this kind of note or list.

Delegate Tasks.

If you are working as a head nurse or working as a team leader for a group of nurse, make sure that you know how to and when to delegate tasks. Proper delegation of tasks must be applied for you to make the most out of your time. You can list down all the things that needs to be done at a certain day and assign the right people for that certain job. Make sure that the person you will assign at each and every task is capable of completing that job, otherwise, you will end up doing that task by yourself, thus, killing most of your time.

Focus At Job Or Task At Hand.

Don’t let any kind of distraction stop you from working. If noise is a major distraction for you, choose a much quite place to work on. If social media (Facebook or Twitter) is a distraction for you, turn off your phone while at work. Bottom line is, just focus at the work at hand and set a goal in mind to finish each and every task at hand before doing a not so-related-to-work kind of stuffs.

I know the above tips seems to be very basic and simple enough for you. But sometimes, as a human being, we always end up forgetting about the basic thus making our life (in your case, a nurse’s life) more stressful.

Setting priorities, listing down all task that needs to be finished and having self control and staying away from any kind of distractions will make your life as a nurse much more productive and less stressful one.

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