Tips for RNs Who Will Do Volunteer Work Abroad

Volunteer nurse (Photo credit: nwhm)
Volunteer nurse (Photo credit: nwhm)
Volunteer nurse (Photo credit: nwhm)
Volunteer nurse (Photo credit: nwhm)

Volunteer work for an RN is part of their sworn duty. They believe that their talents for helping patients should not just be confined in one area alone. Hence, they give their time and effort in order to help patients who are in need. Nurses volunteer because it is their way of giving back to the community. Some nurses would even extend their volunteer work and go out to far flung countries. To some it is their way of making sure that health and care are given to anyone who needs it regardless of race, gender and culture.

If you are an RN who decided to do volunteer work abroad, you have to make sure that you are well prepared. You also have to make sure that you are protected because how can you help other people if you yourself are not well and able?


Medical missions have their itinerary on the places that they will go to. As a volunteer nurse, you need to know all the information needed about the place that you will go to. This is necessary so that you can prepare and be as ready as you can be.

Passport and Visas

Aside from your RN documents, passports and visas are also important documents that you need to prepare when going out of the country. This is part of your identification so these should also be prepared ahead of time.

Clothing and Luggage

Since you know the itinerary of your volunteer work, it would be easier for you on what kind of clothes to pack. One also has to keep in mind that too many things on the luggage could mean difficulty in mobility. One has to learn how to travel light.

Departure and Arrival

Make sure that you have the exact time and date of departure and arrival. It would help to avoid inconveniences if you know these kinds of information.


Find out the currency of the country you are going to. Calculate the exchange rate to avoid getting short or not having enough money when you go there. To be safer, bring along your credit cards but check with the credit card company ahead of time about your credit limit and if it will be accepted in the country that you are going to.

Being a volunteer nurse can be a fulfilling job for most. It is something that money cannot buy. However, it helps that when you do these volunteer works, you are prepared.

As a BS degree in Respiratory Therapy graduate or ASN basics graduate, nurse volunteers have to be prepared in going to different places.

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