Tips to Stay Motivated If You’re Having Trouble Losing Weight

Fit and healthy lifestyle (Photo credit: bestwaytoloseweightthisyear)
Fit and healthy lifestyle (Photo credit: bestwaytoloseweightthisyear)
Fit and healthy lifestyle (Photo credit: bestwaytoloseweightthisyear)
Fit and healthy lifestyle (Photo credit: bestwaytoloseweightthisyear)

Trying to lose weight can be a roller coaster of actions and emotions. But you can turn those peaks and valleys into ways to encourage yourself and stay motivated. If you having trouble losing weight, try these tips to stay motivated and lose pounds now:

1. Think about your well being, not just your weight loss: If you only make healthy choices when you are dieting to shed pounds, you’re likely to just go back to your bad habits when you finish the diet. Make good choices for wellness’ sake and you’ll likely adopt them as new habits permanently and keep the weight off.

2. Set goals and be reasonable: You’ve got to know where you want to go in order to get there! So, set weight loss goals for one year, 6 months, and 1 month away. And be reasonable. Goals can be a great source of motivation. But they’re also reason to celebrate. So, don’t set the bar unreasonably high and you’ll have little victories along the way.

3. Limit foods. Don’t eliminate them. The sure fire way to make a craving an obsession is to eliminate it from your diet. Sure, some foods are so unhealthy that they shoud probably be nixed from your diet. But,sometimes those bad foods can be just what you need as a reward to reaching your goals. But the key is to limit them in health ways via portion sizes and frequency. So if you love donuts, make that the reward for reaching your 1 month goal. You’ve earned it!

4. Get a partner: Having a friend, spouse, trainer, or group is great for companionship and accountability. You will be far less likely to skip out on a workout if you know you have to meet someone to do it. Schedule regular workouts with someone. Talk about what is working in your own weight loss journeys and you may find dieting and wellness to be much easier.

5. If you fall, get back up again: If you slip up on your diet. take note of it, learn from it and move on. Don’t beat yourself up. The negative energy will just keep you down. If you find yourself giving into cravings at work in the late afternoon, then start bringing a healthy, delicious snack instead.

6. Socialize: You’ve got lots of chances. Shout it from the cyber rooftops via your social network. When you do an especially hard work out, blog about it. When you reach your 1 month goal, tweet it. Your friends want to see you succeed. They will ‘like’ and support you and this encouragement is exactly what you need to reach the next goal.

If you’re having trouble losing weight, you might want to grab a free copy of the Tips to Lose Weight Guide. Its your “Quick-Start Weight Loss Blueprint.”

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