To Be a Nurse is Priceless

“What you want to be when you grow up?” my mother asked me after graduating from Highschool. At first, I just don’t know what to say because I don’t know what course to take in college. But then, I was in love with the nurse’s uniforms, all dressed in white, and look so pure and refined…and so I took nursing. I didn’t realized that becoming a nurse is, not just wearing white uniforms, stockings and caps (nowadays we can wear any color uniforms), but having a uniquely, dynamic, and wholesome personality including having lots and lots of patience. Having been an experienced nurse for more than 15 years both in the Phils and abroad, made me realized that we are a truly grateful person, just being told so many times of that “nice nurse”. We have seen our patient in all walks of life. An elderly patient once said, “I could never do what you do” as she watched me walking back and forth handling each and every patient I have even if they’re in their worst manner (physical or emotional) with ease and confident. I would think that a nurse could easily switched her personality into a two-way mode, we are not crazy or have a split personality but kind of like being in a two different world: family mode and work mode. We can turn them on and off anytime and still function. We are able to distinguish problems way far ahead (remember the so much used of nursing diagnoses “Risk for”?….) and able to blend ourselves depends on the environment we are in. So, not all people can be a nurse, this would take a special person to be that one of a kind…..
So one day, I just got inspired to make this poem to appreciate all nurses all over and to be able to capture who we truly are: so what it is really to be a nurse?

To be a nurse, we tend to forget about ourselves
We enter into people’s lives
We tend to be there in their most vulnerable moments
We make the sad ones happy
Uplift the depressed
Calm the aggressive
Teach those who does not know
Advocate when unable to decide for themselves
Stabilize them in their most critical moments
Acts as a resource person to our colleges
All of this done under a highly stressful environment
Without knowing, we had made a difference into someone’s lives
To be a nurse is, indeed, a work of art, and, that is considered “priceless”….

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  • katkat G

    this is really nice, love the poem is it ok if i post it as my status on facebook?

    • Letecia C

      yes, sure and thanks for showing my article, hope somebody will learn from it….

  • nice post.. thank you. mabuhay sa mga Pilipino nurses all over the world. 🙂

  • rhyan de villa

    yeah nursing is more of caring than curing and caring is what i value the most.

  • jezreel quirit

    the fulfillment that one feels after helping each patient is beyond the word priceless..

  • maria irene neri

    indeed our job is not confined in an 8hour shift only but involves outside in our community.we must not be nurturers but also patient advocates if our duty calls for it….mabuhay ang bagong bayani ng bayan..mga nars na nasa gitna ng digmaan esp.libya,syria….long live our honorable careers since we uplift our patients under holistic approach-spiritual,psychological,emotional,physical and financial….

  • mark jayson

    Can i post this on our board inside our nurses’ station? This will give us the drive to be the best nurse we can be.,

    • Letecia C

      sure Mark!

  • Bienvenida Fuentes Yap (LEGIRL)

    I AGREE that TO BE A NURSE IS PRICELESS… Nursing is a NOBLE profession…not because of wearing white uniform. We are considered as front line in serving humanity… taking care of the sick, promotion of health and etc. We are angels of GOD…with clean good heart giving comfort to ease the pain and lessen our patient sufferings…Seeing my patient with a SMILE on their faces makes me happy too…leaving my working place with PEACE of MIND and thanking GOD of what I accomplished on that day. We should uplift our nursing profession and be honored as NURSES.

  • emily

    you inspired me with this poem…mabuhay!