Tom Sawyer Story


Two thousand ten had been a great year for Tom.

To trace the times aback, he can still count the days when he first met his someone that made him realized what life is all about, to a novice. And when he thought he’s an expert it turned bitter sweet, heart-breaking and unfair.

The first quarter of the year for Tom is bore after he ended his first work in the hospital where he practice how to care. The routine is a three-step forward and backward until it become a cycle. To become stranded in your own home is like recharging all parts of the body: feeding your cells and tissues with carbohydrates and proteins, relaxing your muscles, watering the dry mucosa and filling-in the empty bucket tummy. Staring flat across the rooftop until darkness succumbed his mind and waits the morning shine continously will allow Tom to walk the line and when he feels that his body is enough to move, he’ll work hard. For Tom, when he’s bore, life will not grow just like an ant who works hard to save himself for rainy days.

Time had dried Tom’s waiting plan, the cold wind of the Yuletide has ended and the sun starts to scorch the days. But because Tom’s shoes were made to resist the pain and because God has ears for him, he won the race over.

Before April, Tom celebrated his birthday together with his friends and family where also two days before his natal, he started his job, the greatest gift God has given him.

When we’re working and if we want that job seriously, we follow rules. Tom started from scratch again, he works voluntarily, he follows, take exams and evaluated. Tom is patient, hard working, a good follower but gets tired easily.

He got the chance to move out from his family and home to live independently dependent for the sake of his career. He rented an apartment quite near to his workplace because he don’t want to be late most of the time and to save his energy. The hardest part of living independently is that you are all alone inside the four corners of it. No one will lend help to wash your dirty clothes, to prepare your uniform, to cook food for you. No one will care to nurse you when your sick except yourself.

But Tom is a blessed man, God helped him to fix things. The happiest moment is when he was hired being a contractual nurse receiving salary. The period of volunteerism has ended, it was joy to remember though very little for him. The hadwork was payed off, his mother is very happy for him which he considers one of the best things happened.

Tom even remember the first salary he got. He had an ATM provided for him. His reaction turned ambivalence, he don’t know what to say. Will he smile because at last this is his first salary received in his career? Or will he weep because after all the toxic duty and his tiredness, that small amount printed in the pay slip will surprise him? He is thankful so he smile to the former. However heavy complaints he did for independence and every duty, Tom had no choice.

Tom wanted to share his diary:
“I never thought it would be like this.

I can still remember the days when my world revolves only in the four corners of our house, where everything is just a routine. Yes, I lived a sedentary lifestyle for about four months after my contract ends as a volunteer nurse in a tertiary government hospital here in our province, and now, I’m still waiting for calls where I submitted my credentials. Again, yes, to work voluntarily.

I knew how the system goes for the business where I belong.

Seemingly, I really sounded bitter after knowing the nature but as a neophyte in this profession, being patient is my only weapon to achieve at least a piece of my goals in life. Because if I surrender easily, I won’t grow and I’ll be the looser in this race.

As a result, I received a text message from one of the hospitals where I forwarded my applications. And as is, I undergone to many exams, initial and final interview and finally become one of the volunteer trainees.

I never expected it would be different.

The first three months of training seems like I went back to college. Lectures and discussions then application. Our training officers are the clinical instructors and we, volunteers are their students. Like I said its a counterpart of being in college again because couples of examinations are part of the training and even weigh the most on how you will be retained as a volunteer because we are cut down based on our performances in written exams and the evaluation from the staff nurses and unit head for the skills we had in the area. After three months of the routine, we were graded and evaluated. I’m happy because I was one of the fortunates who passed and maintained the expected grades. Almost half of my batchmates bid their final step after three long months of stay.

It was different in a way of choosing employees who will work for them for I thought this institution is different from others in terms of the system. I just thought the competition is fair enough though I know and noticed quite sometimes: special treatment always fills the air on the ears of the highness. Anyways, let it be, I will work as dedicated as far as I am concerned.

So, what’s with being a nurse?”

Being a nurse…

Is a roller coaster ride. The engine had started during his tertiary years when he knew Nightingale (laughs) and the long ride has just been started. The ride made Tom dizzy because he’s not yet immune. The road he travelled varies. He spent on his best grips because the road is too bumpy so his butt will stay on place. And when it rains, the road gets too mud and the ride gets too long and tiring and Tom keeps on waiting until he departed on his destination. The ride lifts Tom up and digs him down.

For Tom being a Nurse is noble. Can you imagine yourself caring for a person not blood-related to you? And when you say caring, it’s not just about hugging them when they feel cold; not just by giving a pill when they have fever and when they were in pain. It is about showing your empathy and clearly assure that they will heal, helping them to recover. It is noble not because we’re after the big or small salary it gives, but because it is a calling. Imagine, nurses give their utmost care unselfishly.

Tom is a nurse, a guardian angel.
He see people getting sick. He see people getting well. He loved what he does.

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