Top 10 Traits of Successful Speakers

Hello nurses!

I really wanted to greet you in your native tongue this week but as I looked around to find the most appropriate phrase, I thralled through tonnes of online learning sites and found it hard to know for sure what greeting to use… So, can you guys tell me how you greet each other and what all the different variations of “hello” are for you are so I can give you some of my insights into your words next week…

I missed a week last week as I was unwell but I’m back to full health now and looking forward to posting once a week for you here.

This week I want to share with you something I learned recently at a seminar… the 10 traits of successful speakers. Can you tell me how many of these top 10 traits you’re applying and how they’re working for you? Please share some suggestions as to what’s working well for you whatever area of nursing you’re in or preparing for. This works great also for IELTS preparation… Let me know your thoughts?

Top 10 Traits of Successful People

  1. Successful people take shortcuts
  2. Successful people make no excuses
  3. Successful people expand bigger than the obstacle in front of them
  4. Successful people have the desire and know the “how” will come
  5. Successful people don’t contract in the face of challenge, they ALWAYS expand
  6. Successful people make decisions quickly
  7. Successful people make leaps of faith
  8. Successful people spend money to save time
  9. Successful people sign up to do scary things and do them anyway
  10. Successful people take IMPERFECT action

So, we know that all actions, behaviours and beliefs can be modelled. Which of the above actions and behaviours can you start modelling today?

One other crucial thing I learned recently is that everything we want is generally outside our comfort zone so in order to get the lifestyle you dream of, you must take actions that are uncomfortable every so often. If you continue taking actions that are comfortable, then you will get the results you have always gotten. To get the results you want, you must start to take different actions.

What are some of the actions that you need to start taking today to get different results in English?

Until next week, dear nurses


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  • Ryan

    Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m new around here, I just added the Filipino Nurses tab on Facebook recently and saw this blog. You were asking about how we say “hello.” Well, there are many different ways, but the most common greeting is just to say, “Kamusta.” Or if you would like to make us smile, you can say “Kamusta mga pogi.” =)

    Now, about this Top 10 Traits of Successful People, there are some things I wanted to ask you about because some of them weren’t very clear to me, so if you could please explain. For instance, number 6 states: “Successful people make decisions quickly.” Is this true? I understand that decision makers need to think quickly, but is it wise to make decisions quickly? Don’t successful people need to take their time to make important decisions, and to make sure not to decide quickly about matters that might have severe consequences? Number 2: “Successful people make no excuses.” What does that mean? There are good excuses and bad excuses, can’t successful people still make good excuses from time to time? Number 7: “Successful people make leaps of faith.” Really? I guess this kind of goes along with Number 6 in that if you make decisions quickly, then you’re basically making a leap of faith. But is this a wise move? As a nurse, would you just make a leap of faith and administer drugs to a patient because the doctor said so? What if there was a mistake? Number 8: “Successful people spend money to save time.” Isn’t it the other way around? I think successful people want to save money to spend time. Number 10: “Successful people take IMPERFECT action.” Well, we’re all human so we all make imperfect actions, but I don’t think a person is going to be successful too long if he or she take imperfect action.

    Anyway, thanks for your insight. I do agree with your quote that if we want to get different results then we must start to take different actions. I think one of the craziest thing a person can do in life is to do the same thing over and over again and then expect to get different results.