Top 10 Ways to Pass the Nursing Licensure Exam

(WARNING: Follow at your own risk.)

10. Pay attention to your AUDIT/REVIEW subject.This is one of the mistakes that I did back in college. I didn’t cut classes (Okay, maybe once, but only for the afternoon lecture), I listened, I took notes, I aced the tests but I feel as if I didn’t get everything that I could with the review because half the time, I was thinking that I’ll enroll in a review center this summer anyways so all of this will be repeated. I’ll get this topic later on. But our summer was hectic with case completion duties, Graduation and Pinning Ceremonies and with the bunch load of information pushing each other out of the way into my brain, things were pretty much chaotic and I found myself thinking far too many times while studying that I should have studied listened more and texted on my phone less.9. Pick a Review Center that suits you. (non-compulsory)It’s true that enrolling in a review center is not needed to pass the boards. However, doing so really gives you direction in what, when and how you should review a certain topic, where to focus on, test taking strategies and green hilarious sex jokes you can only get from their discussions. Ha!

8. Throw away those books.

90% of reviewing population:   Are you serious??
Me: Very. Okay, you don’t have to throw them, just keep them in a dark desolate place where they belong. During the rigorous review sessions of two months before the board exam, I never cracked a book open, because I find them complicated, long and utterly boring. Instead, I concentrated on bullet type reviewers, outlines and summaries of those Valium induced texts. On the day of the exam, I knew I did the right thing. It was a waste of time reading the longer version with too many words than reading the gist of the entire thing. Less time and effort.

7. Give up the internet or whatever addictions you may have for 2 months.

It’s only for two months people. I figured I’d rather sacrifice for 2 months than to live in regret and depression for the rest of my life. I can surf the net and play all the FB games I could until I get so sick of it after the boards. For me failing is not an option and if my life becomes ruined because, of all things, Facebook, then I’ll never be able to live with myself. So, even though I just signed up for the world’s most addicting site, I promptly clicked on that log out link and didn’t visit it again until after the exam. And I was right, I grew so sick of the games after playing them everyday for two months that I made this site just to escape the sickening farm and pet madness.

6. Learn how to guess correctly.

Even if you have a nursing encyclopedia for a brain, there will be items (lots of it) where you will have to scratch your head in exasperation and guess. It’s either you guess basing on related existing knowledge or you guess with nothing. Both you will experience during the exam. Learn to feel the page, use your intuition, channel Madam Auring and see invisible glowing letters of faith in taking the exam. And don’t forget the ini-mini-mini-moe rule.

5. Take notes. Forget that you and that big guy called Xerox/Photocopier ever met.

It’s a fact. Your brain will retain more if you listen, read, write and speak while reviewing. Without the physical act of writing, you’ll end up getting all hazy visioned and end up falling asleep. In high school it may be cool to sneak a nap while the teacher’s droning away, but in reviews it falls into the “WTH are you thinking??” box.

4. Know how to shade.

At the day of the board exam when we were asked by the examiners to fill the personal information page, the examinee in front of me turned around and asked me how to shade the little rectangular boxes filling the sacred oslo papers that holds our future a.k.a the PRC scantron board paper things. I was shocked. I couldn’t formulate a verbal answer so, with a dumbstruck face, I just did an up and down motion with my hand while holding my pencil. I mean what on earth was she thinking taking the Mother of All Tests without even practicing how to shade at least a single tricky box. She could have perfected the test but if shaded all wrong then those correct answers won’t be translated to points and those points won’t be translated to a name in the passer’s list.

3. Look, write and listen everyday. Read every night.

Now, I’ve never been the kind of A Type Personality person who would study everyday, prepare for every quiz and recites until my arm go all cyanotic. But for the board exam, I turned my back on every studying principle I believed in. (Ex. Listen to class but studying at home is for nerds. Homework is best done the night before. Studying for an exam is best done…never. Etc. etc.) It’s hard studying again after going home after you’ve been studying for a day already, but it did pay off in the end. All your sacrifices will pay off in the end… Hopefully.

2. Answer bunch loads of practice test questions.

Review center will attest to this one. Answering tons of practice questions not only makes you remember things better but improve your guessing skills, which is very very important as I’ve mentioned. It’s like hitting all the birds with one stone.

1. Relax and believe in a Higher Being.

No matter how much you don’t believe in God, Allah or the Virgin Mary manifesting in a taco, the sudden burst of spirituality and religious fervor among board exam takers are a common, if not inevitable, occurrence. You will visit the every church that you can as if they’re the 7 wonders of the world, light numerous candles (1 candle for each test point) and will go and kneel with bowed heads in front of St. Jude Thaddeus’s altar. You’ll do everything that you can to bathe in holy water together with all your test paraphernalia especially the week/day before the exam because you feel unholy and idiotic without it and your pencil, eraser and sharpener is infested with Satan, Lucifer and various bad spirits and will eventually fail you. Don’t worry, all of this is normal, and amusing to reminisce after passing the exam. 🙂

So that’s my take on being an influential and helpful role model blogger for upcoming registered nurses out there. I wish you all the best and will be waiting for you with open arms, a big smile in my face and a banner saying in big bold letters:

Welcome to the Unemployment World. Hoooorah!

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