Top 12 Signs You Are An Operating Room (OR) Nurse

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12. You have dry hands and you fear imminent varicose veins eruption in the very near future.

11. You can sleep while standing up then snap awake at a sound of an instrument’s name being called.

10. You already have glove and suture brand preferences.

9. “Mayo” is not a condiment, as “Army Navy” is not a burger joint nor a specialized government unit.

8. The sequence”OS, OS, Knife, Kelly, Kelly, Army Navy, Mayo..” means something to you.

7. You like suctioning blood clots. It’s fun. Seriously.

6. You have touched / poked with a gloved finger a patient’s intestine at one time or another (with the surgeon’s permission) just for the experience of it.

5. You have witnessed how the weirdest things get stuck in people’s orifices.

4. You know and have experienced the TRUE meaning of “an itch that can’t be scratched”.

3. You’re used to seeing people naked and has seen private parts of all shapes, colors and sizes.

2. The phrases “tusok o patong?”, “lunok laway” and “labas dila” don’t sound awkward at all.

…and the top sign you are an operating room nurse:

1. You have seen both the pinnacle of human stupidity (with some of the weirdest clients you’ve catered to) and mortal ingenuity (from the health care providers you have worked with) with each case that has come your way. And, personally, that is one of the reasons that make this profession a cut above the rest.

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