Top 3 Reasons to Get Enough Sleep

After a tiring day from school or work, most of us look forward to well-deserved rest and sleep. While some of us choose to stay awake late at night for various reasons, such as reviewing for an exam, finishing a novel, or surfing the internet, the effects of depriving ourselves from sleep may have a big impact on our lives, and the people around us. If you are unaware of such effects, read on to see how getting enough sleep might benefit you and your daily lives.

Promote Safety

Did you ever have an experience wherein you almost fell asleep on the road?

Studies show that sleep deprivation is a big factor in major disasters and accidents all over the world. Having poor sleep the night before may lead you in doing your responsibilities at work incorrectly, as well as being complacent in safety checks if ever you are in the mechanical and technical profession. Aside from this, lack of sleep also puts your body in fatigue, which is a leading cause of inattention at school and work. Judgment is also affected when one sleep deprived. Having enough sleep not only lets you work safely, but it also promotes better decisions. Lastly, when your body experiences fatigue, you are most likely to become drowsy while you are doing hazardous activities such as crossing the road, doing some carpentry work, and driving.

Before deciding to take on the road, whether it is a short trip to your workplace, or a long drive to your parent’s hometown, always try to get enough sleep the night before. Dangerous driving statistics show a very high mortality rate. Do not be part of such statistic, and make sure your body is well-prepared for traveling.

Better Performance and Productivity

Students who cram the night before a major examination might want to check this out.

Research shows that sleep deprivation directly affects performance. Whether you are a student trying to ace tomorrow’s exam, or a breadwinner for the family taking extra shifts, choosing to take shortcuts in sleep might affect your abilities to think and judge. Irritability, difficulty in concentration, and mood changes are just some of the things that you might experience in work or morning classes.

Lack of sleep also causes an individual to experience burnout. Your body may experience a gradual shutdown if your daily routine involves late nights and lack of sleep. This may give you long-term negative effects on your body, including a decrease in endurance and agility.

Whether you are a student athlete, a performer, or a working individual, you might want to squeeze in full sleep in your schedule to prevent the effects mentioned above. You will never know when your excellence might be needed by your coach, your manager, or your boss.

Prevent Illnesses

Just like food and water, sleep is also important for the body. It affects both the mental state of an individual, as well as the physiological state, two factors that majorly contribute to the total wellbeing of a person.

Studies state that continuous lack of sleep may lead to major chronic diseases such as stroke, depression, and heart disease. Aside from this, attention and memory problems may also arise in individuals who engage in poor sleep. Lethargy and emotional instability may also be experienced when you constantly include sleep deprivation in your daily routine.

Individuals of all ages, most importantly children and teenagers, are encouraged to take enough sleep everyday. Starting a healthy habit in sleep at a young age can decrease the risk of having major illnesses, and promote a healthier life.

No matter how demanding your life may be, students and working class alike, always remember that sleep should be given importance the same way we consider food, water, and shelter as our basic needs. Scheduling and organizing your tasks early costs way less than staggering medical bills and property damages. As much as possible, try to engage in enough sleep everyday so you can prevent accidents from happening, as well as promote better school and work performance.

Start living a healthier life, and give your body the rest and sleep that it deserves.


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  • With young kids it is quite difficult to have enough sleep. My wife and I have a 6 months old baby and I find it very difficult. I hope my long sleeping nights will come back some day.

    • Rei Magnaye

      I hope so too. May you find enjoyment in child rearing.:)