Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Nurse

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 The holiday season is fast approaching and I’m sure it’s every couple’s agenda to make their holidays as memorable as possible. And while the rest of the pack is thinking that nurses have  no time this time of the year for a romantic meeting of two, our very busy nurses think otherwise. They might be dedicated in doing their daily nursing tasks but they still have their own definition of “love-life balance” intact. So if you’re planning to date one, don’t be discouraged but be thrilled even more. Why? Simply because a nurse is one heck of a lover and a person who will always bring special treats and surprises  on the table. You want more? Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should consider dating a nurse:

1.  They can be the best cure for your hangover and the most adorable first-aid provider in town.

Are you going to date a nurse? Well, I’m gonna throw all my worries and stresses away if I were you. No need to fret hangover because an expert will be on your side and ready to give you effective ways to get over it. Of course, your dear nurse will know first hand that coffee is not the best cure for it so you better be passive and play the patient role. Furthermore, if you or someone on the other table accidentally choke during your date, your dear nurse is so ready for the adrenaline rush that he/she will be done doing Heimlich maneuver after a few seconds. You don’t need to fear for other spur-of-the-moment incidents because you have your own nurse ready as hell for anything that might come your way. Remember, nurses didn’t get those first aid certifications for nothing.

2. You won’t hear “Eeeewww”  when they see blood or disgusting body fluids.

For a well-exposed nurse, blood and pus are commonplace that they already think of squirting blood as something boring. Show your wounded blood to a non-nurse person and she will be nauseated; show it to your nurse-lover and you will have your wounds cleaned and dressed like its a work of art.  They are always on the go and open for new and exciting things so if ever you have a broken heart, feel free to approach a nurse and he/she will mend it for you like its the most special emergency case.

3. They wont be disgusted by your toilet habits.

You don’t have to pretend to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect when you love a nurse. Believe me, they’ve seen all imperfections that a typical human being has to offer; name it, a nurse has encountered it. You can even fart while with a nurse and she will just answer it with a smile. A nurse looks at a person as a whole and provide holistic care despite that person’s flaws and bad habits. A good nurse is a nurse  that is not judgmental so if you are dating one, just be yourself.

4. They can be your own personal Google/medical dictionary.

Dating and loving a nurse has a lot of advantages and one of these is the fact that if you’re lost with medical terms mentioned in Grey’s Anatomy, confused with what’s written on your doctor’s prescription, or in a serious search for the definition of Hirschsprung’s disease, you don’t need to look any further because your own nurse is willing to answer almost all your medical questions as detailed as possible. Of course, they don’t know everything but at least it will save you a serious amount of time.

5. They are great listeners and counselors.

Nurses are not robots programmed only to give medications and assist doctors; they are compassionate people ready to talk to every patient regarding their situation and give some pieces of advice that are vital for their swift recovery. Just so you know, this is what nurses call as “therapeutic relationship”. The good news is that if you love or dating a nurse, you already have your own personal confidante, friend, and counselor ready to catch you every time you fall. It might sound so cheesy but nurses have all the qualifications to take care of your heart and emotions. They are willing to give parts of their selves to people they really love and care about. If they can do it to their patients, there is no reason for your nurse not to willingly do it for you.


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  • Rachel

    Correct and agreeable! Hahaha! date me now! Joke 🙂 But i think all of the above is true.. Nurses are flexible and versatile people so why not choose nurses to be your special someone? 🙂

    • ronn

      i love & would love over & over again a nurse 🙂

    • dondon

      yeah sure… i really want to… hehehe

      • dondon

        date a nurse like you…

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  • Husseinat isa abdulsalam

    I love this post.. Please help write about bankers too….

  • Yahaya Sanni

    I love Nurses right from my child hood till my presrnt age. Despite how much I love them I have been so unlucky to have a date with just one. Is there any ways you people can help me?

  • i love dis give me confidence being a nurse 2hve it.

  • saad muh’d

    it really nice to meet on but im alsoone of them

  • Joy

    actually there’s more than five reasons..but the point is…Nurses are the best..They know how to deal with people from different cultures…They understand you….help you with your medical conditions and take good care of you as if you’re a family member….
    I’m really proud to be a Nurse!

  • that’s what nurses are!!! love and proud to be a NURSE!!!

  • Michelline

    I love this part “You won’t hear “Eeeewww” when they see blood or disgusting body fluids”. I agree with that. When I was in my first year of Nursing (School of Nursing here in Belgium), my most unforgettable experienced was, there was an aged patient (we’re calling it here ‘ Bejaarde’), she was very ill, very pale, has chronic diarrhea and Anemia. So to make this story short, this aged patient, was actually most of the day throwing up like 8 times a day. I was in my A shift ( from 6.30 am til 15.45pm). She called me and few seconds later I came to her and saw that she’s been throwing up like water, at first I didn’t noticed that her dentures (dutch: kunstgebit) we’re gone, when I looked at the toilet bowl it was there. So I grabbed my gloves (HANDSCHOENEN’) & took it out of the toilet bowl, I don’t even have the sign of being disgusted, my patient we’re disgusted from her own body fluids, ME NOT..(waaa! kalurkey eto)
    So everytime I tell this to my friends, to a family, colleagues: their sayin’ ‘please stop, eewww, How did you do that? Well I just said ‘ it’s a GIFT and I love to smell it and feel it..waaahh..

    P.s: I’ve been talkin’ like 3 years in Dutch, so if ever I wrote it wrong or if there is grammatical mistake. Pasaylo-a raman ko dai, tao rapud ko! lmfao

    • max

      bisaya pud…hehe..nice story…immune na gyud ta sa eeeewwwww hehe…^_^

  • maria resca

    well said…….proud to be a nurse Filipina nurse!

  • Nathaniel Villianueva

    i agree that nurses are great listeners and counselors…..i’m in love with a great nurse in my gf, she’s an amazing kind woman. she’s humble,unjudgemental,caring and most of all she’s a walking medical book journal lol. i love my own personal nurse.

  • hahhaa…yeah right..i can see it by mysaelf.:0

  • ronn

    i love & would love over & over again a nurse 😉

  • rea

    love it 🙂

  • Lucky me! That i have a nurse 😉

  • Elle

    This is so true!!! So guys, what are you waiting for, I’m a nurse and I’m single and free… Let’s go out! 🙂 (joke)

  • Educator Quiet

    I am Asian (not filipion) who works in around Chicago. I love filipino nurses. I want tdate a few and look for love of my life. (I am NOT joking.) Does anything know any get together events for filipino nurses in Chicago area? Any serious advice on my filipino love searching is greatly appreciated.

  • Enrico

    I would love to date a Filipina nurse.

  • rowie

    i read all of them, now i want to have a nurse gf now. hey find me one! 😀