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Sexy skin (Photo credit: ayushveda)
Sexy skin (Photo credit: ayushveda)
Sexy skin (Photo credit: ayushveda)
Sexy skin (Photo credit: ayushveda)

Excited about incorporating antioxidants into your skin care regime? Want to try something that will refresh and revive your skin and leave it feeling absolutely delicious? Is your skin ready to be turned on? Then why not go to a spa and indulge yourself in an antioxidant facial treatment!

Yes, it is actually possible to boost your facial treatment with antioxidants. If you are someone who just loves going to the spa, at your next visit, make sure to ask you esthetician about it. There are several spas and skin care specialists out there who offer antioxidant facials. These treatments are highly concentrated in antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. They are not necessarily offered everywhere therefore you must do your research first. Browse the internet to find a spa in your local area.

These specific treatments have one and only one goal in mind: to target skin that has been damaged by free radicals and help undo what has been done (to some degree). So ladies, if your skin has been damaged by overexposure to the sun, harsh temperatures, excessive stress, lack of sleep, environmental pollutants, etc., then these treatments have your name written all over them!

Let’s take a look at some of the treatments that are available to you.

Antioxidant Facial Benefits – 5 Treatments You Just Can’t Ignore

1. Dark Chocolate Mask

Who can resist a chocolate delight? OK, maybe many of you if-you are on a diet and watching your calories. However, another great way to enjoy chocolate is to put it on your skin. It tastes great when it melts in your mouth but it is even better when it is on your skin! Who says you can’t cheat on your diet once in a while, right? Creamy cocoa sounds very tempting and is actually a treatment that nourishes the skin. An organic dark chocolate mask is packed with ingredients such as: vitamins, magnesium, iron and best of all, antioxidants. Blended together, they deep-cleanse your skin, leaving a nice, smooth feel.

2. Green Tea Treatment

If you have sensitive skin and it is often red (Rosacea), then this treatment might be good for you. Green tea has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect therefore products that contain green tea extract for instance, may help soothe your skin. Commonly used in Japan, the green tea treatment calms irritation and inflammation. This technique uses compresses that are pre-soaked in green tea and other types of oils, not only calming broken capillaries but also skin that has been burnt by the sun, when applied. This kind of antioxidant treatment is very relaxing and gentle to the skin.

3. Vitamin C Treatment

As the name suggests, this treatment is highly concentrated in the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C. It is used in serums and masks and is especially designed to protect against free radicals, maximizing the production of collagen and fighting wrinkles. The vitamin C treatment helps rejuvenate environmentally damaged skin and bring it back to life. It is beneficial as it helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and allows the skin to become firmer and more radiant, especially for those of you who smoke, and as a result, have dull skin. You will also enjoy clearer skin as it helps reduce brown spots or melasma (also known as mask of pregnancy).

4. Antioxidant Super-Fruit Treatment

This is literally a “food for your face” facial. This super-rich treatment provides great benefits to the skin. It consists of a neutralizing mask which contains very powerful antioxidants, such as Açaï, Mangosteen, Goji Berry, or Pomegranate, just to name a few. If you have a dull sun-damaged complexion, it will nourish and protect your skin from future damage, leaving you with a brightening boost. Your skin will be left looking much healthier, younger and with a beautiful glow.

5. Antioxidant Berry Treatment

The “Berry” family provides great benefits to the skin. Bilberries improve blood circulation and are used to get a fairer and lighter skin tone. The enzymes in cranberries act as an exfoliant and leave your skin healthy and silky smooth. As for blueberries, they promote the health of the small blood vessels located underneath the skin and therefore minimize flushing and redness. With this interesting trio, you can easily improve the look and feel of your skin while the antioxidant properties protect against damage from free radicals. Have you ever heard the saying “kill 3 birds with one stone?” (Wink)

So there you have it-several interesting facial treatments to choose from! Pick one that works for you and enjoy!

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