Treating Sinusitis The Natural Way

Sinusitis (Photo credit: topnews)
Sinusitis (Photo credit: topnews)
Sinusitis (Photo credit: topnews)
Sinusitis (Photo credit: topnews)

Life can really be difficult if sinuses do not function properly. It is therefore important to always keep the sinuses clean and healthy. Not doing so can cause sinus infections that can further lead to a debilitating condition called “sinusitis”. However, if ever you get affected by this condition, it is advisable to seek relief from natural cures and not over the counter medicines that result in many negative effects on the body. Instead of dealing with the major cause behind this ailment, the conventional medicines only kill viruses and bacteria, which recur after some time. Herbal and natural remedies, on the other hand, aim at combating the underlying cause of this throbbing condition and give relief to the infected person for a lifetime. Treating sinusitis the natural way is not difficult at all. Read on to know how you can soothe your infected sinuses.

Keep away from beverages, like coffee, alcohol etc, until you get back to normal. In fact, drinking cold water can also trigger your condition. Include hot foods and liquids in your diet, such as chicken soups, spinach, broccoli, vegetable broths, green tea, blueberries, pomegranate etc. All these items are highly nutritive and help sinusitis victims to get well soon.

Use Echinacea, as it helps the immune system to function better. It also fights against viruses that cause infections in the upper respiratory track. The best way is to consume this herb in the solid form. Nettle also helps in strengthening immune system of the body. Besides, goldenseal is another herb that successfully cures sinus infections.

Limejuice is another very good option. Taking it at least three times in a day can be quite effective in killing the germs and cleaning the complete respiratory system.

Inhaling steam of water, containing some drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil, is pretty effective in opening up the blocked nose.

Irrigating the sinuses with warm saline water is also a great sinus home remedy. You can buy a nasal irrigator from a drug store to perform the procedure. It is almost like a teapot with a long spout, using which the nostrils are irrigated one by one.

However, in order to boost the effect of any natural sinus treatment, it is important to take some precautions. For example, avoiding junk food, dairy products, coffee, alcohol etc, can help you get rid of sinus symptoms in the least possible time. Besides, lying on the bed in an elevated position, drinking plenty of water and placing a humidifier in your bedroom can also help you combat the condition easily.

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