Two Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking, Start Today (Photo credit: healthfinder)
Quit Smoking, Start Today (Photo credit: healthfinder)
Quit Smoking, Start Today (Photo credit: healthfinder)
Quit Smoking, Start Today (Photo credit: healthfinder)

I know how is it like when you are on that border when you either make one step more and stop smoking or your procrastinate a bit longer. I used to smoke and know that I prayed to God to offer me some easy ways to quit smoking, and I can tell you that there actually are easy ways, but easy does not necessarily mean that you will not need to do something after all. You will indeed need to do more than you think, but it will be much easier to quit smoking as a result of your efforts.

#1 First of all, you need to make up your mind that you will quit smoking, and that’s it. You must make that decision, because as long as you procrastinate and try to find all kind of excuses and try to lower the amount of cigarette smoke that you consume each day, you will not get anywhere. Quit smoking means to QUIT the habit. It means that you are no longer IN the habit. And if you are no longer in the habit, there is no excuse as to why you would light a cigarette again.

#2 When you finally make that decision, start looking for the next steps. You first need to throw away your cigarette boxes if there are still any left and then you are ready to overcome the habit. Now, what happens when you don’t smoke anymore is the same thing that happens when we detract any kind of addendum from our mind.

Our mind needs every little thing it is conditioned to do in order to feel satisfied. And the moment that something starts missing, we start to feel dissatisfied. The easy way to quit smoking is to give our mind something else to do whenever it needs a cigarette.

Your best option is to direct all your concentration and energy to create something that will benefit you. You might want to start your own online business and put all your free time into it. You might use your time to write amazing articles and publish them on your very own blog for the whole world to see. You can have your own blog set up for free or for a very low cost.

Use your own imagination and creativity to create something great. You will be very thankful to make that step as you will actually be able to direct your life in the direction that you have always wanted it to go. And trust me, when you quit smoking, you will see that you have hold yourself back a big time and that you can actually achieve great things if you keep your mind strong. Averting from smoking and purposefully using that time for other things will make you quite strong to move your life ahead.

This was just an example of few things that you can do to quit smoking. Do you want to learn some of the best ways to stop smoking? Then you should read the full article about easy ways to quit smoking and wake up in a new day as a non-smoker.

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  • jennifer

    You are very correct, Simon Rojko! I used to smoke cigarettes, too! I was hooked or addicted for over seven years..I was a chained smoker…like 3 1/2 packs a day. I am not proud to say this but to share my own experience that SMOKING cigarette is a bad HABIT.
    Then one day, I just stopped and believe in myself that I can do it..not to smoke cigarettes ever again. I am 20-years smoking-free now…and I am so grateful and thankful that I made that decision to stop my bad, bad habit.

  • It is really hard to do the first step. When I first tried to quit smoking it was very hard. Eventually, I started to smoke again. This time I bought an ecig kit and I have to say that it helped me A LOT! I did not quite quit the habit but at least I’m going in the right direction.

  • I stopped smoking for 2 years now. You are right, you must have a strong will power to STOP. Candies also helped. I ate candies whenever I feel like smoking. 2 years have passed and I feel no cravings for smoking anymore.