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So, you’re saying what’s new? For me, evidence brings everything into focus. Nurses here are educated so well, that we are ready for global competitiveness come graduation time. A few years of hospital duty and BAM!! We are all ready to fly anywhere in the world.

But what has become of our profession? Sometimes I feel that we are so underappreciated. Most nurses I know would rather work as a call center agent rather than work in the hospital because there’s better pay among those companies. Or they try to stay in the hospital because they need the experience to be accepted abroad. I pity our country, I pity our sick countrymen. For without nurses, where will you all go?

Recently, my son was treated at a nearby hospital for having UTI (urinary tract infection). I was satisfied at how most of the nurses were able to attend to my son’s needs with compassion and holistic care. After 5 days of confinement, my son’s paediatrician finally advised that we can go home the next morning. I was totally relieved; we finally can sleep in our own beds. No waking up in the middle of the night because a nurse is going to take his vital signs, give medications or because of his doctors’ unusual time of rounds.

Early next morning, I was advised by the nurse that I can already get the bill at the accounting office. So I went and immediately returned back to the room. I reviewed the things written in the bill and found most items reasonably priced except for one item. As a paying customer, we are usually delighted when things are cheap or when we get discounts on things. But I found this one item degrading and somehow felt pity towards my fellow nurses who dedicates most of the time to their patients.
There it was, written in bold letters…“NURSING SERVICE—-382 Php” . Tsk. Have you noticed the total lack of commas and decimal points in the figure? My son was confined for 5 days. 120 hours of constant attention by nurses. And yet they received so little. Why??

It seems like, after an expensive education, our kind of work is one of the least paid here in this country. That’s why I never question those colleagues of mine who seek employment abroad. Our profession is much appreciated there. There are excellent benefits which totally compensate for the kind of services our job offers.

To the public, I’m not implying that the hospitals should put the burden on you. They could do some cost cutting on those medicines which are allegedly double priced after they reach their pharmacies and put those excess money to the nurses’ benefits. They deserve it. The nurses are the walls of your establishment.

Accordingly, let me say to all my fellow nurses, my HEART goes out to all of you. Keep on CARING. The world is in dire need of US!

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  • I am not a Nurse or in any medical profession, to have this education, of course like any education, you’ve to spend money n time- sleepless night to study- miles n miles to travel n yet after finishing this profession, you’ve to take a ‘board examination’ right but this is ‘morally wrong’- good for corruption- after this another extension of ‘good corruption’ training in the hospital to pay thousand of pesos, again- gosh! when you studying to be a nurse-you’ve the training in the respective hospital- the hospital or the government- never subsidize your- expenses, right at least they’ have to give, allowances for ‘food n travel’ expenses by the hospital but – take advantage more- you ever proposed n sign this ‘law’ must be prosecuted- ‘ not because is a law passed by the congress or by the ‘parliamentarists’ are morally n legally right…wrong!!!…Laws must be for the good, rational n common sense – Nurse…stand up n unite – I wish to see nurses all over the( Pilipino Nurse) employed or not employed – fight to removed this atrocities – they’re ‘blood suckers’ what A SAD WORLD – until now we’re not awake n learn how to live proper, right, n enjoyable- ”WE HAVE ONE LIfE’ SO ENJOY IT, IN A PLEASANT-ENJOY RIGHT WAY ONLY’

  • Right along. Most of us are just neglected with the full service that we are giving. We saves lives and our compensation cannot even save ours.