Nurses nowadays are unemployed. Some are underemployed and work either as a call center agent or as English tutors for the Koreans. Nursing is now one of the hardest and toughest professions here in the Philippines.

I will share to all of you my experience as a Registered Nurse in our country.

After I passed the licensure examination last June 2009, I was really glad and elated, to say the least. After holding my license, I applied in various hospitals for me to gain some clinical experience.

When I worked as a volunteer nurse, there was this some kind of dilemma that each volunteer or registered nurses face. It’s rooted to the fact that nurses are understaff. As I went on duty, I noticed that our census was getting higher and higher yet we are underpaid, overworked and understaff. I was glad when our hospital opened the program for Nurse Residency because even though we receive minimal amount of allowance, our work is more of a staff nurse.

I noticed lately that the patient, folks or significant others are becoming more demanding. They make issues regarding nurses even though it’s not true. They always emphasize to us that we are working in a government hospital and we receive salary. But they did not know that we are understaffed and yet receive low salaries.

Our actions are always monitored by people around us, so how can we give quality care to our patients? If that’s the case, how can our health care system be improved if the patient or the folks do not cooperate to us? We do our responsibilities because we strive hard to have that license. This is my dream to be a nurse, to help the sick and the needy and to help my family with a stable and fruitful job.

As you can see, most nurses went abroad because of the bigger salary other countries can offer. The health care system in other countries are more convenient to the nurses because of their equipments and facilities which are upgraded.

I hope the government could find a proper solution in this crisis for Nurses so that quality, accessible, and effective care will be given to the patients.

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