Urging Filipino Nurses to Be Vigilant

Do not be fooled! (Photo credit: shellgames.weebly.com)
Do not be fooled! (Photo credit: shellgames.weebly.com)
Do not be fooled! (Photo credit: shellgames.weebly.com)
Do not be fooled! (Photo credit: shellgames.weebly.com)

Filipino nurses have always dreamed of working abroad that is why we had always been the victim of ploys that gave us never-ending promises of working abroad. Bogus recruitments are everywhere asking for some “coaching and interview” fees because employers are in town and will be conducting preliminary screening.

You make check HERE for my personal story about some recent incident about a bogus recruitment agency.

Yes, I am one of those hopeful nurses who wants to work abroad but sad to say, people are taking advantage of some of us who know less or know nothing about the process. Though I didn’t pay for those fees, I admit that I had been enticed with their program, false promises and top notch packages that are too good to be true. If you are a newbie, you might even give it a try. Just to see how it goes. As what some say, take risks.

Nevertheless, my concern is not wholly about the money but about the broken dreams that one can have if they happen to be a victim of such. You might have set things in your mind of what you’d do in the next days and months. Only to find out in the long run, that those dreams won’t come true. It will be heart breaking.

I don’t know what kind of people do this. They are heartless and I pity them for they have to deceive people just to get some money. Is money more important to them than their own dignity and integrity?

I am writing here so we can all be informed that we are their target and we must be vigilant all the time.

I am also very thankful that POEA already had some campaign regarding this matter and they also replied to my inquiry about this.

“May we inform you that there is a ban on direct hiring except those provided under the labor code to wit: “Sec. 18 Ban on Direct Hiring – No employer may hire a Filipino workers for overseas employment except through the Boards and entities authorized by the Secretary of Labor. Direct Hiring by members of the diplomatic corps. International organization and such other employers as may be allowed by the Secretary of Labor is exempted from this provision.

You are hereby reminded to be extra careful in recruitments done through the e-mails. The Administration on this regards, discourages prospective job applicants in applying thru the internet since some of them have sent money to those unscrupulous, recruiters through the banks and other modes on money transfer and indeed became victims of illegal recruitment.

May we advise you to read our advisory at our website www.poea.gov.ph relative to online job offers.

We hope we have guided you on this matter.”

I hope that these people will be stopped and we must always be very vigilant with whatever we receive in our emails. And I also hope they could be punished by law. They are not only getting money but also steal the dreams of hopeful people.

PS: Don’t forget to share your knowledge with your fellow nurses because they could have gotten the same “enticing” email that I got.

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