Want to Lose Weight? Don’t Cook Your Food!

Raw food (Photo credit: ubraw)
Raw food (Photo credit: ubraw)
Raw food (Photo credit: ubraw)

Want to Lose Weight? Don’t Cook Your Food!
By Nadine A Douglas

We all know that there are several weight loss programs that exist on the market to today but very few are as simple as eating a raw food diet. Many foods become much more calorific when cooked, especially if they are seasoned prior to cooking or cooked in a way which is high in fat, such as frying. A meal which is fried or baked using butter or oil can have as much as 25 per cent more calories than the uncooked ingredients alone.

Eating raw foods, in particular raw vegetables, can help you limit your weight loss efforts, as you can eat relatively high amounts of raw vegetables throughout the day taking in a lot of calories. This not only makes you feel fuller all day but it does not have the negative impact of you piling on those pesky pounds.

Forbes magazine documented a study conducted by a group of scientists who analysed lab rats over a forty day period. One group of rats were give raw foods to eat while the other group were given cooked foods. The results suggested that raw food consumption does result in greater weight loss then cooked foods.

What kinds of Raw Foods Should I be Eating?

a.) Ensure that you are drinking a lot of water. Start your day off with water (lemon water is also a good alternative) and try to drink as much water as you can throughout the day. Sip slowly to increase your absorption rate. Pure fruit juices and smoothies are also a good option.

b.) Go Green. Dark and leafy greens are perfect for lunch times. Try eating lots of raw vegetables such as broccoli, sprouts, carrots, salad (rocket leaves are a good example) and sprouted chickpeas. Vegetables, especially dark green veggies are packed with vitamins and nutrients which have a large variety of nutritional and weight loss benefits.

c.) Watch what you are eating before bed time. Many nutritionists do not advise eating after 8PM, with some even saying that it is not advisable after 6PM. This is because it is difficult for your body to digest large quantities of food while you sleep and as a consequence, the food is more likely to turn into fat and weight gain.

The benefits of eating uncooked foods may not stop there however. Studies have suggested that people who eat raw foods are less likely to suffer from skin conditions such as acne and also tend to have healthier, vibrant, longer hair. There is also some evidence which suggests that a raw food diet increases your libido.

There are many benefits of eating uncooked foods but always remember to ensure that you wash your vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating them. Cooking food kills any bacteria which may cause illness so in order to ensure that you are not consuming any unwanted bacteria or pesticides always remember to wash your raw food thoroughly.

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Nadine Douglas

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