What Causes Hiccups and How to Get Rid of Them

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You’ve experienced this agony before. The familiar anxiety engulfs you as you feel the ailment’s onset. You wished you would never have to undergo this another time. Your body convulses uncontrollably as it mercilessly buffets your body. Your mind races as you think, “How could this be going on once more?” You yearn for release from its constant abuse, but your only choice is to put up with it. You’ve got the hiccups.

Hiccups can hit any one at any time. They are uncomfortable, awkward, and just plain annoying. But exactly what are hiccups? What causes hiccups? And finally, how can you get rid of hiccups?

Hiccups, technically known as a synchronous diaphragmatic flutter or singultus, can be defined as an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm and rib muscles which causes a rapid breathing in of air causing the epiglottis to abruptly close. The result is the well known “hic” sound. The diaphragm is the muscle dividing the chest and abdomen which assists in breathing. Factors for why the diaphragm may unexpectedly and involuntarily contract include irritation of the phrenic nerve near the wind pipe and the accumulation of stomach gasses under the diaphragm.

What might irritate the diaphragm or bring about the buildup of stomach gasses? Eating too much or too rapidly, drinking carbonated drinks, and drinking a large amount of liquor can be what causes hiccups. In addition, what causes hiccups can be excitement or anxiety and many anesthesia administered prior to a surgical treatment. Lastly, sudden changes of temperature can result in hiccups.

Numerous ideas have been formulated how to get rid of hiccups. From standing on your head to eating a spoonful of sugar, the supposed methods are endless. There is no identified scientific cure for hiccups, merely theories of what could show results. That void has kept the door wide open for all possible cures. Although there are no medically confirmed solutions, many people recommend the hiccups cure they’ve used for a long time. If you have a severe case of the hiccups which lasts longer than a day, you should consult your doctor for medical attention. Persistent hiccups can be a sign of a greater underlying problem.

Hiccups are frustrating at best, and painful and awkward at worst. Understanding what causes hiccups may help you tell hiccups cures from flops. Hopefully, next time the frightful ailment of hiccups imprisons you, freedom will arrive much sooner.

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