What does it take to become a Patient Medical Trip Case Manager?

Medical Tourism is not a sky rocket science. If you have the passion for caring, traveling and knowledge to patient care in infinite borders, value other culture, bi-lingual communication, then this is for you. A medical background and a little insurance knowhow is a plus since you could answer the client’s question without struggling on Google.

So someone with a training with healthcare, hospitality, concierge, and information technology running a one stop shop. I have heard them on the phone, what about people on the ground?

What a shame when I was a trainee with a Medical Tourism facilitator, a colleague of mine who had been sitting on the job for six months sent a dental client in India without a visa. The patient was stuck in Kuwait. Second she failed to inform the anther patient to read the clause in his visa. A surrogacy patient was detained in the police station because they failed to register due to excitement to go to Rotunda Clinic. Third, she failed to follow up on everyone because she is very much focused on whose booking now only.

As a Nurse, we had always been taught to prioritize safety. How safe are people we are sending abroad? Is your facilitator only after the commission in sending them to the hospital? After the deposit had been made, is it the end of their responsibilities?

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