What have I Learned so Far Here in Abu Dhabi…

  1. abu dhabiOne (1) United Arab Emirates dirham = 11.6257739 Philippine Pesos
  2. Regardless of how other nationalities are,  they are all your “FRIEND”.
  3. You will bleed to death just communicating with other people.
  4. “AIWA” is not a brand name of an entertainment appliance.
  5. Pana and Patans… I always wonder what they call us, but certainly it’s not “KABAYAN”!
  6. There are no Traffic Lights… Only “SIGNALS”!
  7. That most of my fellow Filipinos and Filipinas are LAW ABIDING EXPATS.
  8. As always like any other countries in the world, the Indians and the Filipinos populate this country.
  9. It’s ALO! And not Hello…
  10. Distance makes a person “MARUPOK”.
  11. Though it’s fun here… It’s always “MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES”.


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