What Most Smokers Do Not Know

Smoking effects {Photo credit: nutritionistics.wordpress.com)
Smoking effects {Photo credit: nutritionistics.wordpress.com)
Smoking effects {Photo credit: nutritionistics.wordpress.com)

Without a doubt, many smokers barely exert effort to learn about ways to stop smoking. Indeed, it seems that quite a number of individuals are unaware that their favorite vice is slowly destroying their body. It is for this very reason that it would be necessary for you to read this article before getting another stick of cigarette. After all, doing so is among the most convenient means of learning just how much your body suffers due to such a seemingly harmless habit.

Skin Dilemmas

If you continue to smoke, it would be safe to say that you are at risk to develop a certain skin condition: psoriasis. If you are thinking that psoriasis is just another form of rash, you would be surprised to realize that the disease is incurable. What is even more bothersome about the dermal dilemma is that those affected by it exhibit symptoms throughout their entire body. This simply means that your body could become filled with red patches, which would surely make you think twice before interacting with other people.

Ear Problem

You should also keep in mind that if you do not search for ways to quit smoking cigarettes and instead continue enjoying the pleasures of such a vice, you might succumb to deafness. Indeed, it would be necessary to emphasize the following fact: the substances that make up the fumes of a cigarette have the potential to damage blood vessels throughout your body. Of course, if the flow of blood towards your ears would be hindered in any way, then it is only to be expected that the ears’ various parts would cease to function.

Tell-Tale Teeth

It should also be pointed out that your smile could be compromised by a cigarette stick. To explain, the ingredients contained within the fumes released by a cigarette are more than capable of altering the mouth’s chemistry. As a result, teeth become yellowish in color. Furthermore, experts have determined that smoking also weakens the tooth’s structural integrity, which in turn means that continuing to engage in such a harmful habit would lead to tooth loss. Indeed, many immediately look for steps to quit smoking upon learning of such a side effect.

Tar Accumulation

You should also remember that smoke contains tar. Essentially, with each cigarette stick that you enjoy, more and more tar enters your lungs. With this in mind, it becomes clear why all kinds of respiratory issues are associated with such a common vice. It should be emphasized nonetheless, that breathing problems and susceptibility to infections are not among the most serious dilemmas faced by chain smokers. Indeed, such individuals’ enthusiasm to store tar within their lungs make them more susceptible to developing cancer.

Procreation Problem

If you have been smoking for quite some time, you should be worried about your capability to have a child. In particular, men who smoke tend to produce malformed sperm, which in turn means that fertilization would virtually be an impossibility. In a similar sense, women who spend much of their time enjoying a stick of cigarette face problems during delivery. Specifically, women who smoke frequently are three times more likely to suffer from miscarriage than those who avoid inhaling cigarette smoke at all costs.

At this point, it would be best to check your teeth in front of the mirror. If you happen to notice signs of yellowing and decay, then you would probably become paranoid about the other bodily damages your favorite pastime might have already caused. All in all, instead of purchasing another pack of cigarettes and thus damaging your body even further, you should simply be following one of the programs on smoking cessation out in the market.

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