What your poop says about you and your health

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Bowel movements are the result of the body from using the nutrients it need from the food that you eat everyday and eliminating what’s left of it. Bowel movements/ BM are important because it is the body’s way of removing waste. Everyone poops. Our poop is one of the important reminders that shows/indication about our overall health, however, sometimes, we overlook it. Sometimes, we don’t pay too much attention to it. Admit it; we also don’t like to talk about it.  But let me share to you something that might make you want to look a second glance at our poop before you flush: it’s actually one of the best clues to your health. Well, you might not like the idea of talking and discussing about your poop but trust me, it just might save your life.

The shape, size and color; how often you poop, how much poop you excel can indicate your general digestive health.  These features can tell how your digestive system is functioning, and can even give you early warning signs, hints and clues to any serious disease that could be happening inside you.

Maybe we don’t pay much attention to it, but once we learn how to detect the differences in your stools and whenever you have bowel movements, you will be able to know and determine if something is not working well inside your body, if there’s something wrong.

What is normal poop? (Note: I may interchange poop and stool in this post, but it’s the same thing).

Your poop is made up of about 75% water and the rest, a combination of fiber, mucus, live and dead bacterial and other miscellaneous cells.

Then there’s the smell Obviously, there is no such thing as stools that smell good, but hey, you should be able to tell when the smell is normal and when its not. Although there are foods that affect the smell of your stool, when your stool smells more foul than usual, this could mean that there might be an infection going on inside your digestive system and if this persists for more than two days, you should consider getting medical advice.

The normal color should be brown (medium to light brown), about 1-2 inches in diameter. However, when you see your poop in other color, this is not something you should take lightly. Some of the food you eat and medicine that you take affects the color of your stool. Depending on the color, it could mean that you might be bleeding internally in your stomach or intestine, have excess fat and/or have malabsoprtion; have bile obstruction etc.,   

Ensuring that you have sufficient intake of fluid in your body and have proper hydration is a key for a healthier digestive system. This will help ensure that you have enough fluid in your body to move the stool through your digestive track on a regular basis. Another essential thing for a healthier and regular bowel movements is exercise. It helps improve GI “motility” and alleviate constipation.

While browsing the internet, I found this helpful video and thought of sharing it with you. I hope this helps. Do Want to know more about your poop and what it says about you and your health? Watch this video and discover.

Have a great day, guys!

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