When Nurses Become the New ‘Superman’

I’ve been a fan of Christopher Reeves. He was amazing, wonderful and gorgeous on his tight fitted Superman costume. I’m a fan of old movies and I never missed Clark Kent every time he marvelously turns to Superman – the world’s super hero; one of the world’s most known and popular super hero mankind has ever known. Then there was Spiderman who was played by Toby Maguire. Then there was Eric Bana who played the Incredible Hulk Then our cute little threesome – the Powerpuff Girls.

Every little girl and boy or even adults who are young at hearts would dream they would have super powers or this amazing genetic science mistake that would turn them to super heroes to save the world. Wouldn’t that be cool? Wouldn’t that be the best thing in the world?

I am not killing any wild fantasies of turning to super heroes with super powers. I am not destroying the children’s dreams. It is not wrong to dream of such dreams and from time to time, imagine those sorts of castles in the sky. All I’m trying to point out is that we are all heroes and we all have unique individual powers.

No. I cannot dodge bullets or run as fast as a speeding train. I’m not a bird or a plane.

I’m a nurse.

Nurses are super heroes and nurses have powers. Isn’t it ‘super’ how nurses are able to get up on ungodly hours of the morning or stay up ungodly hours of the night? Isn’t it super how nurses are able to go without food and survive with just sips of water for twelve hours in their shift and still find the satisfaction of helping save a life? Isn’t it super that even though nurses have no time to brush their hair or put on make up, they still have this radiance from their smile?

At times, who would think sitting by the patient and holding their hands is heroic? Who would think that pumping hard on someone’s chest to keep a heartbeat is worth a movie or a comic book antic? Nurses may not be able to jump from one building to another but we could run as fast as we could for Code Blue or an emergency. Nurses may not be able to rescue damsels in distress who are about to jump off a bridge or get hit by a truck but we have the capacity to be part of a team to save a patient overall – from whatever is physically ailing to whatever is emotionally drowning.

I feel bad that most of the time, nurses have to be degraded to be just katulong ng doktor (doctor’s servants). They may say nurses just make up the bulk of unemployed citizens of the country. For those who have touched someone’s life even as a student nurse, for those who were able to make a patient smile, for those who were able to encourage a patient … then we know that we are not just second-rated  doctor’s servants. Nurses are more than that.

Each in turn, we are all heroes. Sometimes, we may know it to ourselves. Sometimes, it takes us a while to notice and realize that we have become heroes and they have become heroes to us. It is not true when they say that all heroes bleed. Not all heroes die on the spot. Not all heroes go battling on wars. We all have different levels of heroism. We all have unique powers that touch lives and save people.

God created us the way He intended so – with special abilities and an amazing power to enrich people’s lives. It is wrong when they say that only saints, priests, nuns or martyrs are considered instruments of God. We are all instruments of God. We are all driven with a purpose.

We are all Superman(s). We just don’t wear blue tights and red underwear.

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