Which is more dangerous? A Volunteer nurse or a call center agent?

People do stupid things everyday. As I do now. I promised myself never to confront dimwits… but I’m stupid.

As far as “nothing else better to do today,” I decided to write a short, almost meaningless post. (Not so meaningless, as this will make me feel better. Yes, I’m selfish — I know)

Mr. Simangotz said, “better to be a volunteer nurse than to be a call center agent that spreads diseases…especially HIV and AIDS.” His words, not mine. (You can read it in the comments section here)

Stupid, right? No, I mean me. I’m stupid for acknowledging completely diminutive remarks like this. I promised myself never to engage people who cause you to facepalm — But I’m both. I mean, I’m a nursing graduate who now works at a call center — So I’m affected.

I’m selfish. At least right now I am. After a long day at work, writing relaxes me (while waiting for the pork tenderloins to get boiled).

I can’t write deep stuff, I’m too tired. I want to write something easy, something light. What better to write about than some absolutely useless comment! Yay!

So let’s think. Let’s use our God-given miracles — our brains. Use it, come on, use it – Let’s!


There are BILLIONS of viruses in hospitals everyday.

Gazillions of diseases and bacteria. And millions of sick people check in hospitals everyday. After all, a hospital is where sick people go.

Now, my oh my — on to call centers.

If all we have to worry in call centers are HIV and AIDS (so he says), then it’s quite simple!

Don’t have sex! Duh!

I wonder what he’s so angry about. Boys, keep it in your pants. Seriously, keep it there. And girls, don’t spread you legs. Simple!

Right? Simple, right? Yet so “facepalm.”

Okay, I feel better now. My tender loins are brutally boiled, back to cooking. Gosh, I hope this gets posted.




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  • karla

    kudos to you girl!!! =)

  • hunny1619

    well said!..

  • Tod

    I think I understand his comment and there is some truth to it.

    I read an article of people having STDs that work in call centers.
    The research showed that night shift call center employees have been engaging in non protected sex (or so on where they studied).

    So, obviously there are a lot of diseases in the hospitals, but the “spread” of the HIV and AIDs comes from outside the hospital.

    Hope that makes sense.

    • Like I said. Only ONE disease in call centers – STD – don;t have sex then, you’ll be safe. Live a normal boring life (sorry, rant here)

      Go to hospitals, a place for millions of viruses, diseases, bacteria – seriously, hospitals are where sick people go 🙂

      millions of sick people check into hospitals everyday because “that’s where sick people are supposed to go” 🙂

      Hope that makes sense.

  • simangotz

    it is more dangerous to be a call center agent, as so far there isn’t a cure for either HIV/ AIDS or sociopathy.

    • You’re not afraid of the millions of diseases, sickness, viruses, bacteria — millions of sick people in hospitals everyday.

      Yet you’re afaid of ONE disease in call centers? – STD (hiv or aids, blah, blah – they’re all STDs)

      Don’t have sex then.

      Seriously, I stand with my post. This is the last reply, I pormised myself never to confront facepalm people. Then again, I failed today 🙂

      • simangotz

        in the call center agency, who would know if the person who touched the keyboards actually washed their hands before and after using the bathroom…and that headphone mic with spit on it 24/7…notorious fomites!!!

        but if call center agents start dying from AIDS then I guess that’s a good thing, para mabawasan ang mga sociopaths sa mundo…

        if u cannot tolerate criticism, then perhaps you shouldn’t write…u don’t have writing skills anyway, u can just bitch around…

        • rayanne

          uhh… it ain’t easy to spread HIV through modes of transmission other than sex/blood to blood contact.

          • I wonder if simangotz actually wrote anything.

            In the past 5 months since I started writing, I actually inspired quite a few people, simangotz. What have you done so far?

            How to improve your writing? Get out of your mommy’s house first, simangotz.

  • karla

    actually its up to the person if he/she will acquire the disease. true. to be safe dont have sex. maybe simangotz can not understand that.

  • L

    Seriously? Not sure if simangotz is just trolling or just plain…ah, naive?