Who Is To Blame?

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Nursing isn’t as “lucrative” as it used to nowadays, isn’t it? I’m a 2001 grad and back then, we had the choice of which hospital to apply to. Most hospitals had shortages. We worked double shifts. If you’re working in an M/S ward, most likely it will be 1:10 nurse:patient ratio. If you’re really determined and studious, the world is your oyster. How sad to hear that nowadays, nursing isn’t as viable as it used to. I’m sure you’ve heard of wonderful tales of no minimum NLE board rating to apply for jobs-as long as you passed. Training for BLS,ACLS, IV Therapy, etc…can be learned on the job. In my case, it’s offered as a “continuing education” units. Not only do you get to work, you get to take courses too! Whatever happened in the past 5 years has been really disheartening.

Whose fault is it? Everybody’s! In my opinion, the government (CHED, Board of Nursing,etc..) should not have been so lax in allowing so many schools to pop up because this phenomenon has led to schools with no base hospitals to exist. Schools were just so eager to cash in on the hopeful young people who wanted to be nurses. And then we will be wondering WHY THERE ARE NO MORE JOBS for nurses in the Philippines. Even garnering a spot in the top 20 of the local board exams does not guarantee a job anywhere. And if you don’t get that ubiquitous “hospital experience”, your chances of going abroad are next to nil (unless you’ll be petitioned by relatives abroad). Can you really blame people for wanting to leave the country? Everybody has to make a living and with such glorious stories from batches prior, who can blame parents for wanting their children to be nurses as well?

Kudos to the young nurses who do find jobs in other fields. Hang in there. We must all remember, nursing is a profession with a life cycle. There will come a time (hopefully soon), that nursing will be in demand again.

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  • Blank

    You’re like the current lead of the Philippines… always good at the Blame-Game.

    Good on you, mate! Now, that’s very ideal..


  • jose

    well… good news to all new RNs.

    there are still many “underboard” filipino nurses here in Saudi Arabia & Middle East countries. Don’t lose hope. Kayo din ang papalit sa kanila.

  • I_am_a_SN

    Who to blame?
    If only the government and its agencies are not corrupt and are serving the people not their own interest, then probably there are less Filipinos going abroad to find jobs.
    If only there were fewer schools in nursing and higher quality of education, then probably the board passers will never be below 50% in every NLE.
    If only the BON and CHED requlated the nursing schools emerging left and right, then the young Filipinos and their parents won’t be tempted to take up nursing.
    If only the students taking up nursing actually thought of their career, there are probably fewer nursing students now.
    If only the hospitals will hire staff nurses and stop using volunteers to lessen the personnel budget, then probably there will be more quality care given to patients.

    Everyone has there faults but blaming will not end the problem, let’s all make our actions.

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  • Elrond

    WHO IS TO BLAME? Poverty and corruption in the Philippines is to blame. The poor are just trying to escape to the PH. There are so many Pinoys doing the same thing, refusing to understand that NOT ALL OF YOU CAN GET HERE. Only a fortunate few.